Bodyweight Burn Review: Can you work out just 21 minutes a day?

Did you know that weight gain is becoming a pandemic? Statistics reveal it all. Two-third of adults are either suffering from either excessive weight gain or obesity. Most people brush off the possibility of themselves becoming part of the statistics. Weight loss is easy, but it is threefold as hard to lose weight. If you are the kind who believes in the work smart not hard slogan, this program works for you. Continue reading to get more insights.

Bodyweight Burn

This is a weight loss program that was designed by Adam Steer. He found a way to help people lose weight without working so hard for it. For a 21 minute workout every day, you can lose weight really quickly and still get to eat nice foods.

It activates the body’s fat-burning metabolism by seventy percent compared to conventional workouts. Adam Steer designed the program as a way of helping people who are not ready to sacrifice nice foods or go through intensive workouts. The workout techniques aim at helping the body to boost the rate of metabolism. You will also find yourself building lean muscle. Bodyweight Burn work smart not hard

The root of the problem

These workouts are cleverly designed to target the root of the problem that leads to people becoming overweight. As far as body weight exercises go, these take the cake and revolutionize the game. The other thing that’s so different about this one is that you don’t need weights or the gym to work out. Be attentive to this one. You will need your own body weight to lose extra weight.

Of course, you might be skeptical about the whole thing but here is the interesting part, it has received awesome reviews from the users who have found it working so well, they wonder why excess weight is still a problem to many people today.Bodyweight Burn Review: Can you work out just 21 minutes a day?

The Book Contents

  1. The Workout Routine– This is the sequence you need to go through to lose weight. These exercises start from the easiest moving on upwards to the much more difficult to perform. As you progress, one exercise will ease you gently into the next one and you will be able to progress as you should with no problems whatsoever.

The author who is an expert knows what kind of exercise you should do and at what stage. The manner in which you do it can be found illustrated in the book with explanations and if they are not clear enough, you can always go on the internet and find Adam Steer’s videos about the same.

The program is divided into sections spanning six weeks each. The first six weeks are known as the metabolic base.  Throughout this period, you adhere to a fixed schedule. This involves six mixed workouts and only one day for resting. The second phase is the metabolic explosion. The difference is that during this phase, the workouts be more difficult but doable.

  1. The Diet– When you are trying to lose weight this fast, the best way would be in a state of awareness about what you eat and in what quantities. Unlike most intense diets which torture you, you will only need to ration food in a healthy way with this training to make it through.

Of course, you will need to eat healthier foods but no one will ask you to starve yourself. Actually, eat as much as nutrients as you would like and stick to the program. It works like magic that way. No stress or undue problems.

  1. The Synergy Process– This is the concept that the author included in his book and we felt it would be a nice touch in this review. This concept explains that you can achieve 100% fat-burning potential if you do the three workout methods that he shows you in the book.

These include The BW3 Workout System, The Carb-Synch Diet System, and the charts. These three form a very big part of the bodyweight burning system. He says that they only work interdependently. You need to do all of them in synchronization to achieve the best results.

The Process of Losing Weight As Explained by Bodyweight Burn

This right here is just a sneak peek into the book. To get the whole thing, you will need to purchase the workout package which includes books and videos.

The BW3 Workout– This is a sort of guide or handbook or manual that contains all the little facts you need to know before you can start losing weight effectively. You will find included in this, all the secrets and discoveries about body fats that we don’t know, and when you master all of them, you will be able to lose all the fat you want in the shortest time possible.

BW3 Exercises– In this part of the book, you will be able to find the illustrations that detail the correct position that you should adopt for a certain style to work. These illustrations are full color and very precise about what you should be doing.

They will help you do everything correctly and optimize the experience. If you want, you can watch the videos on YouTube or order them to be brought to you.

Carb-Synch Diet– This is a system that is designed to manage your diet. What you are supposed to eat, when and in what quantities is all included here for you to follow. This will be able to reduce the fat intake by maximizing the effectiveness of the program. Hardly ever is anything gotten without some effort or sacrifice and this program is no different. A meal plan demands a lot but gives equally a lot in return.

Charts– You can hang these up on the walls for reminders. You can keep track of everything that you are doing, everything that you are supposed to be doing, in what quantities, and at what time. Keeping track of everything gets easier and better when you have these charts that will be obviously provided in the package.

Additional Material– These include the charts mentioned above, the videos that can be found on the internet, and the little tidbits that he drops on his website. These will go a long way in helping you get motivated especially after seeing the testimonies given by people who have successfully used the program.Bodyweight Burn work smart not hard

The Best Features of This Program

  1. It is found easily– This program is easily accessed because all you have to do is go online and get it from there. When you consider how long it takes to go shopping for things at the malls, you will see the importance of getting what you need as fast as you want it.

The other additional material like videos and additional information can also be found in the internet with no fuss whatsoever.

  1. It does not need special equipment– When you are told about losing weight, you think of yourself going to the gym with your oddly shaped body and most likely getting ridiculed by the regulars there.

