Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review: How Effective Are They?

Flaws of the fitness industry

Food and fitness industries are quickly becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This is both a good and bad thing.

The good thing is that more and more people are realizing how important it is to be healthy and look good. The bad thing is that just like any other big industry, food and fitness industries are flawed.

You have to take everything into consideration, from the cost of the fitness equipment to some celebrity advertising some particular product. And as in any industry, the people with the best marketing often have the best results. I mean, you may have a killer diet or effective set of exercises that work perfectly, but

I mean, you may have a killer diet or effective set of exercises that work perfectly, but you still need to convince people that your product is good. And your product is good if people are satisfied with it and put good reviews for it. But still, you need to attract them first.

It is very hard to compete with these big giants who are trying to monopolize the industry by creating their brands that everyone will follow

Looking beneath the rocks

I don’t like nor appreciate the general view on exercises or diets; I think everyone should search beneath the rocks. There are thousands and thousands of great programs out there, programs that are cheaper and work better than some expensive fitness class or equipment.

It is very easy to just accept what the general population is doing. A few days ago I stumbled upon two experts who actually do things differently. They specialize in bodyweight exercises 99% of trainers never even heard of.

Clients from all over the world appreciate and thank them every day. The gentlemen’s names are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoc. More importantly, they started some kind of revolution in the fitness industry, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to them.

Despising the status quo

Adam and Ryan hate the status quo. If you look at all the areas of human activities, it is the people who change things that drive mankind forward. Their premise is very simple: you already have everything you need to exercise and achieve the perfect body.

Actually, all you need is your bodyweight and the knowledge on how to transform your body. They realized that the biggest problem for bodyweight training is the lack of variation.

Moreover, they are dull and unimaginative. Indeed, you only do so many pushups, situps, and jumping jacks, but you will eventually be bored. As a matter of fact, I hate jumping jacks, and so do Adam and Ryan.

For this reason, they developed the unique, fun and innovative program for everyone who hates conventional exercising. They call their program the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

So what exactly is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution package

This program is based on Circular Strenght Training. It applies cutting-edge research in bio tensegrity (which is basically a frontier to anatomical studies). Furthermore, they combine this research with the latest development in the sports industry.

The combination of these elements creates exercises that will make you happier, healthier and fitter than you’ve ever been.

This program avoids:

  • Dragging yourself to the gym. That is correct, you don’t need a gym to practice this program. Moreover, you don’t need any special equipment!
  • Forget boring and dull exercises. The main reason why people give up on exercising is that they get bored. And who wouldn’t?
  • Because most bodyweight programs are tough, a lot of people end up injured. This happens because most trainers think that the harder you work, the stronger and better you get. Often times emphasis on hard exercises can be contra productive

This program focuses on:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved pain-free range of motion
  • Stress-free exercising. Why? Because you know you are on the right track to achieving your personal goals
  • Fat loss
  • Greater strength
  • Muscle building
  • Longevity
  • General athleticism
  • And many other positive things…

More importantly, you will see the results in your first month, which will be additional motivation for you. This program is trying to bring the fun back into the bodyweight exercising

This program is trying to bring the fun back into the bodyweight exercising, while still focusing on getting the good result. As a matter of fact, it is not trying, it is succeeding in doing all this!

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Why are Adam and Ryan confident in their program?

There are several factors that these guys point out.

Firstly, they state that one of the problems most exercise programs have is the balance of work and rest. This is why people fail to achieve their goals; their coaches either force them to work too hard or are too soft on their students.

On the other hand, the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution ensures that you exercise optimally on your High-Intensity days. Basically, unlike most trainers, Adam and Ryan focus on the quality, not the quantity of your exercise.

Furthermore, they’ve discovered a fitness myth that is killing your results: the equipment. According to these guys, the fitness industry wants you to believe that you can’t get in shape without treadmills, ab rollers, and other expensive tools. Well, they are wrong.

According to them, the most important indicator of true strength is how you can handle your own body weight.

What will you get from the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

This program is a perfect solution for anyone who is interested in fun and effective exercising. The focus of this program is on bodyweight training with the usage of a few simple tools.

  • With this program, you will discover the #1 most important factor for long-term fitness success
  • Learn exactly how to structure your training for maximum fat loss
  • Free programs designed by private and expensive experts
  • Save yourself from the common mistakes most home workouts programs make
  • You will discover the secret techniques that will allow you to actually look and feel younger as you train
  • Balance of quality and quantity of your training
  • Intensity formula: learn how to maximize your potential during exercises
  • Apply what you learn in various sports. You will be able to pick sports very quickly due to your overall athleticism

Can anyone follow this program?


It really doesn’t matter whether you have or don’t have any experience with exercises or training. As I’ve already mentioned it in this review, this is a pretty unconventional program. Even if you have exercised before, you will still feel new to this program.

You will actually look forward to your next exercise session because they are fun, interesting and are easy to follow. Noone is too fit or too unfit for this program. Furthermore, it is a safe haven for anyone who was injured or has injury problems.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution takes kindly to those who are injured. It has pre incorporated recovery techniques in every exercise session. So if you suffer from any injury, know that you can recover pain-free mobility and freedom you had before the injury.

Moreover, you will finally say goodbye to the constant notion that you have to be careful about how you exercise. Once you go through the recovery program, you will feel as you did before the injury.

This literally is a program for anyone because it doesn’t require any additional equipment, supplements or anything like that. You already have everything you need to start training; your bodyweight!

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution eBook

This eBook is the summa summarum of the program. It contains everything you need to know about it. However, if there are things that are unclear to you or if you have any questions, the customer service will inform you about everything you want.

In this book, you will get:

  • Over 165 pages of jam-packed explanations and instructions
  • Color photos with detailed descriptions for every exercise and their variations
  • 5 step by step 28-day programs
  • 20 weeks of distinct programming. This feature represents potential months or even years variations on exercise level and intensity
  • A downloadable mp4 follow-along video covering joint health and mobility part of the program
  • The 28-day programs (Fat Loss Program, Muscle Gain Program, Strenght Building Program, Longevity Program, General Athleticism Program)

Bonus content and features:

  • Follow-along videos for all the circuits and training sessions
  • A Bonus chapter on how to integrate other Circular Strenght Traning (CST) programs into 4×7 periodization
  • You will have total access to the ongoing support from the BodyWeightCoach. You can log in to ask any questions about the program
  • Access to all potential future updates for all who buy this program

The list of people who are this program is incredible. It is great for anyone, from CEOs to professional athletes, and they’ve already put good reviews for this program. And the list keeps growing. Why wouldn’t it? You exercise and have fun at the same time.

You exercise and have fun at the same time. That is the main feature of this program. Furthermore, it doesn’t force things. You will look forward to the next session, which is hard to imagine with bodyweight programs.

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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review: How Effective Are They?
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