CytoDefend Immune System Support Review – Does It Work or Not?

Do your family members get sick very often? But, you find your neighbors maintaining their health throughout the year. What is the difference? Why do you and your loved ones become ill very often? The major difference is in the immune system. Stronger immunity enables some people to fight against diseases. Thus, you may have already started thinking of ways to make your immunity better and stronger.

There are certain factors that may be the cause of disease and weak immunity. They include Genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, and environments. You need to maintain the function of the immune system. This will help you to keep away from health disorders is to. There are several nutrients to boost your immune health. But, one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal is to have a supplement, like CytoDefend.

Let us talk about this immune-supporting product to make you in making the right decision about the buy.

What is CytoDefend?

Cyto Defend Prime your Immune System

The nutritional supplement, CytoDefend has an immune-boosting potential. It is available in liquid form. CytoDefend immune support solution shows you results within the shortest time. Besides, the product has come up with herbal ingredients, zinc, and Echinacea. So, the formula can support your immune system in a risk-free way. These ingredients are 100% safe and natural and are available in high concentrations.

Thus, CytoDefend works as a natural immune booster that contains several effective ingredients. Besides, the super-concentrated liquid is easy to consume. You can protect your body from different diseases and stay fit throughout the year.

About the brand

True Cellular Formulas is one of the brands from a Pennsylvania-based company. The name of the company is Revelation Health. Moreover, Revelation Health produces different supplements, vitamins, and other health foods. Another brand under the umbrella of Revelation Health is Systemic Formulas.

According to the claims of Revelation Health, CytoDefend is a physician-recommended product. How many clinicians has the manufacturer employed to manufacture and launch the supplement? It is not clear yet. Also, we are not aware of the medical skill and know-how used to manufacture CytoDefend. The company has not mentioned anything about them.

The US-based company, True Cellular Formulas has released several products. These products promote better health and better immune system function.

True Cellular Formulas CytoDefend Review- How does the immune system supplement work?

The major reason for which your immune system does not protect your health is that it has some holes. CytoDefend works to fill the holes and make the defense mechanism stronger. Bad lifestyle, genetic factors, and several other things contribute to these holes.

As one of the best immune-boosting supplements, CytoDefend has a vegan formula. In fact, the unique formula applied for the product works for your immunity. The supplement starts its work within 10 seconds of your consumption. True Cellular Formulas has claimed that.

True Cellular Formulas has mentioned the scientific study of the Nobel Prize winner. His name is Peter Doherty. It is to prove the effectiveness of CytoDefend. But, Dr. Doherty, who worked on pathogens, tested the ingredients used in CytoDefend. His research was on the immune system to find something new about immunity.

To have better immunity, CytoDefend has combined many ingredients. The natural formula contains vitamins and herbs. They will show you the desired result for your health.

The organic formula repairs and rejuvenates your damaged cells. Also, it helps to alleviate your flu symptoms. The product enables your cells to prevent foreign invasion. It is now clear how the immune booster works for your body.

Ingredients of CytoDefend- Immune support CytoDefend review

Cyto Defend All in One

CytoDefend consists of herbs and safe ingredients that ensure lots of health benefits. Let us check out what herbs the manufacturer has used for the formula.


The flowering plant, Echinacea belongs to the daisy family. Also, it has the potential to support the immunity of your body. But, the herb extracts have several other benefits. Increasing your immune system cells, it can prevent infections and viruses. You can reduce the risk of inflammation with Echinacea.

According to the scientific study, the Echinacea extracts will reduce the chance of upper respiratory infections. Moreover, the research-based study also reveals that you can reduce the potential of catching a cold due to Echinacea. As the immune-boosting supplement has Echinacea, you will have these benefits.

Bupleurum root

It does not have many usages in western immune support treatments. But, the Bupleurum root has gained attention in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese researchers, this ingredient increases the energy flow. Also, it ensures immune-stimulating potentials. Available in different species, Bupleurum can treat cold, flu symptoms, and other disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also states that the Bupleurum root induces autophagy. It is the self-cleaning mechanism of our body for damaged cells. True Cellular Formulas has added Bupleurum to the immune-boosting supplement, CytoDefend.

Licorice root

Licorice root extracts play an important role in immunity, digestion, and energy balance. It has antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, licorice root fights against inflammatory cytokines. They are a type of chemical to promotes inflammation. This herbal component ensures wellness protection. It also provides you with a better experience due to your regular use.

Elderberry fruit

Elderberry is effective as a nutrient defense ingredient of the supplement. The dark, purple berry comes from the Elder Tree. It strengthens the immune system’s capability of killing viruses. Your immunity will get revived.

Filled with antioxidants, Elderberry prevents damages from free radicals. Viral proteins cannot enter your host cells due to this herbal ingredient. Moreover, researchers have found that Elderberry can reduce the intensity of cold symptoms.

Gingko Biloba

To keep up your cognitive health, manufacturers have added this ingredient to the supplement, CytoDefend. Gingko is one of the plant extracts. It contains a high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids. Also, it can reduce the risk of free radicals. It can also control the function of the immune response mediators.

Ginkgo compounds will raise the number of immune cells. Although Gingko is present mostly in weight loss supplements, it has the power to boost immunity.

Astragalus root

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient has added value to the product. Astragalus root helps in preventing airway inflammation by activating your immune cells. Moreover, researchers have noticed the potential of the astragalus root to stimulate the liver, spleen, lungs, and circulatory system. The root also alters the functionality of cell migration with HPA in macrophages.

