Fat Loss Activation Review – Hidden Fat-Burning Hormones?

It’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight.

The saying is true. To gain weight, you would only need to indulge in all the sweets and food you could ever eat. Just pop those in your mouth, then you’re done. There are a couple of jaw exercises for chewing, arms lifting for picking up the drinks, and a little bit of walking to go back for more. There’s no system to gaining. You eat until you bloat.

But losing weight is an entirely different story. Many people have gone to lengths to lose their unwanted body fat. While a few people have easily succeeded in this endeavor, most have an extremely difficult time tightening the belt.

Losing weight requires a ridiculously strict and proper diet along with a disciplined workout routine. However, unless you have a huge amount of inheritance and a lot of time to kill, it will be hard to squeeze in these routines, let alone follow a strict diet.

For the working class, we can only spare so much time for workouts and food preparation. Most of us opt for fast food because it is quick, convenient, and easy to access. Why spend time preparing food for hours when you can get a filling chicken nugget in two minutes? Why play the pretending game and buy healthy food when you know you’re going to bin them anyway after a few weeks? We ask ourselves after failing to follow through with our diet plan.

“Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it.”– Jim Wendler

That is why we need the Fat Loss Activation program by Coach Ryan Faehnle.

What is Fat Loss Activation Program?

Fat Loss Activation Promotes Healthy Living

Fat Loss Activation Promotes Healthy Living

The Fat Loss Activation Program, or FLA, is a 3-point method that promotes weight loss and healthy living.

It was created by Coach Ryan Faehnle, strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS) and NCAA Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach, known to have trained athletes in more than 20 different sports, high school and professional. He also has experience in training NFL Super Bowl Champions and the regular men and women who aim to lose weight.

Admittedly, he didn’t use to classify himself as the lean kind of guy in the past. His family loved food dearly, and he ate to his heart’s content. The process of eating increases the secretion of the hormone called serotonin, which is a happy hormone. This is the reason why depressed people are prone to be overweight. And also the top reason why most people basically love eating no matter the circumstance.

For years, Coach Ryan dedicated his life to getting the right balance and crafting the million-dollar secret to losing weight fast.

The good thing about having a coach like him is that he knows how incredibly hard it is to lose weight. And so he managed to craft a program that won’t, under any circumstance, force you to stop your habits completely.

His secret? Tapping on the hunger hormone.

The Hunger Hormone

Fat Loss Activation The Hunger Hormone

Fat Loss Activation The Hunger Hormone

Did you think that you feel hungry because your stomach is just empty? Or you felt that we just normally feel hungry without any sort of stimuli whatsoever?

According to coach Ryan, our bodies love to stay the same as it is. There is huge coordination happening behind the scenes (or inside your body per se) whose end goal is to maintain whatever it is at the minute. This explains the changes in appetite that people experience. This is how our bodies adapt to the shift in weight by manipulating the volume of food we eat.

There are two types of appetite hormones: Leptin and Ghrelin.

Leptin & Ghrelin

The Leptin hormone is defined as the chemical in our bodies that prevent hunger. We didn’t know about this hormone until this review! Leptin is also the main ingredient in most weight loss supplements because the increase in Leptin would mean a loss of appetite.

Leptin is produced by adipocytes or fatty cells. It is a hormone regarded as a ‘satiety hormone’ that informs the brain we are full when eating. For every normal individual, a high level of Leptin means a reduction in appetite. However, this phenomenon is not the case for obese individuals. What happens is that they usually exhibit leptin resistance. The implication is that their appetite is not suppressed despite a high level of Leptin in their system.

On the other hand, Leptin’s evil twin, Ghrelin, does the complete opposite. It promotes hunger, and it is the number one reason why it is extremely difficult to lose weight via diet. Especially the bad diet.

Ghrelin is another hormone that is mainly secreted by the stomach. Its mode of action is to signal the brain to eat when the stomach is empty. The Ghrelin hormone level is high when you are on an empty stomach.

