Epic Soccer Training System Review: Better at Soccer, Starting Today!

If you are looking for new ways to improve your Soccer skills, this could be for you

Hi, everyone. Hope this review is useful and provides you with enough information to take your soccer skills to a whole new level. I will try to be more thorough than other reviews about Epic Soccer Training.

training for better shape

This is a training program created by All-American Soccer Player, Matt Smith. The program was created for current or aspiring soccer players that feel like they need a push to step up their game, want to invest training time seriously and be recognized because of their skills by friends and opponents.

One thing that I really appreciated about his method is that it’s designed to help everyone. Girls or boys, young or old, beginner or advanced.

Matt created a method that responds to the nature of the game, thinking not only on physical development but also on something he calls the “Soccer IQ”, basically making your game smarter and faster, both mentally and physically.

The program is divided into standard modules and one extra that Matt is giving away for free for now. Sometimes, when we dive into any program that requires self-motivation, it can be complicated to know how to follow, where to begin, and how to connect things from the beginning with more advanced things.

However, Matt manages to create an easy to follow program to develop your soccer skills, that also teaches you how to mix previously learned skills with the new ones, so you are always at your best.

  • Invest your time practicing correctly
  • Set a clear goal and get it
  • “Strategic touches” are the key
  • Become a team captain

Young football player

Matt focuses on touches. He points out a statistic that, on average, players on a soccer match might touch the ball for less than 1 minute, and in practice less than 5 in total. Which I didn’t know about and found to be true and also terrifying.

Since we spend so much time going to soccer practices, but when we are objective, most of our time is spent watching and sharing. So, Matt takes another approach to it and puts us in control of the ball.

It is important to point out that nothing comes free from effort and dedication. Although the program is well explained in the eBooks and videos that are immediately delivered to your email inbox; we need to work hard and follow recommendations.

Matt has trained with some of the best coaches and players in the world, he knows what he’s talking about. So, even though the program had all the techniques and secrets I needed to improve my game, one thing that is no secret and everyone, even out of soccer, uses, it’s discipline.

Becoming a great soccer player starts with your mind

Through practice, I have noticed that most of my fears and limitations are actually mental, and not real.

Energetic struggle

When it comes to soccer, there are many traditional limitations that Matt Smith addresses from the beginning. First one being: It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you can play, and you can play well.

Matt’s story with soccer is also highly related to change of mindset. He was continuously warming benches and being undermined because of his skills and size, but one day he decided to change that and improve, and he did.

Now, something that is great about it is that, what he learned in years of training, you can now learn in months, through the videos and his guide book, divided into 2 eBooks. Since it’s immediately delivered to your inbox, then you can start ASAP after you buy the training program.

It all starts with a dream, some want to be professional, some of us want the scholarship. What Matt created offers us the opportunity to aim as high as we want.

Yes, it’s not only about game skills, but also about fitness and nutrition, so I find it really nice that, together with the soccer practice moves, methods, and sessions, Matt also included a fitness and nutrition guide, that really help to improve results and see them faster.

Epic Soccer Training in a nutshell

How many times have you been in soccer practice or camp, and although your bond with your team and get to learn how to work with them, you don’t really get much time alone with the ball? Well, it happens to everyone, and it’s good how Matt approaches this problem by creating a solution based on touches and effective ways of practicing.

Coach is coaching Children Training

Although his approach can be unconventional, or different, the results are proven, and for some of us, the conventional training method has reached a limit, bringing Epic Soccer Training into the picture.

  • Touch the ball
  • Develop your playing skills
  • Develop your Soccer IQ

Learn how to be a good team captain

  • Improve your nutrition
  • Improve your fitness

The training sessions actually simulate game speed, which helps our brains and bodies to adjust to the response time and thought processes that an actual match requires.

Instead of isolating our training in an atmosphere with little relation to the game and so, we might be able to juggle a lot, but maybe we can go past any player, or score any goals.

Now, it’s not that isolated moves are wrong, it’s just that they are not everything. Thinking of this, Matt also includes a different approach to drills for individual skills, that help us connect these drills into real-life situations.

One thing that Matt says in his website, and you can see through the program PDF eBooks, or the videos, is that it is important that every student using his training method gets the results promised. Otherwise, it will be a scam, but Matt delivers in a way that will help you get the results you are looking for.

Get Epic Soccer Training right here by clicking this link and continuing to order, and you’ll be learning how to play soccer from an All-American Soccer Player, with detailed lessons that take you to the next level!

Is this for me?

Epic Soccer Training, as its name mentions, is EPIC but in the way that you will see results. Of course, this is not a magic program. It is structured, following progression, and working with how little, or far, you’ve gone with your training.

player shooting on goal

So, this program is not for the lazy, for those who want a shortcut, or expect magical results, any method that promises magical results is a scam, so be careful. But, if you are serious about getting into that team, if you are serious about getting that scholarship, and getting recognition from teammates and opponents, then this method is for you.

Being familiar with the effort that it takes to be better, the energy, and discipline, I think there shouldn’t be any excuses. Also, since the program includes the Nutrition Guide, then it’s easier to know what to eat and when to eat it to prevent injuries or fatigue, so getting hurt shouldn’t be a concern or a reason not to train.

The modules and progression

Many of us can have a hard time, when asked to do something on our own, knowing where to start, maybe because we are afraid of failure, or making a fool of ourselves.

Regardless of the reason, with this program, I found that not to be a real problem, since Matt clearly states the progression within the 3 modules of the program, a well-defined: Where to start, where to stop, and what to rescue from previous points.

