Bump To Birth Review: Holistic Guide To Help You Through The Process

There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside you

Are you one of those curious women who is always searching for holistic remedies in their pregnancy? Tired of taking those medicines that cannot treat your pregnancy ailments?

Don’t panic. You are just in the right place now! I am here to guide you through this incredible journey of pregnancy to birth.

Get to know about Pregnancy Chaos:

If it’s your first pregnancy, you will surely be curious to fetch as much information as possible regarding this entire process. If we say, every day is a new day in each trimester, so it won’t be wrong. You will face multiple pregnancy ailments in this part of your life. You may get overwhelmed by following tons of remedies that could not budge your sickness.
But you need to embrace this challenge happily. I am a mother of three children. My pregnancy to birth journey was different each time. The key point to remember is preparing your body for facing all those chaos.

What should you expect in Pregnancy & Birth?

Ah. It is a huge list of what you should expect during your pregnancy & birth. But I am proud to share my reviews for Bump To Birth that helped in preparing my body for labor & all those pregnancy chaos.

Some common pregnancy ailments are:
• Morning sickness
• Heartburn & Indigestion
• Backaches
• Leg Cramps
• Constipation
• Stretch Marks
• Tiredness & Sleeplessness

And the list goes on and on. Does it sound familiar?

Imagine you face all these problems in your pregnancy; will you take medications to solve all these ailments? Of course No! You will definitely take a holistic route to cope up with your illness.

What makes labor easier?

You must have heard stories of labor that were exhausting. I heard a number of complex delivery cases where mother needed more medical assistance as compared to others. But I was lucky enough to prevent myself from all those labor complications & pregnancy ailments.

I did not use any magic in my pregnancies but only followed a holistic route to cope up with this challenge. You just need to prepare your body for a natural childbirth! But how?

Birth To Bump is a perfect solution for all your problems. Citrine has compiled all those tips & strategies to make your motherhood journey easier.

Today I recall my first pregnancy that was indeed full of stress and depression. I was unaware of the magical effects of holistic remedies that can easily cure my pregnancy ailments.

But I am proud to share my reviews for Birth To Bump that made my life easier. I never thought of getting pregnant again due to the fear of labor pains.

I now consider myself luckier enough to find this book. My later pregnancies then became full of joy & excitement. This book greatly saved my life from those painful epidural, Pitocin & other medical interventions.

What are pregnancy relaxation strategies?

As time goes on, your pregnancy gets tougher. You need to follow some relaxation strategies to cope up with your fears.

There are hundreds of strategies that work for most pregnant women but then they are not universal.  They may not work for all but Bump To Birth is just a perfect solution for all. I never expected how pregnancies could become so memorable & easier.

  • Take a deep breath & always get support from your partner
  • Join moms community online or visit workshops in your health care center
  • Keep yourself mobile & active
  • Don’t compromise on your rest

In addition to all these, follow holistic recipes from this eBook & just change your life. Sometimes pregnancy seems more than a burden.

Many pregnant women also face post-natal depression. Ever wondered why? Because they did not receive the guidance they needed for making their journey easier. I recommend all the moms out there to buy this book if you really want to transform your journey.

An insider for Bump To Birth Guided Pack:

This book has a lot to offer. You will definitely get information & tips that are beyond your imagination

In this guided pack, you will find:

  • Recipes to treat your morning sickness
  • Remedies for preventing stretch marks
  • Secrets for a healthy & normal childbirth
  • Effective strategies & food to shorten your labor
  • Homeopathic Remedies to save miscarriages
  • Milk supply boosting recipes & much more

In addition, Bump To Birth includes information on supplements, Ayurveda, Acupressure & Homeopathy. These methods will greatly help in curing your pregnancy ailments.

The good news is that the guided pack does not involve any pills or injections for curing techniques.

Everything is just natural!

Why should you buy Bump To Birth?

There are countless reasons to buy this eBook. Citrine has carefully written this book & provided all the guidance in one go. You don’t need to crawl through search engines to fetch accurate information. This book will work wonders for you in your pregnancy.

You can even go through its positive reviews on the internet to find how revolutionary it was!

1. No-side effects:

The most interesting part of the eBook is that its remedies are 100% natural. It means that they do not contain such ingredients that have side effects. Moreover, I have gone through various search engines for getting the best reviews for my readers.

I reached the conclusion that you will not find such an eBook that brings all directions in one go.

2. Affordable:

Have you searched for the prices of pregnancy eBooks on the internet? You will not find such an eBook at an affordable price. If you really find them, they must be full of scam or they may not provide enough information for your entire motherhood process.

Bump To Birth is cheap & affordable. You do not need to dedicate most part of your salary for buying a single book that brings long-lasting solutions to your life.

3. Money Back Guarantee:

The author of the book strives to provide the best deals for its readers. Its money back guarantee is enough proof that the guided pack is not a scam. The author of the book is truly dedicated to providing all the guidance for the moms in one go.

It means that if something really doesn’t work for you, you will surely get your money back without any questions asked.

4. Bump To birth is surely a man of the word:

No moms-to-be can predict how their labor will go but that doesn’t mean leaving your body as it is. You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. The book clearly provides all the information that it claims!

Bump To Birth will provide a perfect guide to ease your labor pains in a holistic manner.

Have you ever heard about those breech positioned babies that make the delivery worst? Or have you heard about epidurals that are now linked with posterior deliveries?

Take a sigh of relief, there is nothing to worry about. The book is just an epic piece for you to follow. It will surely help you in preventing all those complications. You can even make use of this book in your post-natal care.

Breastfeeding would be another adventure for you. The ten recipes for increasing milk supply will work wonders for you!

5. Helps in enjoying your baby blues:

Baby blues are those mood swings that appear after your baby’s birth. It is, in fact, the severe form of your postpartum depression. It is no doubt that some women suffer from a confused state of mind after their baby’s birth.

You too can be a victim of this! But as I said above, if you prepare your body before, you can rule the world.

What are the symptoms of baby blues?

  • Weeping or Crying
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety & Restlessness
  • Fatigue & impatience
  • Insomnia

These are the most common symptoms of baby blues.  But remember always discuss your emotions & feelings with your partner. New scientific research has found that almost 70% of new mothers suffer from mood swings.

If your symptoms last longer than fifteen days, it can become a serious medical condition. So, always remember to focus on the joy of your new baby. Don’t take it as a burden of responsibility. I hope you will soon recover from this state of mind.

But thanks to Bump To Birth that made this much easier. Citrine has included calming tea recipes for the new moms, you must have never imagined how herbal recipes could give you peace of mind.

6. Worth-trying for a better life:

To be honest, I don’t find any reasons to neglect this guided pack. It’s absolutely risk-free and at the same time, it has the power to make your journey memorable in no time. Forget about the fears of motherhood, nothing could be exhausting if you follow the right track. 


Click here if you’re ready to take the guided pack from Bump To Birth – learn how to keep calm, and strategies to stay healthy & fit!


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