Eat, Drink And Shrink Review: The Easiest Diet That Still Works?

Staying in shape is a difficult task, as it requires you to constantly control what you eat, and do a lot of physical work. However, this isn’t a tedious task anymore, as I recently came across this unique book “Eat, Drink And Shrink”. This book promises to help you lose weight without the help of any supplements, or gyming.

The book or more accurately, the recipe book is authored by Danette May. The author has bundled many recipes into one book. This book will help you lose weight, or so it claims. I will be sharing my review on this book to make it easy for you. This is what we’ll look into as we closely analyze the book. 

Facts To Remember

1. Recipe Book

2. Aims to lose weight

3. Lose weight without much physical exercise

The book is in the form of an e-book. Hence, it is shareable if you own a copy. The ease of access of the book is greatly increased as it is available in digital form. Also, you as a reader can find your own comfort zone with your choice and possession of the electronic device. Be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the book is accessible on every platform.

The book has many recipes. The recipes are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As the book is a cook book, it allows you to cook your own food with very peculiar step by step. The book is widely recommended by various doctors and dietitian across the globe.

Though the book is for people of all age groups, teenagers and senior citizens, who wish to lose their unwanted weight, can use the guidance of this book. As the regime given by the book requires no physical work or stress, people of old age can also read this and benefit from what the book offers.

About the Author

The author is a swimsuit model. Now she is a mother of 3 doting kids. With her esteemed experience of over 13 years, she is a highly respected Nutrient Expert. 

Danette May has written the book in such a simple language, that it is very easy for a person who understands basic English to read the book. Also, the book is so well written, that people from various age groups and ethnicities can follow it.

How Does it Work?

  1. The book has over 120 recipes
  2. All basic meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered.
  3. The food will be fibrous and nutritious

Easy To make

As the book has food recipes, the author wants you, as a reader to lose weight by eating. Yes, that’s correct, people can also lose weight by eating. Quite often, people starve themselves for regular hours. However, this is not the case this time. With the help of the book, you can easily lose weight by eating correct food.

Often you would have read, that people work out at the gym. As they do a lot of cardio, they tend to lose weight by sweating. As the excess body fat from their body leaves by the means of sweat, it requires much physical work. Difficulties of working out-

  • Going to the gym
  • Paying a considerable amount to work out
  • The place would be a bit far.

Now you wouldn’t have to solve such problems. With the Eat, Drink And Shrink book, you can lose weight without the need of a gym or other physical work.

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Benefits of The Book

People are usually not able to eat good and nutritious food. People often don’t know that they lose weight by eating nutritious food. This can be done if you analyze what you eat throughout the day. For calculating such complex data, you would require the help of a software. And, you should also know the calorie amount of what you eat.

The book aims to help you lose weight by eating the right food. The recipes in the book are so designed that they help you eat good food, with the help of just 5 minimum ingredients. The book has various guidelines, that you must adhere to. The book will help you cook good food which will be nutritious at the same time.

Now you wouldn’t have to do this. This book is carefully analyzed from all perspectives. The calorie factor of each meal you take is carefully recorded and analyzed. The book allows you to lose weight just by eating.

In today’s world, people are unable to eat quality food. Hence, they eat a lot of junk food and gain weight. But with the help of this book, you can eat the quality book. The recipes contained in this book are simple and easy to make. With the help of a few ingredients, you can eat tasty and healthy food without spending too much money, or by doing too much cooking.

The book resurrects the belief that good abs can be made in the kitchen As you eat healthy food, your stomach finds it easier to digest. As your stomach muscles work their magic, your fatty tummy disappears. Since the fat in your body gets depleted, you will have a toned stomach.

Why Should You Choose This Book?

  1. The book is in the form of a fitness regime.
  2. The book saves you money.
  3. Requires no physical work.
  4. Easy to read.

The book is not very costly and is significantly low as compared to gym memberships. For going to the gym, you would need motivation. But if you follow the fitness regime of the book, you can easily lose weight if you just eat. As you like to eat ( who doesn’t), you can follow the steps given in the book, cook your own meal, and eat healthy food. 

With the help of just 5 ingredients, you can easily eat good food. Such good food will help you lose weight. As the quality of the food you eat will be high, you will lose weight.

For who all is this book best-

  • Should be able to read English
  • Want to lose weight
  • Love eating
  • Love cooking
  • Don’t want to go to the gym

As you can see, the aim of the book is clear, to help you lose weight by eating the healthy book. However, there is something that you must do in return. As you read the book, you will understand in depth how your stomach works, and how easy it is for you to digest food. As the food you will eat is packed with fiber, you will slowly notice how you’ll always feel energized.

Also, you will see how one can lose weight just by eating good quality food. All you would have to do is cook the food. This part is also very easy as the book includes a step by step guide of how to cook. The guide is very easy to follow, and you, as the readers can cook your own food and eat. 

Eat, Drink And Shrink

What This Book Contains

The book is easy to follow. It contains 120+ recipes of how to make food delicious and healthy food. Also, the food will help you lose weight. No one likes to look fat. But people often lack the motivation of going to the gym or the local park to exercise.

Also, the book is important for those who don’t have the time to go to a gym and workout. If you are busy and have less time, you can follow the regime of the book and lose weight. The only drawback of the book is that you should know the basics of cooking.

The book will motivate you into good food. The book will teach you why drinking water is necessary and why you should eat proper food. By following the regime of the book, you will not only eat healthy food but will eat the food on time.

Doing so will give your body much energy and allow you to lose weight. This book is well planned. It gives you maximum satisfaction by helping you cook good food.

Pros of the book

  • Lose Weight
  • Eat healthy food
  • Available in digital format

Cons of the book

  • Cook your own food
  • Organic approach
  • In English

The readers can notice how sharply the benefits of the book outweigh the flaws. The book was carefully written and edited and hence is a favorite among many.

If you buy the book you will also grant you special access to the author’s website. The website is up to date with various new topics. Also, you can further discover new recipes that the author would release on the website.

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