Diet Free Weekends Review: A Diet Where You Can Binge For 3 Days?

Have you ever heard of any diet that allows you to eat just anything you feel like eating on the weakened and still guarantees weight loss? Well, I am not kidding.

I have found a person who claims the above-mentioned activity. The question arises in mind if it can actually happen or not and Diet Free Weekends has the answer to this.

It’s one of the latest diet program developed and designed by Mike Whitfield. The author has committed that following this plan; people will lose around 3 pounds of weight in a week.

At the same time, people will be enjoying most loved food three days a week i.e. weekend (from Friday to Sunday). I am sure you must be thinking that I am crazy but I am not.

We all have heard of a cheat day and its significance is open to us as well but you might have never heard of 3 cheat days in a week.

Diet Plan

Let us talk about this diet plan in detail in this review to know if it can deliver what it promises to and if it is good to be true in any manner or not. My purpose is not at all to convince you to use this diet plan or to prove that it is the best diet plan because just no plan can claim that.

The goal of this review is to provide you with detailed information about the diet plan so that you may decide if this is the right diet plan for you or not.

What is Diet Free Weekends plan all about?

We all are well aware of what is called interval training. This diet plan makes use of the interval training out from your gym right there into your kitchen. Mike Whitfield (the founder of the plan) calls it diet intervals.

You will be eating following a certain manner from Monday to Thursday and over the weekend i.e. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you will all free to eat whatever you would like to. Do not infer that you will be getting to be binged but you will be eating whatever you will want and whenever you will be hungry.

diet free weekends is the best plan available online

Design of plan:

This diet plan is also termed as the escape from the prison of diet. This plan has been designed with the focus of enabling people to take control of their lives. Just like usual families, weekdays are always busy with monotonous routine. With such routines, our eating habits become unhealthy too.

What happens is that busy routines keep us on the same track and we hardly get time to try something new or bring change to our day to day routines. Similar is what happens with our eating habits. But when it is weekend, the story is altogether different as we spend time with our loved ones and deviate from weekday’s routine.

Enjoy Food while losing fat:

In short, we all enjoy our favorite foods with our family members and friends every weekend. This is something that Diet Free Weekends does not take away from us. We can enjoy all kinds of food items with our loved ones during the weekend and yet we will be losing calories at our best.

Offers sustainability:

One of the most attractive things about this product is that it brings sustainability to it. You will become habitual of following such a diet plan and you will not feel like letting it go once you lose your weight.

The product has been designed in a way where you do not feel deprived of the food and will be waiting for the weekend to eat whatever you would want to. In this way you will be fully satisfied, enriched with energy, happy and with no guilt. It is like just eating in a carefree manner and no more calorie counting.

Reviews of people:

So far the reviews about this diet plan have been positive. They are consistent for the clients as well as authors. Most of the reviews have quoted that following this plan, during the first week they lost 5 pounds followed by 3 pounds every week afterward.

love your food with diet free weekends

Healthy weight loss:

If you want to lose weight or if you are already putting in efforts to shed off some pounds then you must be well aware of the fact that losing 2 to 3 pounds a week is sustainable and healthy. Therefore this diet plan is appropriate from the health’s point of view.

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How Diet Free Weekends works:

This diet plan actually works on your fat burning hormones. Under this diet plan, you change the working of your hormones. This facilitates you to increase the metabolism rate of your body, energy and last but not the least loss of fat. There is nothing like counting the calories. All you need to do is to buy the manual and follow it religiously.

Parts of Diet Free Weekends:

There are three parts of the plan:

1. Manual of nutrition: With this manual, you will be learning about your day to the day nutrition plan. It will facilitate you in eating your favorite foods. But don’t forget you will still be losing weight. Basically, you will learn which foods you should eat during the weekdays. This practice will enable your body to have enough calories during the weekend.

2. Quick start guide: This part is specifically meant for those who are willing to get started with the diet plan there and then. This part of the manual will educate you with the information to start this diet plan right away.

This part constitutes a chart telling you what you need to eat every day. Take a print out and place it somewhere so that you are reminded of the last three days of a weekend when you are allowed to eat just everything.

3. Success and tracking journal: While going along you need to keep proper track. When the results will be visible to you, motivation will be there. It would push you to work harder with the diet plan. Eventually, this will be a way of your life and you will not be in need to keep the track anymore.

There are a couple of bonuses which include:

  • Guide to detoxification in 4 days
  • Guide to facilitate you in making your cheat day’s food to be a source of rapid weight loss

How is it amazing?

diet free weekend is amazing

You need not to blindly follow this diet plan. In this review, let me tell you a number of reasons why I think this diet plan is different from other diet plans.  And why one should buy the manual of this diet plan.

1. Not another diet program: It is basically a “diet free” program. It does not push you to follow a diet plan. But it makes you consistent in being careful towards the food all week and then carefree food intake during the weekend.

2. Tried and tested diet plan: The creator of this plan has tried the plan himself and hence it is tried and tested to be effective.

3. It’s medically safe and full of nutrition: This diet plan is health conscious and hence it does not replace the advice of the doctors or nutritionists as it has been tested so you can follow it with confidence.

4. The focus is on a weekly decrease of calories: Usually, the diet plans focus on daily calorie reduction while this plan focuses on a weekly basis. The idea behind is that there are different ways of accessing the destination. With specific techniques and tips, you lose weight gradually and consistently.

5. Fits with ones usually exercise routine: There are times when diet plans affect our regular exercise but with diet weekends routine exercise remains the same. You will be able to get updates about the food that you will be consuming on the basis of how much exercise you take.

6. Supporting material and updates related to the program

 As soon as you will enroll in this diet plan, you will be greeted by an email. Moreover, there are updates related to the program that is completely free of cost.

There will be a Quick Start Guide to provide you with a diet chart. This will be guiding you about what to eat on a daily basis. You will have access to the 4-day detox technique as well as food chart for the cheat days.

7. Meal advice: When you adopt this diet plan, you will find tons of advice related to the meals. This will be guiding you in detail that which food items you should be eating and which ones should be avoided. Why you should be avoiding certain food items and much more towards achieving the desired fat loss.

then this relationship rather than being with you. It is actually you and your lifestyle full of fitness and health.


  • There is no requirement of extreme dieting
  • It is really simple to follow
  • You will be losing 2 to 3 pounds of weight every week
  • You can eat whatever you want to over the weekends
  • Carbs are part of food during the weekend
  • It equally works for men as well as women up to the age of 79 years
  • It is kind of instant access to diet


  • It is not suitable for bodybuilders as they have to stick to a certain diet
  • You will have to religiously follow the diet plan from Monday to Thursday so that you may enjoy on weakened
  • You cannot overeat on the weekends.


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