Although these herbs are the major ingredients of the immunity support supplement, there are vitamins and minerals. From the official site of Revelation Health, we have learned that CytoDefend contains zinc and vitamin C.


Zinc is one of the best micronutrients with potential antioxidants promoting the function of white blood cells. It promotes enzymatic reactions and reduces inflammation. Moreover, zinc can boost immunity and provide holistic healthcare solutions.

The deficiency of zinc can cause adverse effects on your body. As the product contains zinc, it will help in protein synthesis, heal your wounds, and reduce infection risks.

The optimal level of zinc makes your immune system stronger. Thus, you can support your immune system by taking CytoDefend with the right dosage.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another ingredient to support the immunity of your body. Ascorbic Acid in this vitamin C has the potentials to boost immunity.

Moreover, Ascorbic Acid is important for repairing tissues and developing enzymes. Also known as vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid eliminates free radicals. It also helps to protect your body against oxidative stress.

The scientific study made by researchers has proved that vitamin C can prevent you from becoming sick. For these reasons, CytoDefend manufacturers have incorporated vitamin C to the ingredients.

Benefits you get from CytoDefend- The immune-supporting supplement

Cyto Defend Click to know the benefits

Due to the concentrated proprietary plant extracts, the supplement benefits you in different ways.

  • Fortify your immunity and prevent diseases.
  • Energize your body and reduce your stress.
  • Keep you vibrant and strong throughout the day.
  • Ensure better mental performance. It is due to vitamin C elderberry fruit, zinc sulfate, and other ingredients.
  • Keep your family members safe by fighting against symptoms.

Does CytoDefend provide long-term results?

CytoDefend manufacturers have chosen the best ingredients to give you a lasting result. The regular consumption of the product will let you find a positive immune response within 2 to 3 months. Moreover, the benefit you have gained from the immune-boosting product will last for about 1 to 2 years.

Besides, you can continue consuming the supplement for an unlimited period. During the pandemic, you can save yourself from health disorders. You may buy the package from Revelation Health and start obtaining values from it.

What is the right dosage of CytoDefend consumers?

To keep your family members safe from diseases and make their immune response stronger, you have to know the right dosage. CytoDefend immune support supplement is available in a liquid version. So, you may use a dropper to maintain a proper dosage.

Pour the liquid in 1 to 2 droppers and blend it with water (2 to 4 Oz). You can take the supplement up to 2 times every day. Some people drink it with water, juice, beverage, and shakes.

By maintaining the appropriate dosage, you can derive the utmost benefits from every ingredient in CytoDefend. You can make your immune system stronger.

Cost of CytoDefend

Cyto Defend Money Back Guarantee

Go through the reviews of different customers. Then, decide on buying the product. It is better to look for a flash sale of Revelation Health. Some customers have grabbed the offer to avail of a free bottle of CytoDefend.

You can place an order for CytoDefend from Revelation Health. With every bottle, you will also receive an immune-boosting smoothie eBook.

The product is available with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will get back the money when you have not found the result within 60 days.

The valuable content of the bottle is available at the most affordable rate.  You will also get a gift card as a part of the promotion. Buy a bottle of CytoDefend and grab the gift card.

Why Use CytoDefend Supplement?

Our immune system helps our body fight off several bacteria and attacks which in turn prevents us from diseases and illnesses. The immune system detects a variety of pathogens such as viruses, parasitic worms, and even cancer cells. Hence, the dysfunction of an immune system can cause autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, and cancer.

A functional immune system makes you less prone to viruses and diseases. This is why incorporating healthy foods and immunity booster supplements like CytoDefend into your diet is significant to your overall health.

How does it help?

CytoDefend is a liquid supplement that has herbal ingredients like Zinc and Echinacea. These ingredients are 100% natural and are shown to have effective results in the form of a boosted immune system. By consuming this highly concentrated liquid, you can fight off various diseases throughout the year.

Does it have any side effects?

The right dosage of this immune system support supplement includes diluting 1 or 2 drops in 2 or 4 oz of water. The website recommends taking the supplement twice a day. If you exceed that, it is a good idea to consult with your physician beforehand. However, the supplement has not shown any dangerous side effects so far.

Is it sustainable? 

Apart from Zinc, Echinacea, and other herbs, CytoDefend Immune Support also includes Vitamin C, Elderberry fruit, Astragalus root, Gingko Biloba, Bupleurum root, and Licorice root in its list of effective ingredients. So its quite sustainable and can be taken for improved health for a long time.

Licorice root shows potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects whereas Vitamin C is used in the repair of tissues and enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. Similarly, the remaining ingredients of CytoDefend also have effective immune-boosting properties such as:

  • Fortifies your immunity
  • Energize the body and reduce stress
  • Keeps you safe by fighting against various diseases and illnesses
  • Keeps you healthy and strong throughout the day
  • The elderberry fruit and zinc sulfate ensure better mental performance


CytoDefend is a reliable immunity strengthening supplement. Also, it helps to combat different symptoms. We have come to this conclusion after analyzing positive and negative customer reviews. Besides, it comprises Elderberry, Chai Hu, vitamin C, zinc, and other components. So, the formula can be a magical solution. You can keep away from pathogens, infections, and colds. You may buy more than one bottle to continue the consumption of an immunity booster.

The formula has worked best for most of the consumers. Still, you can try to get the free bottle for a trial. When you have noticed any positive sign, you can pay for other packages to support immunity.

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