Competition BBQ Secrets Review: How Good Will Your BBQ Taste?

Who doesn’t like barbecues? I’m sure if you are reading this you also love it. Not every barbecue taste that great you know. It takes a great skill to cook the perfect barbecues that would just ooze with juicy flavors melting in your mouth.

We all enjoy these barbecue sessions with our family. You know in holidays or festivals we gather the family in the backyard or on the roof or terrace and cook barbecues. These times are really enjoyable.

Makes us forget about all of our worries for some moment and just go with the flow. But cooking the perfect one is tough.

So, if you want to master the ways of making a great one then you need to work on it a bit.

I know many of you have taken recipes off the internet but couldn’t quite really hit the spot with that. This is because most of the recipes found online would only tell you a small portion of the recipe.

Enjoying family time in barbecue sessions

There are actually a lot of tricks and hacks within it to make sure it becomes that juicy meat you want. So, if you want to become a pro chef of barbecues then you need to buy this awesome book called Competition BBQ Secrets.

This unique book is made solely for the purpose to help you be a master cooker of barbecues.

It’s a genuine product with the right source of information that will really help you learn all the basics.

That’s why, if you want to know more about Competition BBQ Secrets then read up to this review. You will all you need before buying this product here.

What Is the Competition BBQ Secrets?

First of all, let me start by telling you that, it’s an eBook that comes with all the information you’ll ever need before cooking barbecues. Any sort of information about them, you’ll find it right here.

All the tricks, hacks, equipment’s will be given here. And you will know about all of them from just one book. Isn’t that great?

Get the awesome recipe book

Cooking barbecues have certain art that you need to follow. You can’t just follow a recipe and dream of having the perfect one. You need to have that extra spark in all your foods. And this is where the Competition BBQ Secrets come along.

This book will surely change your life. With all the outstanding formulas you’re sure to stand out from the crown my friend.

This book will reveal even the utmost science behind good barbecues and you can be the one to reveal it.

After starting out their step by step guide plan you’ll be cooking juicy barbecues in no time. If you want a unique touch in all of your cooking’s then just grab this book now as it’s the best one on the market.

Also, you’ll get many tasty recipes to help you out at the beginning if you don’t know how to innovate on your own. After some time you will able to come up with your own level of recipes that will truly amaze anyone.

A man making grilled beef sausage

The Author: Bill Anderson

Well, the author of Competition BBQ Secrets is Bill Anderson. Why is he perfect for writing this book or coming up with this wonderful product? Well, he has been doing this for a long time and gained a massive amount of popularity for his juicy barbecues.

People would die for his foods and asked him about all of his secrets. He has also won many barbecue competitions with his team and people from different parts praised him highly for his amazing cooking skills that excel all.

That’s why to share all of the hard work he has brought us this holy grail of barbecue secrets that set him apart from all of his competitors. So, if you want to be an expert chef like him, you need to buy this book now.

A grilled chicken

The book really has a simple language, so you really won’t have any problems understanding any part of the book. The structure is also well organized so no problem there.

What Does Competition BBQ Secrets Cover?

What will you get once you get this wonderful product is really a question to be asked. There are countless lessons to cover. The whole book is 87 pages long. So, 87 pages of valuable information just then and there.

It will only take a small amount of time to finish the book and staring all the process from the top. But let’s see what it will cover.

1. How to smoke chicken:

Well, this is pretty basic. We all love chicken, and it will tell you all sorts of ways to smoke them. There isn’t just one you know.

Grilled beef sausage

2. How to smoke pork ribs:

Pork ribs are a delight. And knowing how to smoke them perfectly would just be divine. Pork ribs with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes are to die for. And you will all the tricks in this book.

3. The best way to smoke a turkey:

Well, turkeys are a bit tricky then chickens. So, you need to be a bit careful or else you will end up burning the whole turkey meat.

4. How to marinate:

The secret is in marinating my friend. No matter how good you smoke them, if they are not marinated well, or you don’t use the right ingredients then you’re doomed. It’s as bad as it can get actually.

Grilled beef rib steak on the grill, close-up.

5. How to light and manage the fire:

This is for the beginners who have zero knowledge of how to use the barbecue equipment. It will help them to know how to light the fire and manage them safely without causing an accident.

6. The best sauces to use:

The sauces do matter a lot and you will know just which are the right ones. Every meat is compatible with different sauces. So, you need to maintain the rations and the specific types to use them.

7. How to brine:

Brining is really important when it comes to barbecues. Knowing how to do it will save you from a heap of trouble.

Grilled beef sausage

8. The best smokers available in the market:

Not every smoker is the best one you know. There are many ones who are comparable less troubling and provide a better output. A cheap smoker will only make it smell bad.

9. Types and flavors of wood:

The wood, the heart of every barbecue, needs to be selected properly. Wrong wood would only leave a bad smell and it would just ruin everything.

10. Barbecue Competitions:

If you have mastered all of those then you will be introduced to barbecue competitions. They are actually pretty great and you can win a load of money in them. Just think about them, after all, is done.

Grilled beef steak

Why Should You Go For Competition BBQ Secrets?

Well, I think I’ve already answered this question before but I’ll tell it again. Well, it’s the best guide on the market you see. Also, it’s full of information that is all well reached and even used.

All the methods experiment before and you would be working with the methods that actually work. This makes this book the ultimate goal of any barbecue lover.

As a plus point, the book was created by a professional who has been champion in barbecue competition for countless times.

Grilled food

Is This a Scam?

Of course not. There is nothing scam like about this book. This book received so many positive reviews stating that it excels at what it does. No one gave any negative review regarding this book.

This book is 100% legit and I assure you that. But if you still have doubts just go ahead and see their reviews and get it all cleared up.


  • The book comes as an eBook. So, you can carry it anywhere you go. You won’t need to spend any extra shipping costs as you will get access to it right after you buy the product. It’s easy.

Grilled beef sausage on the grill, close-up.

  • The guide will give you links to various other sources which will help you further understand the science behind these recipes.
  • The book is easy to read and has a lot of attractive pictures. You will understand all the methods completely through them.
  • The product has a money back guarantee. So, if after getting this book you feel like it’s not up to the mark then just ask for your money back and you’ll get t without any questions asked.
  • Well, the product comes as a printable copy and it’s only 87 pages. So, if you want to read it in hard copy form you can just print it out.
  • Really cheap price for all those valuable information.

Grilled beef sausage


  • You need to follow all the methods accordingly and you need to feel the urge to make the best barbecue ever. If you are too lazy for it then go for the book.


If you want to learn about all of the information about barbecues then I would recommend this book. Competition BBQ Secrets is a book of A to Z barbecues. From the equipment to the ingredients, the recipes to the fire, you’ll get everything in just one book.

Get your money back if it doesn't work

It’s a full package and worth a lot than it costs. So, if you want to learn this awesome new cooking process and have time to spare for it, just grab a copy now.

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