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Hi, I am glad you are considering getting CT-50 to improve your health. I was moved to write this review because of my good experience with the product. I could say my life was saved because of the information in this eBook, and I couldn’t be more grateful with the results and my health now.

It has been a long journey full of ups and downs. CT-50 was not the end of my being healthy journey, but it was an amazing start, I was set in the right path, and I hope this review helps you take the right decision.

My story with weight


Unlike many others, I have always been skinny or average. Growing up, people would think I didn’t eat healthy enough and will always remind me of how skinny I was (not in the good way).

When I was in university I decided to change my skinny body into something bigger. So, I went to a normal nutritionist, and follow common advice of trainers. I mean, they did study and knew better than me. It wouldn’t have to hurt following the advice of experts.

I was given a hyper-caloric diet and a heavy anaerobic exercise. “This will give you volume and develop muscle” they said. I followed every advice, every routine and diet, for around 9 months, and I was seeing great results.

I was getting bigger, stronger, and developing muscle.

Unsustainable growth

fast food and unhealthy eating concept - close up of fast food s

As I went ahead with university, lectures got tougher, teachers more demanding, extracurricular activities required more of me, work had become more relevant, and I had a diet to follow and exercise to do. I was severely overwhelmed.

When the time came to take a decision to cut stuff from my life, I decided that luxury had to be cut out first, and so I removed the nutritionist and gym. My university forced us to join a sports club, so I decided that would be my exercises.

To my surprise, my nutritionist, in a smart way to make clients highly dependable of her; didn’t give me more information beyond her diet. My new eating habits had settled in, and my body was crazy about calories.

This lead to:

  • Huge sugar/carbs craving
  • Food anxiety
  • Spending money in unnecessary food
  • Dependence on simple carbs
  • Eating a lot

Since my level of exercise was not the same, my eating habits had changed for worse, and most importantly: My metabolism had slowed down. I started gaining weight.

From skinny to fat in months

Fat man holding a measurement tape

My body became addicted to unhealthy food in massive amounts and, because I was not informed and busy, I really didn’t notice what was happening, just went on with it.

As my family saw me gaining weight, they started breathing more easily, believing that their once skinny boy was now going to be a big, healthy, one. They were so wrong.

The exercise I was doing, Basketball, was good enough at the beginning. However, our bodies will always adapt to our daily needs and maximize whatever we ingest. So, basketball became my body’s default, and it adjusted to it, efficiently burning only the energy that I needed and storing the rest… AS FAT

Many times, I tried to control my cravings and eating habits, but I would get so angry or moody at everything if I didn’t eat that piece of bread, or that chocolate bar. My body was used to all the past habits, and because I was still exercising, it didn’t ask me for more activities, but I was getting fatter and fatter, I couldn’t believe it.

Guilt trips


This started getting to my self-esteem, I would feel so bad with myself. Would foster thoughts like:

  • Why do you eat so much?
  • Weak! You can’t control your food
  • Loser
  • Lazy

I started guilt tripping myself, and that was becoming an unbearable situation.

Feeling like a loser for something that you need to do, or die if you don’t, is not well for the soul. Every time I ate I would punish myself and start being mean.

This got reflected in my performance on everything, even basketball, and I decided to quit.

Of course, this didn’t help much, and everything became a downward spiral from there.

Determined to lose weight

I was tired, desperate, sad, I need to change this, so I went and read all these nutrition books they sell in bookstores for 10 dollars on the shelves that you can immediately reach.

They all advised to eat more vegetables, and just less of everything. So, I did, but it amounted nothing.

I was so desperate I started to eat less and less, but the cravings became bigger and bigger. My head would hurt if I didn’t eat sugar for a day. It was crazy. All of this, of course, while trying to be a good student, deliver great results in my job, trying to be a good friend, etc.

I felt as if life was slipping away from me, it was so discouraging. Maybe for you this sounds quite dramatic, and it is, but at the time, it was such a sad place, and I couldn’t believe I had lost control.

The last time I tried to fix my problem following my anxious mindset, I went to gym again. I was over-exercising. After almost a year, I tore a muscle on my stomach, and I had to stop exercising for almost another year.

Enough is enough


With my abdomen hurt, not being able to exercise, my eating habits not improving much, I was ready to give up.

As part of my efforts to become healthier (I didn’t want a model’s body, just a normal one), I joined many communities online, and girl mentioned CT-50.

In the beginning, I thought: “Well, it is a girl, it wouldn’t work fort me”, but still decided to visit the website, see what it was all about.

I was shocked to learn that Tyler had a near death experience. I didn’t want to be in that place, I didn’t want to have to choose between my healthy habits and my life, that was not the lifestyle for me. So, I went on researching CT-50 more.

Get all the information you’ll ever need to deal with your weight problems, including issues most courses don’t discuss like mental or eating disorders, by joining CT-50 today!

Getting to know CT-50

As I was doing deeper research and reading the good and “bad” reviews, I started to see a pattern. Bad reviews came from people who either didn’t fully follow Tyler’s advice, or had different goals for what he was offering. Again, there is no “one-size-fits-all”.

But, the positive reviews connected with me. I could identify with most people who made the best out of their experience.

Also, Tyler did go through a lot of research, trial and error. So, I was certain there was valuable knowledge to be obtained from there, I couldn’t lose anything by trying to be healthier in an alternative way if I had already undergone the most common practices.

The last thing that finally convinced me was that, Tyler aims to look better, not to compete in body building contests. I was done with over exercising, or pushing my body to a point where it will get fatigued and hurt.

I decided to buy CT-50, and fully commit to it.

I was not ready for all the facts I learned and how I managed to improve my lifestyle in less than 6 months.