You may think that the only way to lose weight aside from working out is not to eat, but I’m afraid that’s a misconception! See, the problem is, if we starve ourselves, our bodies go into winter mode and holds on to fat, so we don’t use up all of it. After this winter mode, the ghrelin hormone shoots up the ceiling, and you will eat more than you intend to. This defeats the entire purpose of starving yourself, and it is not a very effective weight loss strategy.

The Fat Loss Activation program will help you sort of hack into this hormone and balance it so it doesn’t let you eat more than you need to. It is the most effective way to shed a couple of pounds, and numerous clients of Coach Ryan can attest to this.

Benefits of Having a Balanced Level of Ghrelin

Truthfully, the Ghrelin hormone isn’t such a bad guy. There are a handful of benefits that we can gain if we have a healthy balance of this hormone which includes the following:

Regulates blood sugar

Regulates appetite

Stimulates growth hormone

Improves cognitive function

Improves learning and memory

Regulates bone formation

Prevents muscle atrophy

Improves cardiovascular

All the benefits above are keys to losing weight fast, and coach Ryan believes that he can help us achieve a balanced level of this hormone with the Fat Loss Activation program. However, this is not all of it! There are more ways than coach Ryan can share to lead a healthier lifestyle successfully.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way.”

Muscle Activation: Fat Loss Activation Core

Fat Loss Activation Calming Deep Tissue Exercise

You will know that sitting down is probably the longest thing you do daily if you’re anything like me. Most of us are from the working class, sitting in front of a computer from 9 to 5 in a cubicle. It’s not the healthiest of lifestyles and most definitely not the way to losing weight.

That is why the Fat Loss Activation core best suits everyone who lacks daily exercise and is busy as bees because why? You will only need 15 minutes of work out a day.

You can now start forgetting about workout routines found online, which requires a half-hour warm-up. With coach Ryan’s workout routines and helpful guide in this program, you are done in as fast as 15 minutes! This is because he managed to use physical therapists tricks in priming the muscles for a workout in almost half the time.

Why Other Fat Loss Programs Rarely Work

Now you ask, out of all the fat loss programs found online, why would I choose the Fat Loss Activation one?

It’s because, in this program, you are not forced to completely and entirely give up your existing habits. Other fat loss programs online focus only on helping you quit eating the food that you love, but FLA doesn’t do that! In fact, it encourages you never to stop your habits. Only learn to work with it.

3-Part Methodology for Sustaining Weight Loss

Coach Ryan revealed his 3-part methodology for weight loss that he uses on professional athletes and other regular clients. This system provides rapid results that make it unique!

1: Tame your hunger hormone, so you don’t overeat. ]

2: Activate your muscles so that you can combat an inactive lifestyle with shorter workouts.

3: Work with your existing habits to make fat loss easier and sustainable.

The first action will address your Ghrelin issues and help balance them. The second one will be your workout routines, and the third would be handling your current habits and work around them instead of completely quitting them.

Purchase it now and get bonuses!

Fat Loss Activation Get Bonuses

When you buy the Fat Loss Activation program, you also get tons of bonuses that come with it. You will get free copies of a couple of coach Ryan’s ebooks to supplement the program you purchased.

Buy FLA and get Eat to Activate – “How to Starve Your Fat Cells & Nourish Your Body” and Fat Loss Activation Supplement Stacks for free!

Apart from that, coach Ryan is so confident that it will work for you. But if you think it won’t, there is a money-back guarantee feature, no questions asked! If you find that the program isn’t what you need, you may request a refund. Never fear buying online again!


We think that the Fat Loss Activation program is the best fat loss program online at the minute. It caters to busy people and because it is packed with useful information that will kick start you to lead a healthier lifestyle! We doubt that you will ever find a well-crafted program like FLA.

There is really no point spending hours online trying to find the best ebook for that summer-ready body. Hop on the fitness train and change your life today!

Fat loss activation

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