Feel Tennis Review: Top Tennis Training Program Available Online?

“One of the things it taught me is that for every ball that comes to me, I have to make a decision.”- Billie Jean King.

Well, of course, you have to be, if you decided to click on this article. It also means that you want to start playing better. Or you want your children to start playing better. Am I right?Take your tennis game to the next level!

The truth is that tennis – is an amazing choice of sports. At first, it has been something only for the richest and most intelligent people. But things have changed nowadays. And nearly everyone has the opportunity to try their strength in tennis. Even though it is stilled called by some ‘the gentleman’s sport’.

By the way, tennis is also an incredibly interesting type of sport to watch. Certainly, you know that. I can’t really think of another sport that can be that intense when it comes to watching the game. It depends on what you prefer, but let’s be honest with ourselves – when there are two incredible players out there on the court, you just can’t help, but stop doing anything you have been doing before and simply devour every single point.

Another important thing that we can’t forget, is that tennis, unlike a lot of other kinds of sports, is not a team kind of sport. Yes, there are matches that can be played in pairs. Yes, there are tournaments where not a single player, but the whole country is represented. But the complete truth is that if you decide to make tennis your career, the first person you think about – is yourself.Take your tennis game to the next level!

And that is no surprise

Because the prizes of the tournaments are incredible! The cup of plate surely does mean a lot professionally, but the money prizes are sometimes so large that it sounds ridiculous!

For some players – it is quite enough to win a couple of major tournaments to never ever work again in their entire life. The other question is – that they simply decide to come back on the court because they can’t live without it.

And there is no one to blame for that. As soon as you try tennis for the first time – you want to come back and play again. And again. This kind of sport is addictive. And you just can’t help, at one point, but wish to stand on the court again. And win that game. That set and that match.

Well, before thinking about winning anything – we have to find a way to become good at it, right?

And this is exactly what I propose to you today. And an amazing program that will make sure that you become that type of player that you always wanted to be. A type of player that knows what he is doing and who does it well.

I present to you…

Feel Tennis Review

The internet has made it possible to master new tennis techniques. With so many online teaching platforms and courses available, it can be overwhelming for aspiring tennis players. YouTube, Google, and Instagram allow content creators, trainers, and professional players to showcase their skills and improve amateurs.

Because there is so much competition nowadays, separating respectable tennis instructors from less reputable ones has become challenging. Feel Tennis is a popular and well-rounded online tennis platform. There have been almost 181,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel since 2006. That makes them extremely influential on the tennis audience, with over 41 million views.

Feel Tennis also features a website with online coaching courses, a blog, and tennis tips.

Feel Tennis – the advanced tennis technique development

Take your tennis game to the next level!

Now, what this program is – is tennis instruction videos. They will work for all ages. So it doesn’t matter if you want to get to know the secrets of your kid or for yourself. And the videos also work for any kind of level. It means that you will equally benefit from every one of those, no matter if you are only a beginner or a player that has been ITF qualified.

In fact, hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews for Feel Tennis prove that the program is great for anyone. No matter what gender, age or level you are.

Now, you might be one of the lads that is absolutely sure that it is practically impossible to learn any kind of sport only through videos. And you are completely right! You will certainly not start playing better if you only watch the videos and do nothing.Take your tennis game to the next level!

After spending half an hour watching the instructions you would surely have to go to the court to practice your new skills. But you don’t need the coach to be next to and comment on your every single step to be able to achieve great results. Hundreds of clients have proved that simply having the videos from a coach is enough to take your tennis game to the next level.

About the manager

Tomaz Mencinger, the founder of The Feel Tennis, is a professional tennis teacher with years of expertise teaching online and in person. Tomas began his online tennis coaching career with a website focusing on the mental and tactical aspects of the game, believing that new tennis players needed more knowledge on this.

His coaching style is tactile, emphasizing how players feel the ball, times their strokes, and employs rhythm to better their game. Tomas believes that improving your tennis judgment can help you play more effortlessly and enhance your skills!

In addition to their successful YouTube channel, Feel Tennis has a well-designed website with online courses and a members area.

Let’s talk money

We all know how expensive personal trainers are. It concerns any kind of sports or fitness, really. And, as tennis is not the cheapest kind of sport to be involved in, the prices the trainers put for one hour on the court are not small as well. One hour of personal training sessions can cost you hundreds of dollars. And to make sure that you achieve any kind of results, you have to meet the coach at least a couple of times per week.

Of course, group sessions can be an answer. Though they are still considered to be quite expensive. But let’s be real here – you will never be able to achieve great results if you are training with other people. If the coach can’t focus only on you during the session and so on. It would take you much longer to become at least a good player. Money-wise – we are talking about approximately the same sums, as in personal training, for example.

Well, the truth is that both of these options would cost you quite a fortune. Taking into consideration that you would have to buy expensive equipment anyway…

But when it comes to Feel Tennis, things work differently

Take your tennis game to the next level!

If you decide to buy the program – you have to make a one-time payment to have lifetime access to the video lessons. Imagine having to pay your coach only once, but with the idea that he will be training you for the rest of your life. That’s just the perfect scenario!

Certainly, you would still have to buy the balls, racket and sports uniform for yourself. But your equipment can now be so much better, as you don’t have to spend money on expensive training.

Does Feel Tennis really work?

This is how online programs usually work. You get them – and you get a whole lot of different lessons that you have to go through. Even if you don’t need half of those.

The best part of Feel Tennis is – that you can actually choose what lesson you really do need. If you have no problems serving, for example, you can always drop all the lessons about serving and get the ones that will help you with your forehand, for example.

Let’s just review a few lessons that you will have the opportunity to get (by the way, some of them are even free of charge!):

  • The Effortless Forehand

The forehand is the secret weapon of a whole bunch of A-list players. Always wanted to get that killer shot that you have been dreaming about? Now you have just the right opportunity.

The biggest problems a lot of players face with their forehand – is lack of power and the inability to make accurate shots. But all of this can be changed with the help of just one single video lesson. It sounds just too good to be true, I know, but that’s how things really do work.

In fact, not having enough strength in your forehand – is a question completely about biomechanics. If you learn more about your body, posture, and so on – you will be able to fix the problem in no time.

  • Unlock Your Serving Potential

Now, this particular course is suitable for intermediate and advanced players. Because a great service is something that you don’t really start from. You get to it, once all the other shots that you have become decent at least.

No need to explain how important a good and powerful serve is during the game. It is especially important in men’s matches. With the help of the exercises that you will find on the videos – you will be able to turn your server into a real weapon.

  • Master Top Spin and Slice Serves

    Well, this one surely is top-league. Not a lot of players are able to transform their weaknesses into deadly weapons. And that is exactly what you can do with your second serve, for example, if you go through all the video lessons.Take your tennis game to the next level!

And so much more!

Is Feel Tennis just a scam?

You might be asking yourself – alright, it all sounds great, but what if the video lessons simply won’t work for me?

Don’t worry, the author has got you covered on this one. He offers you a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee for every single lesson that you would feel like is just not your cup of tea. How does it work?

Well, you download the videos, start working on them on the court and if you see little to no improvements – you will be getting every single penny back.Take your tennis game to the next level!

But judging the hundreds of amazing reviews, you will most certainly not be needing this guarantee. So feel free to at least try the miracle Feel Tennis for yourself.

Feel Tennis – the advanced tennis technique development

If you’re ready to take your Tennis game to the next level (and above), click here and get started using Feel Tennis to train better than ever before!


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