Female Fat Loss Over 40 Review: How Does Exercise Look Over 40?

Forty is the new thirty. You have heard that a few million times. However, trying to lose weight in your thirties was easy. Why is it so difficult to lose weight after forty?

40th Birthday

Reviews indicate that there are a number of reasons. Some of them are:


Your responsibilities increase as you grow older. More responsibilities increase the potential for unhealthy stress to occur. Cortisol is the stress hormone. High levels of stress trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response. Either response requires energy for execution.

When either of these responses is triggered cortisol jumps in. It injects the blood with more sugar than it needs. This added sugar triggers insulin to step in. Insulin helps control how much sugar you have in your blood. It soaks up the excess sugar and stores it in your fat cells.


In line with above, added responsibilities lead to exhaustion. In that state, thinking about exercising or eating healthy is all but impossible. You opt for quick and easy. Quick and easy tends to be high in carbohydrates and sugar. In contrast, they are low in nutritional value.

Change in Hormones

The function of key hormones begins to decline. Some of those hormones include estrogen and thyroid.

Estrogen is responsible for the development of female sexual attributes e.g. breasts and the menstrual cycle. In your forties, you are peri or post menopausal. Your breasts are no longer growing. Estrogen decreases and this causes insulin levels to rise. From the above you know what happens next.

The thyroid controls the hormones crucial for metabolism. It slows down as you grow older. Low levels of metabolism result in low energy levels. As mentioned earlier, exhaustion and exercise or healthy eating don’t pair well.

Improper Exercise and Nutrition.

Each stage of your life requires specific exercise and nutrition. As you grow older, to ensure you continue to receive their intended benefits, you must modify both accordingly. Few people know to do this. Blame it on the comfort zone phenomena.

In short, once you hit forty, an uphill health and fitness battle begins. Shawna Kaminski wants to help you fight the good fight. Today’s review is of her book, Female Fat-Loss Over 40.

Who is Shawna Kaminski

Fat gain after forty is blamed on a slowing metabolism. Many health, fitness, and medical practitioners say that you can do nothing about it. Shawna begs to differ. She is a certified personal trainer. She is also a best-selling author.

As a personal trainer, she has worked with many ladies who are in their forties. They have one common complaint. There is more fat than there was before. She took some time to look into the complaint. Why is there more fat and jiggly bits after forty? She found the culprit. A decrease in lean muscle. Not a slowing metabolism. Her finding is confirmed by scientific research.

She crafted a best-selling book with that knowledge. The book is called Female Fat Loss Over 40. Let us check it out.

Female Fat Loss Over 40

Female Fat Loss Over 40

Female Fat Loss Over 40 is a health and fitness program. Its goal is to increase lean muscle mass through exercise and diet. Its specific target is women in their forties.

The program asserts that through exercise and nutrition, it will:

  • Shrink your waist
  • Firm your thighs and
  • Tone your arms

All of the above will occur in just forty-two days.

Our review shows the program has three main groups. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep


  • Program Workout
  • Follow Along Workout
  • Video Library
  • Audio Interval Workouts


  • Meal Plans
  • Hard and Fast Nutrition Tips Guide
  • What to Eat


  • Get Your Zzz’s Sleeping Manual

Find a brief summary of each below.

1. Exercise


This program has three exercise manuals.

Program Workout

The Female Fat Loss Over 40 has a specific workout program. The exercises have been carefully chosen. They are the most effective for fat burning, waist-trimming, and lean muscle development.

You don’t have to think about which exercise to begin with or which part of the body you should focus on first. This program takes care of all of that.

Video Library

The video library allows you to customize the workout routine to suit your own personal needs. This is great for those who get bored easily or are exercise veterans.

Audio Interval Workouts

The audio interval workout program allows you take Shawna with you. This will come in handy when you begin to master the routines and no longer require direction. Or prefer to workout in a public area like a gym.

All the workouts are presented in simple easy to follow formats. In addition, each of the exercise videos come with a video follow along workout to guide you. The goal is not just to have your workout but to workout in the right way. This prevents injury.

2. Nutrition


This program has three nutrition manuals.

Hard and Fast Nutrition Tips Guide

Shawna is not a fan of diets. They are only a temporary fix. Start one and you will lose weight. Conversely, stop it and the weight comes back. With extras.

Nutrition is not complicated. This guide presents some hard and fast nutrition tips to follow. follow. The tips ensure permanent results.

Meal Plans

Boredom dooms many diets. Your palate will remain forever entertained with this guide. It pairs with the above guide. It offers forty creative yet easy to follow meal plans. The meal plans are a week long.

What to Eat

Diets are not all bad. You might want one to jumpstart this program. This guide provides you with an effective and efficient diet plan. This diet plan meets all the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) requirements.

3. Sleep


Under this group, you will find one guide. The Get Your Zzz’s Sleeping Manual.

Get Your Zzz’s Sleeping Manual

There is a link between sleep and weight gain. Too much or too little sleep affects your weight. It does this by causing a hormonal imbalance. Ghrelin and Leptin are two hormones to consider.

Ghrelin tells your body your body to eat. Leptin tells your body to stop eating. When you are sleep deprived, ghrelin is high and leptin is low.

This guide shares sixteen tips for getting a great nights sleep. For healthy weight management, how well you sleep and how long you sleep is key. The sixteen included tips cover both aspects. The quantity of sleep as well as the quality of sleep.

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Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy This Program


If you are a woman in your forties you should definitely buy it. However, women in their thirties should also consider it adding it to their libraries. I say this for a few simple reasons. The first is that forty is just an arbitrarily selected number. Truth be told, if you are not an avid exerciser, research shows that lean muscle starts to decline in the thirties.

The second reason is that exercising is hard. You need to warm up to it. In addition, changing how you eat will also be a challenge. Don’t wait until forty to start this great program. That is not a prerequisite for your success. If you start this program in your thirties, you’ll be sitting pretty when it’s time to blow out forty candles.



This program is easy to recommend. It is based on a known proven premise. Exercise and nutrition are winning combination where weight loss is concerned. The fact that the program has been designed for women in their forties is just icing on the cake.

This program is well put together. However, it is not a pill or a surgical knife. You have to put in a lot of effort. You have to commit to doing the workout routines and changing your diet. For some, this will be an insurmountable task. This does not mean you should not try. Remember, the sixty-day money back guarantee? It lets you put your best foot forward without fear of losing your hard earned money.

This is an entirely digital program. There is no shipping involved. You can start to use it immediately if you buy it now. In immediate action there lies a fantastic silver lining. The sooner you start, the quicker the results become visible.

Growing older should be fun and enjoyable. There are a number of ways to ensure that it will be so. This program is definitely high on that list. The benefits of this program are said to be a small waist, a flat tummy, firm thighs, and toned arms. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Exercise and healthy eating will boost your happiness levels. It also reduces your risk for diseases such as heart disease. In addition, it improves your memory, boosts your self-confidence. Add to that increased strength and flexibility.


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