Does Cinderella Solution Really Work? – My Shocking Review

Maintaining a healthy weight has tons of benefits in our lives. Not only are these physical, but there are also numerous mental benefits as well.

It increases our confidence level and gets rid of any weight-related diseases. Unfortunately, most people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The consequence of being overweight can be detrimental if not attended to.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 42% of Americans are suffering from overweight and obesity. This is the cause of some premature deaths and conditions such as stroke, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. Obesity comes with a myriad of cardiovascular issues that can lower your quality of life.

Every fitness guru out there is coming up with information to help people stay fit. While some of the weight loss programs are good, a lot of them out there are below par. So many people are looking for ways to cut down extra pounds but getting the right weight loss program is difficult.

I came across a weight loss program recently and people are saying a lot about it at the moment. The name of the program is Cinderella Solution. After taking out time to research the program, I decided to write on it.

If you are interested in knowing more about this program, go through my Cinderella Solution review. I will touch on everything you need to know about this weight loss program.

To start my Cinderella Solution review, I would like to talk about the maker of the product. This will give you a sense of whether to trust the product or not.

Who is the creator of the Cinderella Solution?Cinderella Solution The Creator

The name of the creator of Cinderella Solution is Carly Donovan. She is a mother and was a victim of being overweight from her 20’s to mid-thirties.

According to Carly Donovan, she struggled to lose weight for years despite eating healthily and working out. At some point, she got fed up and started researching the root cause of being overweight in a woman.

During her research, she discovered that hormonal shifts could affect body metabolism. After much trial and error, Carly Donovan discovered a special technique to inhibit the hormone responsible for being overweight in women.

So far, she has helped thousands of women all over the world just by applying her techniques.

Paraphrasing Carly’s words, “I am not a TV doctor or a so-called guru. I am just desperate to help other women lose weight. I have been there and know how it feels to be overweight.”

Therefore, Carly Donovan is a woman who has experienced what it means to lose weight. She understands a weight loss process and what works and what doesn’t.

What is the Cinderella Solution program?

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day weight loss guide that helps women lose weight. For most programs, it takes a longer time and rigorous processes to achieve your weight loss goals. However, the Cinderella Solution involves a direct approach with less stress.

Carly breaks down the program into two phases – Ignite and Launch phases. It takes 14 days to complete the Ignite phase and another 14 days for the launch phase.

The Cinderella Solution is a combination of certain types of foods to give special meal plans. These foods, when combined, give a biochemical effect that fosters seamless weight loss and reduction of fat.

From Carly’s research, she discovered something. Some women from certain parts of the world hardly gain extra weight despite the food they eat. It doesn’t matter if they eat foods high in carbohydrates, calories, or fats; these women still maintain a healthy weight.

After close observation, Carl discovered that it is not really the food these women eat. Instead, it is how they combine the food they eat. Surprised? You might think that food is food. As long as you consume it, you will gain weight. However, there are indeed certain food combos that boost metabolism, burn fat, and prevent you from bloating.

So, Carl decided to research a combination of food, that, when combined with low-impact workouts, will shield results. These foods can cut down excess weight and fats in the body.

Since most women find it difficult to hit the gym all the time, the Cinderella Solution is designed for them. So, as a woman, no matter how tight your schedule is, following the Cinderella Solution program is easy.

The major causes of being overweight in women are diet, family history, and lifestyle. This is what Carl took into consideration before creating the Cinderella Solution.

The Cinderella Solution process

As stated earlier, the program is a 28-day program. Each phase lasts for 14 days.

The first stage is the Ignite phase. This stage requires that a woman eats three times daily. This way, she would be creating a perfect atmosphere to regulate the hormones responsible for weight management.

The second stage is the launch phase. In this stage, you will increase your daily meals from three to four. Now, this is beginning to sound crazy, right? I mean, how can I be planning to lose weight and you tell me to increase my food intake? Don’t worry, it’s actually a strategy that has been tested and proven.

The meals per day are a combination of foods that enhance weight loss. To get an amazing result, you must combine the right foods. Below are some of the combinations:

  • Chocolate and apples
  • Garlic and fish
  • Green tea and mint
  • Sweet potatoes and Greek yogurt
  • Barnins and ricotta

By combining these foods, it helps to boost metabolism in the body, thus creating an atmosphere for weight loss.

