Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed Review: Improve Your Putting!

Putting secrets revealed is an excellent technical ebook by Scott Myers that details some little known, easy to implement tweaks to your technique that can boost your putting score drastically.

I like to call these golf hacks. Think about playing a hacked game – you have an unfair edge over your competition that enables you to demolish them. This book is to golf what those hacks are to gaming – an easy, unfair edge over any other traditional competitor.

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It is hard to know where to begin a review of a book that is so jam-packed with useful content. Let me begin by talking about the simplest, most easily implementable techniques within this book, before moving on to the more advanced methods.

Avoiding common errors

First up, this book very effectively conveys what not to do. I was surprised to learn that common technical flaws can have such huge repercussions on performance. I was even more surprised by how easily they could be eliminated, and resultantly my performance rose drastically.

It was like taking the breaks off a moving car.

Effortlessly, by eliminating some common flaws from my technique, I was drastically able to boost my putting average, and even regularly score under par – something I had never achieved before buying this ebook.

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This product detailed how one major, but simple technical defect was the cause for the majority of the double bogies out there. After learning it, I could confirm the same by observations – it is easily the most common mistake made by handicap putters today.

But Scott Myers doesn’t stop there. Accompanying every claim like the one above, I found detailed explanations of why these common errors are often made and repeated, and why they rarely get noticed.

For example, Scott explains how a single deceptive appearance is responsible for a large number of golfers believing that a wrong technique is in fact correct.

Simple tweaks. Drastic Results

This product doesn’t just stop with an impressive repertoire of commonly missed but essential to avoid technical flaws.

The bulk of, and indeed the most fascinating portion of this book, consists of simple tweaks in technique that can deliver radical results.

While the list of the tweaks I learned is endless, let me list a few of the more amazing tweaks I discovered within this ebook.

  • Using an easily understood technique detailed in this book, I was able to permanently prevent my wrists from “breaking down” during shots. This dramatically improved my putting accuracy.
  • After understanding the single key to accuracy, I never had to struggle with wildly off-target shots again. Whether I was “in form” or not, I was consistently able to implement this simple technique to achieve an accuracy I previously only dreamed of
  • By applying a simple test, I was able to ensure that my body was perfectly aligned for every shot I took. In addition to the above, this instantly boosted my accuracy, and consequently, my putting score.
  • A simple change to my grip enabled me to keep my putter dead – square throughout my shot, every time.
  • I was able to achieve an impressive smoothness, elegance, and grace to my shots to complement my increased accuracy. This prompted numerous positive remarks among my golfing friends.

Team of golfers

In addition to all of the above, I loved Mark’s writing style. Throughout the PDF, the text is conversational, with detailed yet engrossing explanations of the technical nuances of the game.

Unlike other technical sporting guides, I never once found myself bored or distracted while reading this book. The product is so jam packed with content that the only reason you will want to put the book away is to try out the techniques described!

Advanced techniques from the Pros

“Wait, there’s even more?” You might ask. Indeed there is – this product does not stop at teaching you solutions to common technical flaws, and teaching you simple techniques that can drastically boost your score.

No, this product also includes advanced techniques so far only used by pros, that have the potential to take your game to levels that you may never have imagined.

Ever notice the smooth, effortless swing of pros like Tiger Woods? You probably were highly impressed, yet assumed that such elegance and skill is beyond the grasp of most average players.

Tiger Woods

Think again.

This product details never seen before guides that break down the technique of PGA professionals. I was amazed to see all the little differences that Scott noted between PGA professionals and other players.

For example, did you know that pros spend as much as 90% of their practice time on the putting greens? However, most high-handicap golfers continue to spend (read: waste) most of their time on the driving range.

This product pointed out little technical flaws that were commonly overlooked. However, the pros never made these particular mistakes, while amateurs always did. Coincidence? I think not.

When I executed these techniques, my putting average increased by about 20% within a week. Reviews of my friends who tried this product also reported similar results.

While incredible, these results are by no means surprising, given the amount of research that has gone into this product.

Click here to learn from Putting Secrets Revealed, start using these powerful golf hacks, and start hitting the ball more accurately, and for longer distances!

The Science – Why these techniques work

A wonderful aspect of this product is that, unlike most of the competition, this product describes why the techniques within work so well.

Now, I firmly believe that a deep grasp on the fundamentals is crucial to make long-term, permanent improvements.

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But this is just not possible with regular coaches that parrot the same old advice, which is typically ineffective and based on hearsay.

Neither is this possible with most other similar products on the web – they merely tell you what to do, without any explanation.

In the absence of justification and evidence, the success of any technique is simply a matter of chance.

So how do you keep away from such scams and know which products to buy? Moreover, how do you weed out the effective advice from the masses of useless tips on the internet? I recommended an acid test – to every person who wishes to give you advice, ask them two things:

  • Why do these techniques work
  • Can you show me any tangible outcomes that this technique has achieved

If the product is unable to answer even one of those questions satisfactorily, it is probably a scam unworthy of your money.

Fortunately, the present product beautifully answers both these questions, with detailed explanations as well as real-world results and testimonies backing each and every technique.

Why traditional techniques actually hurt you

Did you ever consider that your technical training could actually be a barrier to achieving your golfing goals?

Because, in many cases, that is exactly what it is.

Traditional training practices have hardly altered over the last 50 years, and have failed to keep pace with developments in biomechanics that have enabled players at the top to perform at amazing levels.

