How To Develop Tactical Combat Skills & Fitness Starting Today!

In current times, many people are so focused on gaining muscles. Many of them spend hours and hours lifting weights in the gym and chugging down protein drinks. It has become a part of their lifestyle, and their muscles are their trophies that they proudly show around.

For men, people consider it as a sign of masculinity. Men with thin body frames usually have low self-esteem and confidence. Some of them envy men who spend hours building their body. It is because muscles are indeed attractive to the ladies.

Meanwhile, many women these days are also building muscles. Most focus on thickening their butts by doing squats daily. It has been the trend since a few years ago, and there are as many women as there are men in the gym these days.

Are muscles everything?

Truth be told, muscles aren’t everything. Well-built people with nice and toned muscles do feel confident about themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, in practical daily life, being able to lift a dumbbell will not help you sort anything out.

In real life, no one judges you by how many squats you do daily or how many kilograms you can lift. The most effective way you can channel your unused strength is to practice tactical fitness and tactical combat skills.

How To Develop Tactical Combat Skills & Fitness Starting Today!

Tactical Fitness and Combat Skills

Learning about tactical fitness and combat skills is easy. It might sound difficult to some people who are closed-minded about the practicality of the skill, but if you completely understand how practical and useful it is, then good for you!

When I was younger, almost all of my classmates and the kid neighbors had weekend activities. Some of them practiced martial arts, and seeing them in their cool uniforms was envious. Of course, as a kid, I only looked at it as cool. I didn’t understand yet how important it is (knowing combat skills) in our day to day life.

As I grew older, I have witnessed family and friends encountering assaults such as robbery or rape. When you are held at gunpoint or knifepoint and you don’t know how to protect yourself, you are doomed to freeze and let yourself be harmed.

At these kinds of situations, being only strong will not necessarily help you if you don’t know the techniques and secrets to combat. Throwing out weak punches or high kicks are nothing if you don’t know where to throw them. Moreso, a street fighter has less advantage when in combat with a professional combat fighter.

How To Develop Tactical Combat Skills & Fitness Starting Today!

Where to start?

This is where programs like TACFIT26, FSK12, Tactical Commando, and others come into play.

We have curated the following programs to guide you in learning how to better protect yourself, so check them out below.

1. TACFIT26 

The TACFIT26 is a flagship program that will teach you unique techniques and methods in 26 workout courses. Tactical training is known to be one of the hardest combat training, but this guide will help you with every step of the way.

You can work out using this guide in minimal space like your bedroom, living room, etc. There are also work our guides that require gym equipment, but worry not! This guide comes in an eBook file, so you can just download it on your phones and take the guide with you anywhere you want to work out!

2. FSK12 Fat Shredder Kickboxing 

Oh man. This guide is the best out there. Can you imagine training for only 10 short seconds daily and see the results in a couple of weeks? You can only imagine.

But there is no need to imagine now. The FSK12 Fat Shredder Kickboxing guide is the answer to your prayers. Learn how to practice kickboxing and be fit with dedicating just 10 seconds a day. You will find methods and techniques compiled by Michael Zhang, who created the guide and have tried the secrets himself.

How To Develop Tactical Combat Skills & Fitness Starting Today!

3. TACFIT Commando 

Unlike the rest of the combat guides out there, the TACFIT Commando guide is created by an actual trainer for the SEALs!

Can you imagine learning tactics and methods straight from an actual SEALs trainer and learning the secrets first-hand? You can only experience that with this guide right here! And again, you can do the work out routines in this guide in the confines of your own home, so you won’t have to travel! You will just need your body weight.

4. TACFIT Warrior 

Following the TACFIT Warrior guide is very rewarding. Among the guides we have listed here, this is the only guide that will focus on other aspects of your health including your mental and emotional health. But don’t get me wrong! This guide still contains sick and hardcore work out routines to wake up the warrior in you.

The TACFIT Warrior guide will help you climb up the ladder of the five different levels of skills, which you will learn inside when you have purchased it. No more wondering if you are doing a good job, let the guide tell you so!

And those are the guides that we think can help you with your goal to become a protector of your own self! Make sure to leave us a comment below if you think this post has been helpful.

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