Fat Loss Fiesta Review: What’s The Miami Secret To Great Bodies?

I know, I know. Another weight loss program. Sigh.

Do you know what intrigued me about this one though? It doesn’t sound as full of baloney as my body does. I can’t lie, almost closed the video on this one but I’m glad I stayed tuned. So stay with me, I’m about to give you the most real weight loss review of your life.

Fat Loss Fiesta was created by Ingrid Macher, a certified holistic coach as well as a fitness trainer. She applied this weight loss method in her own life after she gained some stubborn fat following the birth of her two children. The first thing that interested me was how she lost 55 pounds in 21 days.

Don’t judge me, we’re all suckers for a good weight loss story.

In all fairness, the word “fiesta” gave me pause, enough pause to find out more about this weight loss program. The only time I’m not thinking about food is when I’m asleep. Not saying that I eat a lot. I am just saying I plan my day around my meals. Food is important to me, and my family and the world at large and that’s probably why the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Women cooking in the kitchen

And that was what made me sit up and pay attention to this fat loss program. Her approach doesn’t focus on cutting out meals but rather she teaches people to pay attention to the food and what it does in their bodies.

As I was saying, she took weight loss to a different level for me, three new levels to be exact. This program is in three “secret” parts. Each stage adding on to the other like a layer of a delish lasagna.

I need a moment to gather my thoughts again… I’m salivating.

So the basis of this program is in three steps that are quick (I did mention results in 21 days), simple (no strenuous schedule changes) and not time-consuming at all. So even if you are a parent, working long and odd hours or you’re just tired from all drinking all that weight loss tea that had you running to the bathroom every few minutes, this might be for you.

Secret #1

The first secret is mind-body merging which is backed up by research from Harvard. Many reviews will tell you that the best thing about this that you don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill or take starvation diets and pills. But I think the beauty is in the actual science of mind-body merging.

Harvard researchers found that there’s a huge connection between the mind and the body, not particularly shocking. When you don’t have any control over your mind, no amount of dieting, exercise or pills will make you feel good. When you lose weight from your mind it will melt your body and stay off. Never underestimate the power of your mind when it comes to your body.

Man sweating and exercising

She gets this idea and added it as a secret weapon in her weight loss program. The best thing about this is that it’s not particularly time-consuming and you can do it anywhere. She teaches you how to recondition your thoughts in preparation for the transformation to come. This is undoubtedly a fundamental step in any weight loss journey.

I look in the mirror and my muffin top still hangs over my waistband and my flabby arms wave when I twist my wrists. Do you know what I struggle with more than being fat? When someone assumes I think I’m ugly because I’m fat. No, I have issues deeper than that. Learning to love yourself is a key part of any weight loss plan to work. At the end of the day, your diet might fail because of self-sabotage due to lack of self-confidence.

Fat Woman

With this secret, Harvard got two groups of women to do the same movements (probably gruesome exercise) but with one group they gave them this secret. After 4 weeks the group that knew and applied this secret actually lost more weight and lowered their blood pressure.

Secret #2

The second secret is an adjustment on your diet. After all, you are what you eat. And through this diet, you can be fresh, healthy and spontaneous because that’s exactly what these meals are. If you’re like me you watch healthy cooking shows and think “Life’s too short to eat cardboard.” I might have let you down here because I saw the meals and my mouth actually started watering.

People drinking wine

Goodbye water and shakes only diets. See ya later one-type-of-food-ten-different-ways diet!

Ingrid believes we’re not doomed to choose to either be fat OR eat bland meals and be healthy. Most of her diet ideas don’t agree with a lot of mainstream ideas. We’ve all tried or thought of trying extremely low-carb diets. But according to research, those are a recipe for short-lived success. And she has easy-to-follow facts to explain why.  The main reason is she understands that our bodies are set to safeguard us from starvation.

See why I’m intrigued by her?

