Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Review: Why Does This System Work So Well?

Walking down the corridor with my shoulder hugging my books, I wave at my classmates as they greeted me. I moved along them with such grace and poise and that was what I was known for. 

During late nights, my hand swipes aimlessly with my potato chips in one hand. I talked to my friends once I got home from College through Facebook; it was my way to ease myself after a long day of stressing myself out with my assignments.

Eventually, we touched a topic about our high school years. We felt like we were absolutely immature especially with a touch of Mean Girls vibe. Aside from that, we talked about how different we were from those days. Reminiscing made me feel so sentimental especially when it’s about that period.

Instantly, I checked the other pictures I’ve had with them. That was when I told myself, “Wow! I did look different.” I went to review how much I’ve progressed to being me now. Mentally, of course. Spiritually, Possibly. And? there’s definitely one thing that I was still in denial to admit but unfortunately, physically too.

I stared at my high school self, then at my potato chips, and back at it again. I assessed how long it would take to actually bring back the old me. Gosh, have I forgotten my health because of the temptations of eating or is it because I’m too busy to even realize what was happening?

Suddenly, I remembered all the boys who decided to court me. Some, because of my personality. Most, because of what I look like physically. I was definitely close to the Coca-Cola bottles we see every day.  I didn’t want to buy the fact that I was getting bigger, actually. But then again, I pinched the side of my waist and felt the sagging skin.

ideal body

Insecurities and Challenges

After those golden years of mine, the remarks I’ve heard from people changed from “Damn! You’re very sexy” to “I believe you have to lose some of that.” At first, I didn’t mind because I usually shrugged it off. It only dawned on me when I actually noticed the differences that one night. The mirror was something I tried to avoid. Whenever I come across one, I mutter, “It is true. I am not me before.”

It actually grew worse when strangers started to point this fact out. There were others who were ballsy enough to actually scream at me for being fat which I couldn’t see how much benefit they are gaining for hurting and putting down someone like me.

I pondered on how people who exceeded being in high school could still maintain their physique. At one point, I got envious of those people who could carry the same shape even if they entered the corporate world; the celebrities I looked up made me feel vulnerable due to this.

I started to feel so insecure about my skin, I felt really frustrated. upset, name it all. I realized how the compliments decreased over time and that made me think negatively of myself. It came to a point where I didn’t want to socialize with anyone anymore.

I felt like if someone would ever lay their eyes on me, I was being judged or criticized; I felt like everyone thinks the way I think when I stare at myself in the mirror. Then, there were dreams or goals wherein I would spend millions if I could just to get those liposuction surgeries. Anything to become who I want to be again; become that woman who was adored by people because of her body.

Because of how destructive I’ve become, I knew I had to change something inside and out. Change starts with me, and so I decided to search for ways to do so.


Motivations and Temptations

Starting over was difficult to do especially when you’ve gone accustomed to a certain habit. It was one thing to actually start doing what I did when I was in high school but then I did not know what changed in my routine; maybe one thing is when I became much busier than I used to.

I decided to search online for the things that other people do. I watched Youtube videos about weight loss and exercises (shamefully, while I eat junk foods). There were times where I was actually demotivated to start the workouts, other times, I do it but give up right away. Pretty seldom were the days that I would actually go to the gym; I usually go when I’m bored.

It was pretty funny how I was able to snap this kind of attitude off. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night feeling so lonely and I started to cry and break down. So, I told myself, “If it is affecting you this much, then you better start walking the talk. Change begins within me.”  It was the fact that I felt like no one would choose me over someone and my insecurities were the ones that pushed me to actually work hard.

The next day, I decided to spend hours watching videos on how to lose weight, keep the motivation going, and how to admire myself. I wanted to be positive about everything and strip myself from all the negativity about my physical appearance. When an exercise didn’t work for me, I transferred to the next kind of weight loss article I could find.

happy fit

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Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s Double Edged Fat Loss 20

That was when I was able to come across an article that definitely struck me and my problems. And I knew he gets me. This is it! It speaks to me.

It was funny because I had enough fuel to get to this article. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months of me looking for reviews about books that could help me with losing weight. This program was exactly the thing that went through my mind since that fateful day.


Not only did it great me with the muscle  and metabolism declining as we age, but it also was able to give me three steps that will re-calibrate your body to look and feel like a teenager again:

  • Exercise less

When I first read the heading for this, I asked myself if I went into a troll site. As I read further, I understood what Dr. Kareem Samhour meant by that. Losing weight isn’t all about doing all bunch of these exercises and expect an outcome like everybody else. First, you’ve got to re-calibrate yourself that would trigger your metabolism to work better.

Metabolism is the one responsible for turning the food you consume into energy.

  • Escape the myths of “low calorie” and “low fat”

This is the step where I feel the most guilt. Whenever I feel hungry and go inside a convenience store, I usually grab those that contain fewer calories.  There was also a tip given by Dr.  Samhour that the fresher foods are better to get than the processed ones. I do agree with that although as a College student I have to stir my schedule or routine up for this; since I have as much motivation, then that I will do.

  • Train your mind

Easy as it sounds but it takes a lot of hard work to actually do so. When exercising, you need to focus on the muscles you want to target. Of course, workouts aren’t something where you’d see results instantly without feeling a  little bit of pain. No pain, no gain, remember?

website 2


The Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 helped me get through my anxieties and insecurities. It definitely was a program that is presented in a very modern way to fat loss. It is definitely a comprehensive program that would help you build that ideal body for you.

fitness first

As for me, the site already enticed me into buying the product. But I assure you, the good stuff that it presents to you does not end there. In fact, they carried it through the whole course. Here’s a thing too: once you get that body that you’ve been yearning for months or years, Dr. Samhouri’s Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 has other workouts included in them. It also has workouts that target glutes which enhance the butt (a hit for me! I was already planning to focus on that once I’m done with the body shape. It turns out, I don’t have to pay more to buy other products.)

The reviews I’ve seen online say it all. I love it when one walks the talk. This one does just that. A month of doing the things presented in the modules? Go ahead and see the results yourself. You’ll be surprised how much wider the horizons are for you, after all.

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Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Review: Why Does This System Work So Well?
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