Why does it work?

In this eBook, Tyler combines different “pure” disciplines, to match the more eclectic lifestyle of the average Joe. Instead of a scam path that sets you up for failure, Tyler brings together a set of knowledge and advice to follow that sets you up for progressive wins.

It is also important to note that:

  • It is well researched
  • Tyler made the mistakes, you don’t have to make them
  • It is progressive, not instant
  • Exercises are easy on your mind and body
  • There is no such thing as over doing it, if you follow the advice

With all these characteristics in one book, if you decide to do this, and follow Tyler’s advice, you will be in the right path in just a few days.

The research touches on vital topics that most people don’t discuss such as:

  • Metabolism
  • Mental health
  • Food addiction
  • Alternative, functional, exercises

For me, this was the way to go.

Losing weight

After completely cutting food groups from my diet to no result, leading to starving myself to worst results, I was ready to try something else, I just knew there had to be another way.

As I was reading CT-50’s PDF, I realized I was falling for the 7 mistakes everyone does, especially with:

  • Lots of cardio
  • Heavy weight training
  • Muscle confusion
  • High intensity training

As I learned about the seven mistakes, I couldn’t believe how irresponsible people can be, just prescribing things by default to everyone, believing that it will work for all kinds of people.

Shocking truth about mainstream exercise

As I mentioned above in the review, cardio is great, but only at the beginning, then your body adjusts. I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t had access to CT-50. I couldn’t believe this counterintuitive truth, but It does make a lot of sense.

Weight training takes a lot of time and, for the most part, ingesting not so healthy substances. It takes a lot of time and requires massive amounts of food. Not for me.

I remember that, while being in the gym, the trainers told me they were doing something called “muscle confusion”, so that my muscles wouldn’t get used to the same exercises, etc. It sounded quite right, as well following the same principle as cardio, but here’s the thing:

Cardio works with your metabolism; anaerobic exercises work directly with the muscle. So, it was completely different.

Some months after my ab injury, I started doing body weight training. It was actually very nice, and I still it is the best path for me, and so I followed it through CT-50, but when I was doing it on my own, it became a hassle, so I stopped.

Form follows function

The most shocking secret unveiled by Tyler in his eBook? Form follows function.

Now, if you think of it, and after all I’ve told you, it is not a secret, but people just overlook this simple truth, it is unbelievable.

How is it that people can live in Siberia? Or in the Sahara? Or work so many hours a day? Or do crazy exercise? The body adapts to what you do! As simple as that.

The signals that we give to our body make it react accordingly, and it focuses resources and energy in those spots, and it works for everything, not only exercise.

The way you sleep, the way you speak, the way you look. It was all created by you, and guess what, you can change it! It is not real mystery, but rather a question of mastery! Go and google bio-hackers, the people who change their body according to their needs. You don’t need to become one, but Tyler guides us to hack our body for our purposes.

As this guide is about looking better, not body building, when I finally decided to buy it, it spoke to me, since that was my goal, and as I was retaking control of my body, I was amazed by having the opportunity to choose what was it that I wanted to do with my body.

Because I was able now to make such choices, my body automatically started to adapt, so results don’t become distant dreams but rather little wins over years of bad habits and forcing my body to adapt to useless habits that, in the end of the day, were detrimental.

Dieting points.


Tyler remarks on things that people constantly tell us, but most of us just take for granted because, well, it’s like the weather: It’s constantly there, you stop caring.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat protein first (my life saver)
  • Eat more veggies (acquired taste)

More than 60% of our body is water. If you are doing crazy cardio, guess what, you are losing water. Do yourself a favor and get a good bottle and always drink water (don’t overdo it).

Eating more veggies is not news, but eating protein first was amazing news.

As you eat protein first, your body adjusts to burn more fat than sugar, so you make that jump immediately and then your metabolism starts to get in line with its own nature.

I mean, before reading CT-50, I was drinking a lot of water and eating veggies, but there was a part missing, and I finally found it!

How does it work

After you get your PDF guide, and you start reading. You will find a step by step progression on how to get on board with this method. It is not about immediately jumping into it, but rather start taking small steps so you don’t fall into crazy cravings, guilt tripping, etc.

As mentioned before, adaptation is the key, so all these small changes follow the “Form follows function” principle, so your body will adapt and you will develop this as a habit.

Because Tyler also gets into exercises in his book, he provides videos, by which you can see the correct way to exercise and achieve results without injury that could prevent you from advancing.



Losing weight is great and all, but I measure my success with CT-50 on how healthy my life has become. I still eat pizza, or eat KFC after a long night of party, but it is not always, and my body doesn’t need it, I do it because I want to, and can go for months without craving unhealthy food.

It wasn’t easy, I didn’t start CT-50 perfectly, the key is to be consistent. If you failed one day, don’t throw everything away. Be cool with yourself and get back to it wherever you left.

I do have a more than average body now, I look healthy. Because of the dieting methods I found in the book, I managed to get a little toned, enough to feel attractive.

Best part? It is sustainable!

Final thoughts


Health is your normal state. No one is born to suffer and struggle with weight. The thing is, we have been convinced that there is only 1 method and 1 only. That everything outside of it should be treated with so much caution, almost as if it were to explode in your face.

Just remember that no more than 40 years ago, doctors were endorsing cigarettes, heroine, and Coca-Cola, so there is a questionable space for “health specialists”.

If the traditional things don’t work for you, there are many options, and CT-50 could be just that.

I hope this review is useful. You have the right to be happy, claim it now!

Get your hands on CT-50 by clicking this link, and learn how you can lose up to 71 pounds with a proven fat loss system today!

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