She doesn’t get straight to me hating my fat. She understands the struggle of being uncomfortable in your skin regardless of the compliments and adoration or even the reason why you gained weight. This program gives you a breakdown of different ingredients and what they do for your weight loss journey. You also get explanations on what to avoid and why. Did I mention the menu is a large variety for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which means you can pick a few tantalizing staples and still have other meals to try once in a while?

I’m nothing if not realistic we’re probably not going to cook twenty-one different meals for twenty-one different days for all three meals plus snacks.

Secret #3

If you love the “secrets” mentioned already you are going to love the third secret. No doubt you’ve heard about this technique but it’s still an amazing one all the same. I’m talking about the best part of any diet; the permission to cheat.

Men eating pizza

You’re probably wondering why you would need a cheat day when you’re having yummy meals anyway. But, again, using the understanding of the body, she explains that when you drastically change your diet, your body is likely to assume you’re starving and this will set in motion new measures to maintain a safe no-starvation system by lowering your metabolism. This, obviously, will put your weight loss to a stop. And that is probably another reason most diets fail.

I can’t help think her methods are scientifically sound. I haven’t rolled my eyes at it but how much do you actually have to part with to try this out? You can buy this Fat Loss Fiesta for $37. Your enrollment will give you:

  • Fat Loss Fiesta- The Complete Fat Blasting Guide
  • Ingrid’s Exclusive Mind Merging Guide
  • The Fat Blasting Food Journal
  • Ingrid’s 63 Simply Slimming Recipes which include 21 Breakfasts, 21 Lunch, and 21 Dinner Recipes.
  • The 7 Day Fat Loss Kick start Menu.
  • Ingrid’s Flat Belly Approved shopping list.

But is it worth it?

This review can’t be complete without answering this question. This weight loss program isn’t time-consuming. Meals are at mealtimes as usual. The only change you’re making is setting aside time to read the interesting information given to you. It’s actually an interesting read that helps you understand your body more. The more you understand the weight loss program the more you learn about your body and it’s easier to change things you understand.

Results in 21 days are fast action for anything that’s promising to change your life. And no matter how often you tell yourself to be patient, anything promising results in less than a month always catches your attention.

To get a sculptured body you need to do some exercising. You could probably hit the gym if you wanted but your enrollment gives you some simple exercises to do with barely any equipment from the comfort of your home. The best part is you get instructions in photographs instead of those lousy illustrations.

Kickboxing Training Apparatus Girl In The Gym Boxing

Did I mention the delicious meals right? I’ll just say it again. The best thing about this program is you don’t have to make over the top uncomfortable changes to your diet. The meal suggestions she makes are colorful, fresh and probably new. If you’re a sucker for new and easy recipes, this is the best weight loss program.

You also don’t have to supplement your diet with drugs that might contain toxic substances. The meals are all natural ingredients that will cover your body’s needs. The weight loss happens naturally with no need for surgery.

The most obvious concern if you’re eager to get this program underway in your life is shipping costs and days. No need to worry about that. A few clicks and all the information is available for you. Everything is online and nothing is more convenient than that right? This also means as long as you have a device that can go online you have the plan with you, no cumbersome books.

But what are you missing?

However, the previous pro is the main con. Because all the information is online it means that without access to the internet you cannot access the information. This is a major downside for those who don’t have the luxury of internet access everywhere they go or at their convenient moment when you have time to go through the material.

Final thoughts…

For good measure, they included a *results might vary* closure. No surprise there. This isn’t a one size fits all diet. Of course, we’re not all going to lose the same weight. You lose what you put in…you know what I mean. The more effort you put with anything the higher your chances of seeing better results.

Food Event

To conclude this review, I think this a great weight loss program, probably the best I’ve come across. If you have spent hours lamenting over natural ways to tone your body and then realizing you have no idea what to do with those ways so you switch to finding methods of being comfortable in your own skin like I have, then none of this new. Nonetheless, she has managed to compile the best tricks to weight loss into a program that makes sense and is easy to follow. Fat Loss Fiesta is definitely worth buying.

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