Deep Zen Review: How To Achieve Deep Zen With Special Sounds

When I started as a Zen meditation teacher, I had to go through lots of hardship to get to a level where I could guide people.

Yes, hardship. Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to get to such a level in meditation. It can take years for many, and I was starting to notice frustration in my students.Find your inner self with these amazing sound waves

Now, meditation teaches us, regardless of its background, to let things happen and be. However, our ego-oriented minds tend to get more stimulants from frustration and I didn’t want that in my dojo.

When I started using Deep Zen with my students, the results we got after 1 month were crazy amazing. To such an extent that I had to remove it from all the class and only “prescribe” to a few students in private. Yes, people were getting a little too dependent, but I loved it.

What motivated me to write this review

Meditation has healed my life and those of many others. I believe that spirituality is a universal message and goal. So, whenever I see something that can aid in the meditation process I recommend it immediately. That is the case with Deep Zen.

Sound, rhythm, but mainly silence, are a vital part of meditation regarding the practice. For some, this is the introductory channel, for many, this is a realization to have further on.

Your energy aligns with your inner self, especially through sound, and the layers of illusion start shaking. One by one.

This is why I am sharing this, hoping it can help you too.

Deep Zen

Results to notice

Everything depends on your level of insight and how advanced you are. However, some things you will find are:

  • The longer stillness of the mind
  • Realizations that go deeper
  • Clearer realizations
  • More awareness
  • Being more present

The state of awareness becomes more prevalent, little by little. Going deeper in your inner being become less tricky since these sounds highly decrease the attention to your thoughts.

Finding a way

When I was getting prepared to become a teacher, I thought that, because of my long experience, I would be able to get it in less than a year.

As I progressed, my Zen master decided I needed more training and I went through it.

  • Sessions
  • Retreats of the silence of one weekend to even a month long
  • A lot of studies
  • Touching a core part of myself

I am not enlightened, nor do I pretend to be, I am on the same journey as you are and that is why I know this works.

As a guide, it only means that I have walked further in the right direction, it doesn’t mean I have arrived at the destination yet.

Deep Zen

Looking for aid

Zen meditation, or Zazen, is actually very simple in technique.

  • Sit
  • Align
  • Breath deep
  • Focus your external and internal sight
  • Go deep within

Zazen is so simple, and it is supposed to be that way. However, this way may not be the way for everyone. In the past, when I didn’t know Deep Zen, I would redirect these students to other practices.

However, I started to notice that some people were a little lost or afraid to look for someone they could trust, so I would accept them. Which was quite irresponsible from my side.

I needed something that could help them. My goal was to help them get through their fear of looking for a new practice that would match their heart.

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Deep Zen

Introducing foreign ways

Zen is simple, period. You are supposed to go within as “bare” as possible. But, I am friends with other spiritual guides that use other elements like:

  • Dance
  • Chanting
  • Music
  • Drawing
  • Laughter

This inspired me, and I decided to try and add elements for those students that were struggling the most.

The methods

Starting with dance is not the best idea. Some people are still very self-conscious and that just pulled them further back. The same thing happened with chanting.

When we got to music and sound, I started to notice it was welcomed by everyone and had amazing results in most.

Just think about this: Do you know anyone who doesn’t like music? Me neither!

Even the most bitter person likes bitter music, but music is there always. It is a prevalent element throughout history, human beings and music are basically the same.

With this in mind, I went out to seek more information.

Deep Zen

I came to meet Deep Zen in a teachers’ class I was taking. We did our regular silent meditation (except for the bowls, of course). After we were done, he asked us to change our positions, and interiorize to some music.

This was all instrumental, soothing, relaxing music. As I went deeper into the silence within the music, I found a hidden rhythm.

It pulsated pleasantly and calmed my mind allowing me to get deeper into the presence of my body. After what seemed one hour, the music stopped, we stepped back into the external world and talked about it.

When I brought up the vibration within the silence point, many of my colleagues confirmed having a similar experience. That is when they told us about the binaural beats and their effects.

Deep Zen

How does it work

Our mind doesn’t like complicated or unknown things (except for child-like minds). So, when you hear binaural beats by themselves, it tends to draw back and start the thinking process.

Now, Deep Zen also has this option, but their main point is introducing these frequency waves to the brain in a “friendly” manner.

So, after some hours, your mind accepts the music and the binaural beats play in the background. They are doing their job.

Their meditation plan is amazing, by the way, and it is free! You should definitely take that bargain.

The first signs

I asked my students one day about the signs they found to know if it was working or not, here are the most common answers:

  • Being able to focus more
  • If the mind drifts, it drifts to the music, not to negative places
  • Less tension while sitting
  • More access to the silence (that’s right)
  • The feeling of release after realizations lasts longer

Some other students reported deeper insight, touching places with their consciousness that they didn’t know, among other signs.

Deep Zen - The first sign

You talk about silence and music together?

If you are a beginner in meditation, then this can sound confusing, but let me explain. As one meditates deeper, one becomes aware of the place where things exist:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Sound

And how peaceful and quiet is that place! Binaural beats get your mind in a certain frequency that, after some time, places your thoughts in the background to bring your attention inside.

As beginners and intermediates, our minds still easily drift, especially with beginners. Then, the reproach of not “doing it well”, whatever that means, starts. All this interferes, of course.

Now, with time and practice, anyone gets over this. However, with binaural beats, one can assist in calming the mind and increasing awareness. That takes different people through different roads.

How is this different?

There are millions of options out there, even for free on YouTube, yes. However, as I have tried them with myself, and my students, they haven’t had the same effect.

Deep Zen brings in a progression. You can listen to any track anytime, of course, but they are designed with a purpose.

  • Calm the mind
  • Open your insight
  • Generating acceptance of the present
  • Taking you into your body

The first one being the most important. If your mind still runs you more than 70% of your time, then you start from the beginning.

However, they all are great for the practitioner of meditation, but the benefits reaped will be more if the order is followed.

Step by step

This order builds pillars of meditation:

  • Constant awareness of thought
  • No-identification with thought
  • Going deeper in presence
  • Allowing yourself to feel
  • Digesting insights

In this order, as well. So then, meditation becomes more productive.

Deep Zen - Step by Step

Word of caution

If you are doing this by yourself, by all means, follow their instructions and program. People believe that spiritual development is this amazing, always joyful, thing.

If you are like me, you would know that when those childhood memories pop out, the process to follow can take months, or years.

  • Realizing
  • Analyzing (with the heart)
  • Starting to let go (can take time)
  • Forgiving
  • Moving on

So, while these audios will assist in the process, if you eat a bigger chunk that you should, you could choke. Be patient with yourself, give yourself time. Allow the process to flow. Let go of your desire for illumination and embrace the assisted process of, first, realization.

Final thoughts

We should always be proud of our spiritual journey, and embrace what it is. Every one of us has a different story, a different path. While Zen is not the only way, Deeper Zen can work in many ways, especially those we practice in the west.

We need to come to terms with the fact that we were not raised in spiritually aware societies. Therefore, we have years and years of mental programming that will haunt us for a while. There is nothing wrong with working with known elements, like music.

Let go of bad thoughts or reproaches, that’s your ego wanting you to “do things right”. Who decides which way is good for you? Only you!

You have the opportunity now to take that power and improve your journey. Don’t let it go!

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