Therefore, what you learn from your neighborhood coach is probably a waste of your time.

“Wait.” You might say. “My trainer is a veteran who won [insert award name] in his day. Why shouldn’t I listen to his advice?” The reason is simple – with all due respect to such players, the advice they give is, in most cases, worthless.

Why? Because it is simply a hand-me-down of the principles they were taught when growing up.

And while certain golfing principles have stood the test of time, most have undergone modification or even been replaced by better tested, more effective techniques.

“But what of his success?” You might ask. Well, simply put, your coach probably succeeded in spite of, and not because of, the outdated techniques that he was trained in. Emulating these techniques today, when there are far easier, more efficient, research proved methods is simply foolish.

Therefore, blindly relying on hand-me-down bits of advice is a recipe for failure. But what is the alternative? Until recently, only pros had access to the more advanced, research backed methods for boosting your average.

This book has however changed that. Now, everyone can access top grade training tips at a fraction of the price of hiring a PGA level coach.

My golfing career

Golf can be a frustrating game. One day you are putting holes effortlessly, and the next you are struggling to putt the easiest of shots. This inconsistency frustrated me to no end, and I tried various methods to enable me to achieve greater accuracy. This included –

  • Hiring a coach
  • Buying every golfing book I could find
  • Watching pros in action and attempting to break down their technique

None of these helped. Sure, I was perhaps slightly more accurate with my putts, but nothing that was worth writing home about.

Golfer Putting

This frustration led me to almost give up golf, a game I loved. At different points, it made me blame my natural talent, the wind, defective putts and even defective balls as the causes for my failure.

None of those could have been further from the truth.

The real flaw lay with my technique. I was initially reluctant to accept this conclusion – after all, I had undergone professional training, done lots of drills, and in general practiced all the traditional modes of achieving “perfect technique”.

Turns out all these techniques are ineffective and wrong, because they rely on flawed assumptions about golf.

Real breakthroughs have been made recently in biomechanics and sport science, which have enable professionals to dramatically boost their scores with simple tweaks, and after removing simple defects.

These benefits haven’t however, percolated down to lower levels of golf. At these levels, traditional and often mistaken techniques continue to be thought with the same vigor.

However, I only realized that after purchasing this product. I really wish I could have had access to this product a few years sooner, as it would have saved me all those months I wasted trying out popular, but ineffective techniques.

Making Changes

When I finally accepted that my technique was to blame, I was initially hesitant to change. Surely, a technique that I had developed over so many years, could not just be easily discarded? I mean, muscle memory cannot be instantly rewired – it needs time.

However, this process of rewiring is made astonishingly simple by the advanced drills included in this ebook. 

You see, all practice relies on two things – mindful effort and repetition. In other words, constantly repeating a particular task, with awareness of the key technical aspects that must remain constant, is the fastest way to build rock-solid, dependable technique.

That is exactly what the drills within this product helped me achieve. Moreover, what I liked about the drills was the focus on simple, tangible outcome. I was literally able to see myself get better over the course of hours.

Quite frankly, it was one of the most effective and powerful training methods I have ever seen.

And this is despite the fact that I have played competitive sports at a very high level since childhood, being exposed to hard, professional training from a young age. Yet no single practice altered my performance as drastically as the techniques detailed in this book were able to.

My Results

Golfer Smiling

I eagerly awaited my chance to finally apply the techniques within this product to a competitive golfing scenario. My results when I did so were astonishing. After just two weeks of reading this book and practicing the techniques within, I was able to-

  • Judge, with pinpoint accuracy, the distance that the ball would travel with every shot
  • Line up perfectly for every putt – this was an incredible result, because by achieving this I was finally able to have the highly elusive yet desirable consistency in my shots
  • Keep my putter face square through every shot – I realized that when I was excited, nervous, or otherwise even slightly distracted, the first thing that would suffer would be the angle of my putter face. This would have disastrous consequences upon my shots. However, with this technique, I was able to all but eliminate such errors, and consistently putt the ball in the desired direction.
  • Comfortably and accurately take shots from all positions and angles. Previously, I always struggled with unusual slopes, curves, and greens. However, using the simple alignment techniques detailed in this product, I learned how to be in the ideal position to putt regardless of the angle or the position of the ball.

My golfing level had gone from bumbling amateur to impressive veteran in no time. This is about as impressive a result that I have achieved using any sporting tool or book in my life.


This product contains no fillers or other pointless information – from start to finish, it is simply jam packed with powerful tips, each of which, individually, have the potential to take your golfing to the next level.

Combined, the impact of these tips on your game is revolutionary. With minimum effort, I was able to achieve putting scores that I had never even come close to despite years of practice.

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As a method to break through performance plateaus, and unfurl your true potential, this product is unparalleled. Yet it is also incredibly useful for the average Joe, who is simply a weekend warrior wanting to up his putting average by a few points to impress his friends.

It is this versatility of this product that is its most impressive feature. You do not need any basic level of skill to directly begin applying the techniques within this powerful PDF. All tweaks are explained in a simple, step by step manner that leaves no room for confusion.

Now, given the fact that the powerful techniques within this ebook are not available anywhere else outside of the professional circuit, and the affordable price of the product, I would consider buying this product to be a no-brainer for any golfer looking to improve his performance, regardless of age or skill level.

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Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed Review: Improve Your Putting!
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