Relax because this time you are not going to the gym and no, you are not buying gym equipment, your body will be the gym and it will help itself lose weight.

  1. Well structured– This program is designed to make this as easy for you as you would like. It is well arranged into parts that are easy to understand follow and implement. It would be nonsensical to create a brilliant but hard-to-understand program.

In fact, you can think of it as a kids’-like illustrated book because it’s full of diagrams that are easy to copy. So, when you buy the book, don’t worry that it might be hard to understand. You are on safe ground.

  1. The author is a professional– Don’t worry that the exercises are rudimentary or too simple to be true. The author is very accomplished when it comes to fitness. So, when you start working on the program, know that your instructions are coming from the guru himself. Which is even better because no one would want to be taught by amateurs. You can check out his website at
  2. The time frame– Working out for less than half an hour a day and losing all that weight in such a short time has to be the best feature of this program. 21 minutes a day is all you need to get back in a healthy shape with not so much hassle as other people have.

This is very ideal especially if you don’t have much time on your daily schedule to use for exercising. The good thing is you don’t even need to run. It’s all about burning the fat as fast as possible with little floor space for the exercises.Bodyweight Burn work smart not hard

The Thing about Running as Exercise

You probably didn’t know this but a study at the University of California, Berkely has found out that people who jog in their early years end up being fatter in the future. This happens because when you run, your body will just be stocking up on Cortisol which is a hormone specifically produced for stress.

This hormone helps the body to lose weight in small amounts but when it is produced in large amounts, it can make the body go into a state of protecting itself by stocking up on fat and when this becomes a little much, you will be risking heart disorders among other diseases caused by it.

That’s why this shorter workout is suitable for you who are trying to lose weight properly. It’s intense and very reliable and there will be no cortisol-induced side effects. Bodyweight burn covers it all.Bodyweight Burn work smart not hard

The Pros

  1. It Is Healthy

There are programs that are created with the intention of losing weight without taking into account the human body and the way it behaves under certain conditions. I doubt that anyone can say anything bad about a 21-minute workout that uses you as the weights.

You see, the professional who came up with these reports no claims of people who were affected by this program negatively. Even if he hasn’t, no one else has reported anything bad about it. It is perfectly safe and easy.

  1. All Natural

This program will not require you to use any pills or medication that will be for the purpose of enhancing the training. Any and all the methods that are described in the program are natural and doable with a keen following of instructions. This does not have to be hard.

The program does not incorporate equipment if it is your cause of annoyance. Additionally, if you want to avoid glances at gyms and work out in the comfort of your house, this is the right program for you. To put it in simple terms, it is a twelve-week workout and meal plan program with an end goal of putting down twenty-one pounds. Workouts only last for twenty minutes every day.
  1. Quick Results 

There are programs that take months of crippling hard work and lots of time to accomplish but here, you will as I had said earlier, be working out 21 minutes a day with the correct diet and instructions.

With dedication, you are expected to get back in shape in under 8 weeks. You will see the results very soon into the program. The first week alone should be able to produce a marked decrease in body weight and then as you progress, you will see the fat disappearing slowly.

  1. Healthier Body

Apart from losing weight remarkably well, you will also be expected to have some remarkable changes that will include increased flexibility and a well-toned body. You will be able to walk or run for longer without feeling like you will collapse.

A healthier body is just what you need to survive the shortened lifespans we enjoy today due to the bad diets and lack of exercises

  1. Cheap With Money Back Guarantee

The whole kit will cost you no more than just $37 which when you consider the benefits you are about to enjoy, is a cheap price to pay. When you have this kit, you will be able to save money on all the potential mishaps that can be caused by being overweight.

And although I doubt you are going to need a refund, they have put it up anyway for the doubters. When you get into the program, there are a 60-day money-back guarantee if the product fails to work. But don’t count on it failing. You’ll actually see that this scam-free bargain is worth your money.

The Con

  • If you want to access bodyweight burn materials in full, you are going to need the internet but you can also get them delivered to you in hard copy but the videos will be a bit harder to access if you have no internet connection.

But, that should not bother you because it is a simple problem a smartphone or a computer can solve.


This program is very easy to get into, very easy to follow and the results are nothing short of remarkable. A review is usually an examination of the good and the bad of a product but this one has no bad side as far as I can tell. The consumer reviews say so, the product says so and the testimonies of people who have implemented it have said so.

The only thing left for you to do right now is getting rid of that ungainly fat and be able to walk shirtless without feeling the stares of judgment. Bask in the glow of your new body that is healthier and better. A new version of you that is confident and self-assured.

Get a digital copy of Adam Steers’s bodyweight burn program. Start your weight loss journey without strain today.

It’s not a scam, bodyweight burn is the real deal, buy it now to enjoy the benefits as outlined in the review.

Bodyweight Burn

Get Bodyweight Burn today, stop spending hours doing ineffective workouts, and start working out more effectively for just 21 minutes!

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