Carpal Tunnel Master Review: Can you really reverse carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Master Review

When a friend was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, he did not know what to do to deal with the bad news. Luckily for him, I had read Carpal Tunnel Master by Hilma Volk.

When I shared the details of the program, he immediately started using it. The results were fantastic and as you will find out from this review, it works because it underscores the following:

  • There is no use of drugs to treat the condition
  • One will not need to be operated on
  • There is no need to use gadgets
  • Eliminates the condition naturally, hence no symptoms
  • Provides one with peace of mind

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The Carpal Tunnel Master is a program that is designed in the form of a self –help system. It is presented in the form videos which are broken down into several series. The said videos provide you with all the information that you need to recover from the debilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

How to restore  the normal functions of the hand

The massage therapist by the name of Hilmar Volk came up with a technique 2 decades ago. She intended to help her bring back the full use of their hands based on the following:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Effective

The technique worked, saving many people thousands of dollars that they were spending on useless surgeries. Mind you, the surgeries used to come with inherent risks. Over and above this, once   you adopt this system, you will be relieved from:

  1. Time wasted traveling to appointments
  2. Waiting for long inside the office for long hours
  3. Rescheduling your activities  for the day
  4. Making repeat visits to the hospital


How does the Carpal Tunnel Masterwork?

One of the main reasons why Hilma came up with this system is to help you deal with the debilitating symptoms of the condition. The system is thus designed to provide a patient like my friend with the best information possible.


The program is made up of the following features:

  • Ways of addressing the root cause of the condition and offering viable solutions
  • It explains how the forearm muscles control  the fingers as well as how this influences the tendons in the arm
  • Helps the tennis players, in particular, they make a lot of use of the wrists where the condition affects.
  • The bonus video comes handy in helping one to understand how the various massage and hand exercises are to be carried out.
  • The health computing e-guide which is a bonus
  • MP3 Relaxation  Guide
  • An e-guide for Exercise  Without  Effort
  • An e-guide known as Your  Body  Is Your Guide

For only $47, you will have all these under one package.

Over and above these, the system helps to address several other issues. The Pectoralis minor muscle, for instance, affects the way the hand functions. By addressing this problem, you will be relieved from the pain which results from the inflammation of this muscle.

Do you have a false Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a true one?  There are many sufferers out there who have either of them. Only this program can effectively help you identify which one you are suffering from.

Finding the location of the numbness can be tricky. You will need a foolproof technique that will help identify with a high degree of accuracy the source of this numbness. This program is time-tested and proven to be highly reliable in pinpointing such a problem.

Once you start suffering from the condition, you will find that the muscles in the hand, for instance, become weak. There are those areas which one touches which make the condition worse.

Hilma, as the author of the program, has suggested what you should keep off so that you don’t subject the area to more intense pain. The affected muscles will be identified and you will thus know how to handle them.

Using this approach will help you treat the scalene and Sternocleidomastoid muscle as they are likely to have an impact on the hands and its related muscles.

The neck vertebrae tend to cause sensations but you may not have a way of knowing it using other methods. This method, according to reviews, works effectively in helping you find out if this is the case.

This technique exposes you to better massage techniques such as the use of socks and tennis balls. The techniques are intended to help you strengthen the back and neck.

Using the suggested methods, the hand will be strengthened while holding the forearm in position. The program is intended to help you know how to work on the hands so as to prevent the severe pain that tends to intensify the pain that intensifies in the area between the shoulder blades.

The videos that you will watch will help you learn much more on the essence of the self-massage. It demonstrates how to find the areas where the pain comes from; the pinched nerves as well as what you can do to reduce the pain.

There are those whose hands are not strong enough to press down even a pillow. The limited use of the hands should not in any way be a hindrance because ideally, the method as proposed by Hilma does not insist on the use of  the hands.

Instead, the focus is laid more on identifying the areas of the body where the pain is originating from.

My story should inspire to buy the program for the next meeting. Before I started advising others had encountered serious pain in my forearm tendons. My arm used to be numb and the pain unbearable.

I could not make use of my fingers to do any manual work. I went to the hospital where after several tests was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The subsequent surgeries only made my situation worse as I kept getting appointments for treatments and the drugs were a taking a toll on.

When I heard about the Carpal Tunnel Mastermind decided to give it a try and I can testify that it worked quite effectively. The pain and numbness were gone. The use of my fingers was restored. The self-massage technique was worth several times over, the cost that was involved in buying the expensive drugs as well as the surgeries.

I have been free from my pain for 3 years and this is the reason I shared with a friend. If you are going through the pain that is similar to mine, you can rest easy with the knowledge that this program will help restore the full functions of the program.

Money –back guarantee

Many people are afraid of risking $47 for the program that is ready to spend thousands of dollars on surgeries. The program offers you a 60-day money back guarantee. Technically, you will have your cash refunded back to you in the event it does not work.

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This is a very small price you will pay, yet the benefits are immense. In fact, there is no risk involved. The personal guarantee by the author gives one the confidence to start the program. It remains the best choice for anyone who is keen on making full recovery from the symptoms of this condition.

Carpal Tunnel Master Review

Customer support

Not many programs come with the kind of customer support that Hilmar offers to the customers. In case you have any queries, you will only need to contact her via email. There are various tests which you will be subjected to.  They include the following:

The Tinsel’s sign test is the first one where the inside of the wrist is tapped above the median nerve. In case you experience some tingling sensation or numbness, chances are high that you are suffering from this condition.

The next test is known as Phalanx’s sign test whereby the arm is held at the front and then the wrist if flexed. Afterward, the arm is let loose for about a minute. Once again, a tingling sensation would be indicative of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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There is another one is the two-point discrimination test which is mainly done where the condition is thought to be very severe. The only problem with the test is that the results may not be very accurate. Clip-like instruments are used to tap the fingers as you close your eyes.


The following benefits will give you reasons enough for you to choose this program over many others.

  • There is no need for one to use any equipment. This makes it a natural method that is highly effective in minimizing pain as well as the symptoms of the condition
  • The system is highly simplified, making it much easier to use. It is in the form of structure which is broken down for one to follow.
  • Since it is purely natural, there are no side effects. It is unlike the use of drugs which have serious consequences.
  • This method helps in relieving one from other related pains such as headaches, jaw pains among others.
  • As the author says in the program, you do not even need to have to hire a therapist for massage.
  • The program is highly cost-effective when compared to other programs which are not as effective.
  • It is time-saving as you do not have to visit the hospital all the time; the entire program can be implemented at the comfort of your home.
  • The treatment is long term. Once you use it, the condition will be gone for good.

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The program has to date received high ratings if the reviews are anything to go by. From one review to the next, the people I talked were thankful for the assistance they received after using it.

One customer said that he had suffered from the condition for a long time. When he started using it, the pain was relieved within a short time. The results were long lasting and this why he was full of praise for the program.

The other customer said that he had tried all other programs without any relief. When he heard about Hilma, he read all the reviews and bought it. He feared it would be a scam but after getting an assurance of a refund, he decided to try it and the results existed expectations.

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From what customers were saying, the program is highly effective in offering relief from the intense pain and the other symptoms related to the carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a tried and tested method which helps you deal with the debilitating symptoms of the condition without the need for surgery, medication or equipment.


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You do not have to incur a lot of expenses treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The system is designed to help treat the condition naturally, effectively and with long term solution to the problem. It does away with equipment, surgeries, and wasting of time. For these reasons, I highly recommend the product.

Gain access to the Carpal Tunnel Master, reverse your condition, and get full feeling back in your hands again!


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