Everything You Need To Know About Lucid Dreams

What Are Lucid Dreams?

This refers to the type of dreams person experiences while he/she is aware that they are happening. As a result of this knowledge, the dreamer has the ability to affect the dream to a certain degree. The dreamer can have the power of the environment, characters, and narrative in lucid dreams.



What Are The Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming?


The following are some of the benefits that you may get from lucid dreaming.

  • They can improve sleeping by dealing with conditions such as insomnia. This means that the dreamer can control the dreams and get rid of the nightmares.
  • Lucid dreams are known to improve your day or relieve you of all the troubles you may have faced during the day. You can control your dreams to experience something that will work to your advantage.
  • Do you have fantasies that you think can never be achieved? Then through lucid dreaming, ou can bring all those fantasies close to a reality.
  • Through these dreams, you can have a taste of things you do not know about. If you are afraid of doing something in real life then you can do it in your dreams to see what will happen.
  • They also work by improving your mind.

Tips to Help You Experience Longer Lucid Dreams


Everything You Need To Know About Lucid DreamsMaintain Calmness

In most cases when dreams do not go as expected people panic and wake up immediately. Some even scream. In lucid dreams, you have to remain calm so that you will have the chance to change what is happening in your dream.

No matter what is happening in the dream you should hold on by remaining calm. By doing this you will get to understand what is happening and know how you can change.

Build Consciousness

By building consciousness in your dream you will be able to see everything clearly and you can extend how long it will last. You can do this by doing a math sum. This will wake your mind and you can be in control of everything.

Reality Check

This might sound funny but is a good way to help you know that you are lucid dreaming and hence extend the dream. You can do something that is impossible in reality but possible in lucid dreaming. For example; try pushing your fingers into your palm. In lucid dreaming, it will work.

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