What are the features of the Cinderella weight loss program?Cinderella Solution Click to be sexy

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program specifically for women. Below are what to expect when you buy the program.

Main manual

This is a 93-page pdf-format eBook that contains useful information about the metabolism of women. There are so many things that we mistakenly believe regarding women’s metabolism like that it is slower compared to men’s or how menopause can slow it down even more. This material will reveal the truth about these things and more.

You will also gather information on the hormones responsible for weight loss. In the main manual, you will get details on food combinations for better results.

Quick start guide

For women with tight schedules, the quick start guide will be handy. The quick start guide gives you the necessary information to lose weight. However, you will definitely need to fall back to the main manual. This is because the manual contains detailed information.

Recipe playbook for food lovers

The recipe playbook contains information on the recipes Carly used to cut down 84 pounds. She shows everything in pictures on the official website of the Cinderella Solution.

To make it even better, you will get a recipe book that shows you food combinations. So, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have the right meal plans to follow. This will make it easier for anyone to follow.

There are also dessert recipes. The dessert recipe book has 22 pages of information.

Cinderella Solution accelerator – The free bonus

Just like most weight loss programs; the Cinderella Solution has a free bonus for its users. The bonus package is a combination of two things – The success stories of women who used the program and secrets that helped speed up the weight loss journey. Below is what you will get in the bonus package:

  • 21-day kickstart nutrition guide
  • The accelerator movement sequencing book
  • The main accelerator manual

A nutrition guide is very beneficial because no matter what combination of food you consume if you eat too much, you will still have trouble losing the extra weight.

According to one study, When it comes to weight gain, he says, the issue is the same as it has always been: People are eating more calories than they are burning.”

Although the acceleration movement sequencing exercise is optional, it can be very beneficial. This movement sequencing exercise involves an 8-to-20-minute gentle training session. This is a great way to start your new exercise regimen especially if you haven’t worked out for a long time. You don’t want to strain yourself at the very beginning of your weight-loss journey.

You will also find a video tutorial on how to execute the exercises. All the Cinderella Solution followers have online access to the Workout Video Library.

A run-through of the Cinderella Solution main manualCinderella Solution Program

The main manual is divided into four parts, namely;

  • The program explained
  • Daily nutrition blueprint book
  • Movement sequencing exercise guide
  • Top ten flavor pairing & weight loss combinations

The program explained

Chapter 1: Weight loss from the inside out

  • How to get started with the program

Chapter 2: Weight loss rituals

  • Flavor pairing
  • Food coupling
  • Nutrition timing
  • Slim-sequencing exercise

Chapter 3: Ignite and launch a 2-phase approach

  • The ignite phase
  • The launch phase
  • Cycling the ignite and launch phases

Daily nutritional blueprint book

Chapter 4: Cinderella tool 14-day calendar

  • Daily meal plans
  • Bonus recipe

Chapter 5: Macro and food pairing rituals

  • Royal fats
  • Prime proteins
  • Angel carbs
  • Power carbs

Chapter 6: Meal timing & frequency

  • Ignite: 3 meals per day
  • Launch: 4 meals per day
  • When to eat

DIY meal creator & flavor pairing

Chapter 7: a 3-step instruction guide

Chapter 8: Ignite and launch meal paring legends

  • The two phases

Chapter 9: Portion options

Chapter 10: Food & portion block

Top ten flavor pairing and weight loss combinations

This is where you get the bonus package. The bonus package includes:

  • 21-day kickstart nutrition guide
  • The movement sequencing guide

This is the breakdown of what you will get inside the manual of the Cinderella Solution.

Benefits of the Cinderella Solution

It is important that I tell you the benefits of this product in this Cinderella Solution review. Most people that used this weight loss solution felt the changes from the inside of the body. There is more to the Cinderella solution than just losing weight. The Cinderella solution enhances healthy living and has great effects on one’s life and health. It does help you lose weight but it also teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle. You look better because you live better.

Most diet programs use harsh techniques for weight loss. Doing this has side effects that may alter one’s life and health. This is not true for the Cinderella Solution. Even the exercises are designed to ease you into the new things that you need to do for your body.

Also, with the Cinderella Solution, you will get recipes to cook healthy foods. This is an all-in-one combination that most people wish to get.

