Dumbbell Domination Review: Workouts to Boost Strength & More?

Dumbbell Domination is a 6-week workout program that is comprised of 18 simple but effective workout exercises. Follow this review and see what the program has to offer to people and why it has so many positive reviews.

Train simple

This program is designed to offer high-intensity workouts that will improve body strength, improve conditioning and maximize fat burning. Dumbbell Domination is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight and attain a perfect body physique.

It gives users the flexibility to train on any place, any time with anyone. This is because most exercises do not require any complicated fitness equipment.

Who Can Buy Dumbbell Domination Workout Program

  • Those who want quick body fitness without complicated workouts
  • If you want to do workouts even when on vacation
  • Anyone who wants to do fitness exercises perfectly without hiring a trainer
  • People who want to lose weight in six weeks’ time and they don’t want to hit the gym
  • If you have tight work schedules and you want to do effective workouts perfectly that will yield satisfactory results
  • No one will create a schedule for you, you decide how you want to train and you program yourself

lose excess fats

The Good Thing with Dumbbell Domination

Every workout session is designed to take 25 minutes or less and every exercise offers high intensity on your body. All exercises are well explained and elaborated to ensure users understand perfectly.

Exercises are planned systematically to ensure that you advance from simple to more intense exercises. The program is well-designed to make people exercise at the comfort of their time and place.

Maximum flexibility

Some exercises are designed to offer fitness impact on certain body parts. This means you can, therefore, select the exercises that will bring your desired fitness impact. You can choose to lose Belly fat, neck fat accumulation and other fitness needs you could have.

You Need Dumbbell Domination If…

  • If You are a BEGINNER who wants to lose weight. You need perfect exercises that will make your weight loss journey a success.
  • If you are a Mum who is always at home and you want to maintain perfect body fitness. You can do workouts as your Kids nap in the house.
  • You are a traveler or an entrepreneur who is always on the move. Buy your copy and use it wherever you go as you handle your businesses.

NB: Hotel gyms have their own Dumbbell Domination but it’s good if you carry yours. You will have the autonomy to exercise even in your hotel room.

Train at home

You can choose the kind of intensity you want to get because every workout exercise has a different intensity. Most of these workout exercises have images to illustrate what one needs to do to get maximum effects from the exercises.

The Good Things That Come Along With This Program

  • Improved Metabolic functioning that will break down fats and utilize excess calories
  • Increase Lean muscle growth, you will have increased body stamina
  • Improvement in workout endurance as you advance from one level to another
  • Freedom to choose which part of your body you would like to improve in fitness

You can either start simple or go the hard way depending on what seems okay to you. Each exercise has three intensity levels that you will be following to gradually adapt to hem.

Say No to The Following

  • Weight loss supplements. Dumbbell Domination is enough to make you lose the excess calories you want.
  • Diet planning and self-Starvation. The program is effective enough to make you eliminate all excess weight.
  • Gym fees, no need to enroll in gym and fitness centers where you will be charged every month.
  • You no longer need to leave your home to go and train somewhere else, all you need is a simple space.

You Are Not the First One to Use This Program

Many people have written excellent reviews regarding the effectiveness of this program. People have testified to have lost a lot of excess pounds and restored their normal weight and BMI.

More important is how easy these step by step exercises are. Some even used the program to become trainers and emancipate others from their struggle to lose weight.

weights to exercise

The program is delivered in PDF form and you can use it on any kind of device that has document reader. Exercises come with modifications to make you maximize your fitness outcomes.

If modifications are tough for you, you can skip them and do the normal exercises. Proper utilization of the program means after six weeks, you will have optimum weight, BMI, and perfect body physique.

Requirements That You Need to Execute the Program Well

You need some tools, but not a lot of tools, just some weights and you are ready to start.

  • For beginners, you need 10-15lbs. This weight is appropriate to make you start your course without any inconvenience.
  • For intermediate or advanced trainees, you need 20-30lbs. This will offer you a perfect impact and make you attain excellent fitness results.

You can have one pair that is a bit lighter and one that is a bit heavier but even a single pair is enough. Follow the directions perfectly and ensure that you master every step before advancing to the next.

weights and push ups

One thing you need to understand is that you should never get comfortable when exercising. Always advance to the next level when you realize you have mastered a level.

This way, it helps your body muscles and tissues undergo enough stimulation to burn excess calories and fats. Advance slowly so that after the one month and two weeks, you will have excellent fitness results.

Excellent Videos to Make You Follow

This is why you don’t need a trainer, you will have full HD videos to guide you through. Every video has clear steps that will make you master all levels precisely.

The videos show the positions, how to hold your weights and how to create sufficient impact on your body parts. Every workout will be fun and enjoyable because you will be looking at videos before you exercise.

Play videos as many times as you want because after you buy the program, no one will control you on how to use it.

The Good News

  • Jen Comas is an experienced weight loss trainer who has helped thousands of women to lose weight.
  • You can contact the author for clarification on whatever issue you could be having about the program
  • 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t attain the results you intended to get
  • You don’t need to supplement yourself with meals or pills, just use the program and achieve perfect health.

Looking at the above facts, it is clear that it is worth having this program. Being a PDF version, you can store it on your phone, Tablet or any mobile device.

Have the Autonomy to Balance between Work and Fitness

Tight work schedules will no longer cost you as far as your health is concerned. 25 minutes per day is all you need to do these workouts level after level.

Since they are 18 workouts, six weeks are enough to master all workout exercises. You will attain your fitness results without compromising your work schedule.

all workouts counts

You can decide, 25 minutes before going to work or 25 minutes after you come home from work. If you can do 25 minutes during morning hours and repeat the same in the evening, it would be better.

Benefits of the Program to the Users

You will burn excess fats because the intense workout will require your body to generate excess energy. As you exercise, your muscles will expand leading them to grow with time. Lean muscle growth.

Your body metabolic functioning will be enhanced and you will feel energetic always. The fatigue, feeling of tiredness or sleepiness will be eliminated.

At your own comfort

If you do these exercises in the morning before going to work, you will enhance your mental freshness. This will enhance your productivity at work. Dumbbell Domination will make you the sexy person you always wanted to be.

These workouts will improve your cardiovascular functioning. It will enhance the prevention of conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Daily workouts improve blood circulation to tissues there promoting general body nourishment.

Promote your fitness standards while at the same time improving your job performance. You don’t need to leave your kids and travel miles away to go to the gym. Exercise in the comfort of your home and attain the best results.


Dumbbell Domination is a fitness program that comprises 18 workout exercises. You can do them at your home or any place that you seem comfortable.

You don’t need expensive and complicated fitness equipment to practice these workouts. After six weeks of perfectly following the program, you will lose excess weight, burn excess fats and calories. Ensure to leave a review for others to also know.

intense exercise

Your muscles will grow and you will attain a perfect and sexy body physique. The program is easy to follow and it comes with videos to make you understand what you need to exactly do.

Besides weight loss and extreme body flexibility, you will prevent yourself from hypertension, diabetes, and conditions like atherosclerosis. Say No to a sedentary lifestyle, eat whatever you want and still maintain your body fitness at wonderful levels.

Achieve total dumbbell domination, become stronger than you’ve ever been, and more – click this link to access Dumbbell Domination today!


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