So, then the training program becomes holistic and complete.

The first Module is called “The Rock”. No, it has nothing to do with Dwayne Johnson or someone expecting you to ultra-human efforts, but rather on creating a “rock solid” foundation for soccer practice.

As we grow up learning from empiric ways how to run, how to hit the ball, etc. Sometimes the coach was too tired to correct our mistakes, or simply didn’t know or didn’t tell us. Not doing things properly, even running, can lead to severe injury as we keep on playing.

So, in Module 1, you will get the basics right so you can move on and start seeing results the way they are supposed to happen. You will get a correction of common mistakes, and be introduced to the right way to train in order for you to improve without burning out.

In Module 2, Matt introduces us to more advanced moves that are a natural progression of Module 1. At the same time, Soccer IQ is introduced. Helping us to get a better technique, have more advanced moves, but also play a smarter game, know when and where to shoot, how to analyze the field, our opponents, our team, etc.

soccer players in action

This is where we start learning how to be game changers, we learn moves and strategies that will drive our opponents mad, and as we become better players, we will start earning the respect of our teammates.

By Module 3, after a lot of practice, all the basics are covered and polished, advanced moves and Soccer IQ gets developed, so then it is time to start aiming higher.

In the third module, we will get mastery of module one and two. However, new advanced moves are introduced, so our game is in a constant improvement process.

As we become better and better, it will come the time, if we are not there already, for us to be captains of a team, and so Matt addresses this point as well. How to be a teal leader, guide your team to success, and share all you know with them so you can bring success to your team every time.

Matt, being a recognized athlete, has had access to some of the best coaches and trained with some of the best soccer players in the world. Allowing him to see and learn not only the techniques and secrets of soccer but also how to train others and how others learn.

It was through observation and years of practice that Matt developed this method, and it has worked for him. This is why I trust it, it’s based on actual experience, with people who are currently benefiting from it, for me this is very valuable.

Need some more? You got it!

As I said before, one thing that I really appreciate and actually becomes very useful are the extra guides that are sent as PDF:

  • Epic Soccer Nutrition Guide
  • Epic Soccer Fitness Guide
  • Epic Soccer Training Vault

We know that when playing soccer, every muscle is involved, and it is important to exercise in a way that allows us to stay fit, strong, and engage our muscles when in the field, be it a match or practice.

In his program, Matt addresses this by providing exercises and tips on how to develop strength, elasticity, etc. So, your performance improves, you have more stamina and can play better.

Fitness is a very broad field, and every discipline or sport requires a unique approach of fitness adapted to the sport, Matt delivers that for soccer in his Epic Fitness Guide.

Also, one of my favorite things (one too many 😛 ) is the Epic Soccer Nutrition guide. Every sport has different needs for nutrients and foods, every sport has different rhythms to follow in order for us to perform better.

Matt developed a nutrition guide that covers foods that are great to replenish our bodies after soccer practice, that can help us heal faster, improve our energy levels, and prevent injuries.

This nutrition guide is based on his own experience and that of his teammates, so we know it’s the real deal, and this also saves a lot of research time, and trial and error. Rather, Matt summarized and gathered all his knowledge in these two books, creating a well-rounded approach, and not limiting the experience to only soccer practice.

As we become more and more educated about the topics, then it also becomes easier for us to share the knowledge, and I believe Matt did something very important here: We are receiving all the tools we need, and this program is temporary.

So, it’s not a lengthy, never-ending, subscription, but an actual method to develop, reach a goal, and move on, that is very valuable for people who are always looking for new ways to improve.

Football manager plan tactics

The books are mailed into your inbox immediately after you buy the training program, in PDF format, so it’s easy to read, and I like that I can read it in my laptop, or my Kindle.

Also, Matt includes one final module, the Epic Soccer Training Vault, where all the most advanced moves and strategies he knows are there, all together, in order, well explained, so you can have access after you finished the 3 previous models. Of course, no order is enforced, but how can we expect results if we don’t follow the recommendations made by Matt.

So, in this vault, you will find ways to take your soccer expertise even further, in technique and in Soccer IQ. The game is in the head as much as it is in the field, and this is something we get with this method.

And last, but not least, and something that makes a huge difference at least for me, is the fact that Matt offers personalized email coaching.

If you have questions or comments, just write to Matt and he will personally answer. Having immediate contact with the creator of the program is very handy, and not every author out there is as open as Matt to follow up. This made me trust more in the product.

Final thoughts

We all work hard to become better in what we do or what we love, and we invest both time and money. It is not easy to find a specialized program designed to become a better soccer player that compares to Matt’s.

Due to his career, his performance, and experiences in soccer, he created this program that comes straight out of the big leagues, simplified so that everyone can understand and follow it. In a well-rounded approach, Matt tackles soccer, staying fit, nutrition, and Soccer IQ, so that no territory goes unexplored and not are of your life gets ignored.

So, if you are serious about improving, getting that scholarship, advancing in your soccer career, or want to improve in general, then this might be just what you need.

You already have the will, the experience, and the discipline, this will provide you with tools that will keep your game up for the rest of your life.

Hope this review of Epic Soccer Training was useful for everyone. Although a little through, I believe that complete reviews can help us make informed, useful decisions. Good luck.

Click here for access to Epic Soccer Training, where you’ll learn to play soccer like you’ve never played before, and start training in ways that are better than what they teach you in school!


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