Below are the benefits of the Cinderella Solution to the human body:

Simple and easy program to follow

The Cinderella Solution is a simple program for women to follow. Unlike some weight loss programs, this program is to make life easy for its users. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to follow the diet program. This is one of the most important features of the program because anything that’s too hard or complicated will definitely be dropped by women who don’t have the time or energy to follow it.

If you are struggling with weight gain, following this program will improve your metabolism. This means that you will be able to maintain healthy body weight and live a good life. You can easily burn off any excess calories that you consume, preventing your body from storing them as fats.

You will get results at a reasonable time

With the Cinderella Solution, it will take only 28 days to solve your weight issues. This means that you will see some results at this point. It is important to note though that while the results are evident, they are not drastic. But this is not altogether a bad thing. For as long as you are seeing results, you can still be motivated to continue. According to one study, “knowing that evaluative feedback is critical, those with low self-efficacy, in particular, should consider setting smaller goals rather than larger goals.” This means instead of setting your goal to lose 20 lbs, you can start small. And the Cinderella Solution can deliver that.

Most weight loss programs take too long to start seeing results. Most people get discouraged when they see no tangible effects in their body within the first 2 weeks. This is not the case with the Cinderella program. Cinderella Solution works effectively with tangible results within 30 days. This is a huge boost and would motivate you to make better life choices and healthier decisions because you see tangible changes in your body.

The program keeps your spirit high.

It is never a coincidence that Carly included motivational tips in this program. For someone to be successful in maintaining a healthy body weight, motivation is needed.

There is a direct link between one’s view on herself in keeping the motivation high for wanting to lose weight. So, keeping one’s morale boosted is also a great way to make you do more in order to keep the weight off.

Following new eating habits or workout, regimes are not easy. You need to keep the spirit high to get positive effects. That’s what this program does for you when you follow it.

Not expensive

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to achieve great results. Just understand the pairing rituals of food pairing or food groups and top it with light exercise. You can achieve every part of the program without spending too much money.

Who is Cinderella Solution meant for?Cinderella Solution Testimonials

The program is for women who are struggling with weight gain or fat burning. It is not restricted to any age. No matter your age, if you follow the things in the guide, you will start seeing results as early as two weeks. Following the guide will enhance weight loss hormones in your body and help in fat burning.

A lot of women have used this guide and I have seen no one complain about the product. However, for you to enjoy a better transition, you must not shift away from the guide. Follow it to the letter in order to really see the benefit.

What if I don’t see results with the program?

The ones who don’t get results are those who didn’t follow the guide squarely. If you follow the food pairings, dessert spices and use the workout DVD, there is hardly a thing that will stop your success. All the food items in this program are proven to stimulate the hormones responsible for fat burning.

Another thing that prevents people from achieving the transition they want is a lack of motivation. That is why Carly included everything anyone would need for a smooth transition.

Nevertheless, after going through the entire package and you didn’t see the result, there is a catch. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The 60-day money-back guarantee means you will get your money back if the guide doesn’t work within 60 days.

However, you may not need the 60-day money-back guarantee if you use the workout DVD, bonus package, and other guides in this program.

From the reviews I saw from other users, I can rate this program above 90%. Notwithstanding, you must understand that you have a role to play. Most people who didn’t get good results failed to follow the program.

My Final Verdict

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that helps stimulate weight loss hormones in women. Overweight and obesity is becoming rampant and it has led to the death of millions of people. Also, most of the premature deaths in the world are related to being overweight.

To curb this issue, Carly Donovan decided to design a program that will save women from being overweight. The program entails food combinations and light exercises proven to cut down body fats. By doing this, one can be sure of good health and can easily fit into any sexy dress.

The program also comes with motivation to keep you going. Since lack of motivation is the major reason for not achieving your goals, Carly made everything available for people.

With the Cinderella guide, you don’t have to wait for months before you see results. However, you need to stick to the program for you to see results.

A lot of women have used this program, and the testimonials so far are amazing. Peradventure you bought the program and didn’t get results within 60 days, you can get a refund. This means that you don’t have anything to lose with the program. It is either it works for you or you get your money back.

The 60-day money-back guarantee makes it a no-brainer for anyone interested in the program. The fact that you don’t have to engage in rigorous workouts makes it super cool for anyone.

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