Expert Program Design Platform Review: No More Wasting Time Writing?

Do you own a fitness training guide? Or are you planning to start a fitness training business of some sort?

Well, you would know how troublesome it could actually be. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, designing a program for your customers is bound to take up a lot of time. I’m pretty sure, that you would have spent countless nights with no sleep, in pursuit of designing the fitness programs.

Moreover, if you want to run a successful fitness training business then you must yourself be fit! This is a rule without any exceptions. If you are not physically fit enough, no one will put their trust in your fitness business.

So indeed, it is a big struggle! Who would understand your struggles better than me? This is because I myself have been through it.

The biggest issue is indeed time. Training yourself also requires a whole lot of time. You will have to keep a constant track of your diet, your weight, your progress, and will have to workout regularly of course.

I can say without a doubt that time is the main limitation that stops most fitness trainers from expanding their services/business.

Fitness training is not a child’s play indeed. Only a professional like you can do it! And hiring a substitute fitness trainer for your business is only going to reduce your profits significantly!

I am pretty sure that one of the major difficulties you might face with your customers, is developing fitness training programs for them. After all, every individual has different needs. Hence, a fitness training program must be unique for each individual.

Well, I had the same problem until I came across the Expert Program Design Platform over the internet. I was quite astonished, after taking a look at it. However, I still read a dozen customer reviews just to satisfy myself. And to my surprise, other fitness trainers who have used it were pretty satisfied!

So I went ahead to buy it and within a short amount of time, I was able to raise my profits by 50%! This is because now, I did not have to spend a lot of time in developing a program for my clients/customers. So I could actually do double the work in the same time while being able to look after my own fitness!

Moreover, the Expert Program Design Platform also helped me in making better and more efficient programs. Hence I can say that from that day onward, each of my clients left pretty satisfied as they all saw tremendous results. Positive customer feedback helped me in getting more and more clients later on.

So if I can make it possible, you can too! In fact, this is what a great number of fitness trainers do to manage their services. Now you know the secret! And that is exactly the main purpose of writing this review.

What is the Expert Program Design Platform?

It is an online platform, which makes it extremely easy for fitness trainers to develop fitness programs for their customers. This platform allows you to create individual programs, as well as those for a small/large group of customers.

Due to the ease with which this platform can be used, a great number of professional fitness trainers make use of this program!

This platform is designed by the famous trainer Fred Zoller. He owns the very popular LEAN Performance Academy. After looking up for him on the internet, you can be sure that this platform is not designed by some rookie.

Fred has added a number of personal tips in this platform that allow you to get by with your clients/customers with ease. This is exactly what the purpose of this program is. It is, to provide you a maximum number of customers and to satisfy your current customers so that the number rises!

Hence, the Expert Program Design Platform is bound to give your fitness training business a booming success!

How will this platform help you?

Well, this platform has been designed keeping one very important thing in mind. That is, that the time of a fitness trainer is extremely valuable.

So you might be wondering how this program will help you in saving time and energy.

This program will primarily help you in the following ways:

  • Make more efficient calls
  • Develop better programs for your customers/clients hence improving their performance
  • Employ new coaches
  • Form better strategies for your fitness training

These ways are not all though. There are many more ways to which this platform can help you, I’ve only listed the major most obvious ones.

This is what Fred, the creator of the Expert Program Design Platform says:

A screenshot from the website, where Fred (the creator of the program) explains how developing this program helped him in increasing his sales.

So do not worry about giving way too much time to your business anymore. Instead, take the smarter approach and make use of this platform for assistance.

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What will you get in this platform?

Now you might be wondering what is included in this entire package. Without any distraction, I’ll discuss straight away what this package includes so that you know what to expect.

Expert Program Design Software

The software is perhaps the major aspect of this platform. This software makes it easy for you to develop efficient programs in as less time as possible. This program follows an excel workbook format, hence it makes the organization of data extremely easy.

Unlike other design software, this one gives you an easy interface. After all, the main purpose is to increase efficiency and to reduce time.

Expert Program Design Video Library

This platform gives you a video library with +300 videos that will be available for use all the time. In case you have some staff working for you (which is highly likely), then you can use these videos to train them better. Even if you do not have a staff, then you are likely to have some after you expand your business later in time.

These videos will make your work easier anyway. They are easy to follow and are simple enough, with a good organization so that every bit of your time can be saved.

Many different categories

There are a bunch of categories offered in the program. So you have a range of different choices. With so many categories, it is certain that your clients will see a massive improvement in their fitness resulting in good feedback!


Well, the above-mentioned features are not all that you get in this platform. In fact, you get a range of different bonus stuff! All for free along with the main components of this platform. Isn’t that wonderful?

These are the bonuses that you will get:

  • Expert Program Designer Seminar.
  • 5 Done for You Dynamic Warmup Template.
  • Understanding Regression.
  • Complete Dynamic Warmup e-book.
  • Elite Coaching e-book.

What are the benefits?

So finally, we move on the benefits of the program. Even though I have discussed this above, I thought that a final list might come in handy as a reminder for you.

Here is a list of all the benefits:

  • Learn to train a group of customers

This package will make it easy for you to train both large and small group of customers. Both require different strategies. Moreover, training an individual is far different from training a group. This is one of the major things that this program will teach you.

  • Learn to start online training sessions

By making use of this platform you can even start online training sessions for your customers. After all, as your business expands you will find a number of different clients that are not in close proximity to you. For such clients, you can develop fitness programs from miles away and still be able to train them for amazing results. The videos included in this entire package will tell you how to make this possible!

  • Extremely easy to follow

It is surprisingly easy to follow. All the material included in this package such as the videos are highly organized. Moreover, the software included offers a nice interface, which increases the efficiency of your work while saving a lot of your time.

  • Bonus material

Along with the obvious stuff included in the package, you also get a range of different bonuses. These bonuses are just included to make sure that you can always go one step ahead from your competitors, in the fitness training industry. This is what makes these programs, one of the best in the market!


If you really wish to expand your fitness training business, while saving time so that you can focus on yourself, this is what you need!

The Expert Program Design Platform is a guaranteed way of getting by with your fitness seeking clients. Not only will it save your time, but will also save a lot of your energy. Then, you can dedicate the saved energy to your own fitness and other commitments in your life.


The efficiency of this program is obvious from the user reviews on the internet. I myself being a happy user of this platform, can assure you that you will remain amazingly satisfied!

Where to get this program from?

Before you head on to get this program, I want to remind you one thing.

Make sure to buy this program from the official website only! This is because due to the success and popularity of this program, it is highly likely that some fake websites might lure you in for a scam.

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