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It is hard to trace the origins of the game of baseball. Some say it may have originated from the French people or maybe before that. There isn’t any correct proof given to the people of the baseball game players as to where from it all began.

However, baseball is definitely one of the most popular games in the West today and many people cannot think of life without their daily dose of baseball, whether in field or as an audience in a match. In this article, we are going to talk about baseball and all the rules and fun that go along with this amazing and lively game.

Even for beginners, this will be a great way to help you understand the basics of the game and how it is played.

What is baseball?

For those who have currently started gaining interest in the game of baseball and want to know in detail that what it really is and how it is played, there are many baseball tutorials out there which will help you get the hang of it pretty soon.

It is a very simple yet fun loaded game and also quite easy to understand! Generally there are two teams in this game and there are nine players in each team. The rules of the game are somewhat like this-

  • Step 1- The pitcher throws a ball which is tried to be hit by the batting team.
  • Step 2- The bat looks dissimilar to the cricket bat we usually associate to. After hitting the ball, the batsman is required to run clockwise in the field.
  • Step 3 – Running doesn’t mean merely running but instead running in 4 bases i.e. first, second, third and fourth base.
  • Step 4- The run is scored when the batsman reaches the home plate by running in all the bases without losing any base.
  • Step 5- The fielding team will try to prevent the batting team by not letting the batting team to reach to the home plate.
  • Step 6- If he is out before reaching the home base i.e. the balling team hit on the home base with the ball before the batting team reaches there, the game is over and the batsman loses.

So as we can see, the game is really very interesting and there is really nothing more to the game than the above rules. Baseball is now one of the most famous and popular games in the world and there is a good reason behind it.

It is extremely easy to understand and play and that is what attracts both children and adults to this game.

However, there is one more thing that we must to look into before setting out for our first baseball match and these would be the hitting techniques, in the section below we will be learning about the hitting mechanics in case of a baseball game.

What are the hitting mechanics in case of a baseball game?


Simple answer for those who wouldn’t be able to understand well the technical language is that- the hitting ,mechanics means the baseball hitting techniques i.e. how to swing the bat according to the swinging technique so that the correct score is made is known as the baseball hitting or swinging techniques.

Here we will know about the biomechanical motion that will induce the player to swing the bat. There are two things that are looked into in case of the biomechanical techniques and that would be the –

  • The batting speed of the batsman
  • The time required for plate coverage.

We saw that the swing would depend on the batting teams’ effort to make the batting speed more as well as the coverage for the home plate.

When the time and the speed are calculated in the required manner than the batting team has the pure percentage of winning the game in their hands! It is a matter of physics.

Physics has explained that the velocity of the b all and the speed of the bad will determine at what speed the ball is going to get hit and whether there will be any chance of reaching the home plate by the estimated time. It is al science which we often neglect while looking at the game.


The benefits attached to the game of baseball


There are many benefits that are seen while laying the baseball. They are quite something which is related to the health benefits which we will be talking about now. They are-

  • While you are running around the field, obviously you will be getting the best cardio exercise you have ever had. This will help you to increase your lung capacity which is really a very good thing for your overall health. Many fitness freaks set out to play professional baseball just to increase their cardio schedule and get that perfect and lean body they always aspired to have.
  • When you have become a baseball player and started playing it one of the other benefits that you can look up to is that there are the most of the chances for you to increase the strength of your hands. Why so? It is because all the pressure that you will be putting into the hitting of the ball will make your hands very strong.
  • The other benefit would be the increase in the strength of the legs. As we have already discussed above, the game involves running through 4 bases, which requires you to have lots of exercises related to legs and so the legs will get stronger to eventually with such running exercises.


  • There is a lot of coordination between the hand and the eye.
  • Your kids should be left to play this wonderful game and get healthier day by day as it has proven to be the best one since long. That is why we see that nowadays most of the parents get their kids into this game.
  • One of the best advantages that most people will love to relate to is that this game burns calories like anything which is really a great thing to start with. Now maybe all the people who are tensed regarding their weight will turn their interest towards this game which will be an amazing thing to do.

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  • Another amazing thing to do is that there will be stress relief for you when you will get involved in it. Playing such games really make you happy and reliefs most of the stress that you might have earlier.
  • This game is an outdoor game and so when o the hectic schedule that they are having there are some of them  play this game you get adequate amount of sunlight for you which will result in the increase in the intake of vitamin D and that will helot e layers to maintain their health well. Therefore this is a very good thing to start with.
  • Another reason that you should be playing baseball is that you will get a sharpened mind. Once you have started calculating all the e q=physics required and really masters it, that will leave you with an unbelievable sharp mind. How good is that?

One game and so much of benefits! Seems like untrue! People today have stopped playing outdoor games like they used to. Due to the heavy workload there has been much deficiency we see in the mindset of people to play outdoor games.

Now that we have discussed about so many of the benefits about the baseball game and about the hitting techniques, it seems like there wouldn’t be any better thing to do rather than playing baseball. This is game worth playing for.

Therefore it should be done in an efficient manner and to the fullest. Other than that there is much other game that you can play too.

Get set go!


Baseball may not be traced back to its invention or to when it has been started to be played by humans but now when we know about it shouldn’t stop here. We should make it more success by letting out child and youth to play it.

This way the game will gain even more popularity and there will be more of the healthy people living on this planet. S gets you gloves on for the pitching game or for the batting game. That is because while you are into the field what you will be seeing is the ball and the bases that you have to cover at a speed in a limited time.

Nothing else matters than this. Life is short so we should be living full of it when e have the enough of it. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any managing left to it. Now we are in a world where everything is mechanical.

Out of them if we get something so natural and beneficial to us, why should we even say no to it? Think of it!

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