Bodyweight Surge Review: Get Strong And Ripped Without Any Machines?

Are you tired of cutting down fats and calories in your diet, without seeing any appreciable decrease in your weight? Do you have doubts about your training program because it doesn’t seem to work? In that case, this review will help you.

I have often seen fitness enthusiasts spending hours at the gym every evening. Many of these individuals have been pretty overweight at some point in their lives.

In fact, many people seem to reduce visible weight within a month. After noticing this, I felt pretty surprised and awed. And so, I went on to find out the secret.

I spent a couple of days on the internet trying to look for the secret. There were various different programs that I came across, offering quick weight loss. However, none of these programs had satisfying customer reviews.

Then, I ran into Bodyweight Surge. This program immediately caught my eye as it comes with a great offer. The offer is, to get your belly fat reduced in 14 days, and that too without dieting! Yes, you read that right.

How could that be possible? Being very curious, I started looking for product reviews over the internet. To my surprise, each and every person who bought this program could guarantee that it works!

What is Bodyweight Surge?

So what is Bodyweight Surge after all? Well, it is a promising program that you can use for losing weight. Moreover, this program also helps you get in shape.

While using this program, you will not have to worry about starving yourself. This is because this program is designed to work in a way so that you do not have to cut off important nutrients from your diet.

A lot of people ask, “How is it possible to reduce your body fat without dieting”? Well, this program rests upon what we call surging the metabolism by using surge sets. This method has been proven in various different scientific studies and findings. It basically allows you to reduce fat at a much faster rate than at which it is produced in the body.

This program is gender neutral. It means, that both men and women can take benefit of it.

One of the biggest benefits of this product is that it is available to you in the form of videos and E-books. This reduces the burden of carrying it around to the gym, and also makes things a lot more manageable.

The working principles behind Bodyweight Surge

As I had mentioned earlier, this program rests upon the concepts of surge sets. The author of this program is Jason Klein, who is a professional coach.

The simple concept behind this program is that one can reduce body fat 4 times faster by making use of surges during workout. This is best done through the body weight, rather than through external weight exercises.

A screenshot from the product website talking about the Bodyweight Surge research at the University of Tampa.

After you buy this program and go through it, you will come to know that many of your exercises were wrong. Normally, we tend to develop inefficient programs for ourselves when we are beginners. We are no professionals after all.

This program will tell you that which types of exercises work, and which don’t. Not only that, it will also give you a proper ready-made workout plan to follow.

One of the most important things that are mentioned in this program, is the importance of compound exercises. The program says that isolation exercises take longer to reduce fat, even though they do work. However, compound multi-level exercises are far more effective.

It also teaches you the following things:

  • How to perform short and effective 15 minute workouts using bodyweight exercises, on a daily basis.
  • What progression to use while working out.
  • Reduce joint stress when performing bodyweight exercises.
  • How to make use of a secret nutrition trick that is scientifically proven

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What is the 14-Day Plan included in this program?

In case you were wondering what the 14-day plan in Bodyweight Surge is, here it is:


On day 1, all that you have to do is to check your body fat percentage. Do not worry at all, because this is something that this guide will tell you. Also, you compute your lean mass. Based on the results, you then develop a nutrition plan. This way, you can optimize your diet to work for your weight loss.

Prime Surge

Since you are just beginning, you do not need to go harsh on yourself. From day 2 to day 5, all that you need to do is some warm up exercises for 15 minutes. Followed by that, you have to do some core exercises for 4 minutes after which there is a 4 minutes strength surge exercise session.

Strength Surge

From day 6 to day 10, you would have already had a good warmup and your body is ready to face new challenges. During this time, you basically repeat the same workout however the exercises differ from those in days to 5.

Power Surge

During the rest of the days i.e. day 11 to day 14, you again follow the same workout. However, this time you do some addition workout exercises that boost up your fat burning process. By the end of the 14th day, you would be able to feel appreciable changes in your weight.

By the time you are done with this program, you might be a big fan of it. Honestly, I have read a couple of customer reviews and feedback for this product over the internet. While some people say they lost around 10 pounds, others have lost as much as 15 pounds at the end of the program.

What does this program include?

Since this is a program that is downloadable, it does not come in the form of physical guides. This simply makes it more conveniently used. This program has a number of workout videos that are arranged by days. Perhaps this is why it is so easy to use. Also, it includes an eBook which gives you all sorts of information that you need to help yourself lose a great amount of weight.

It also includes the below-mentioned stuff:

Nutrition Manual

This manual is ideal, for you to plan your diet out. After all, diet is important and it is a major factor that contributes to your overall fitness. So make sure to follow this manual and a keep a track of your calories.

14-day access to the membership area in Strength Academy website

This is just a bonus access offered in this program, which takes you deeper into the rules of losing fat. Consider it as a side advantage that will help you in boosting up the amount of fat you lose.

Workout Log

You would not really be able to work out efficiently unless and until you are able to keep a track of your progress. This is exactly what the workout log is for! In this log, you can track your entire workout and progress, to see yourself improving.

Who made this program?

Well after finding out that Jason Klein, was the creator of this program I was not really surprised after all.

This is because it was easily expected of him to come up with such a masterpiece. After all, he is a well-educated and talented coach in this area. I would be surprised if the creator turned out to be someone else.

Jason Klein is one of the most popular fitness trainers and coaches in the country. He is responsible for training a big number of marine and forces members.

I think the number of marines that he has trained would go up to hundreds. Since then, he has also been training civilians out of sheer enthusiasm for fitness.

Having mentored more than 2500 people just over the last year, he carries great coaching experience. He has a master’s of science which makes him one of the most reliable people to refer to for weight loss training.

Indeed, he knows his work and is someone whom you can totally rely upon. And this is not me saying it, this is what hundreds of customer reviews will tell you.

Our final conclusion for Bodyweight Surge program

Weight loss programs like this are not really common at all. Trust me when I say this. I have gone through most of those that are available on the internet.

This particular program totally relies on scientific research and findings. Hence, you have all the proof that whatever you are following is proven. This is something that all other weight loss programs on the internet lack.

Unlike other programs, Bodyweight Surge does not make fake promises. Instead, it talks about realistic aims. Indeed, that is what works when it comes to work out and fitness.

You do not even need complex equipment to be able to follow this program. All that you need is some body weight, which you sure do have and some free time.

Considering the reliability and effectiveness of this product, I would give it a score of 9.5/10. This is because it exceeds all expectations, from the very first day. You will know what I mean to imply, once you use it.

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Bodyweight Surge Review: Get Strong And Ripped Without Any Machines?
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