Body Weight Pilates Review: Most Natural Way To Build Muscle?

What exactly is Pilates?

So, you are thinking about trying Pilates. Or, you are already doing it, but you want to explore the possibilities and limits, the pros and cons of Pilates. Well, you are in the right place.

Most women don’t really take Pilates seriously. They don’t look at it as a training, a series of precise and controlled postures and exercises. And because they don’t take it seriously, they never get the results they want.

Pilates is very affordable. You just place your gym mat on the floor and you are pretty much good to go. Well, at least you are equipped to go. Practicing on that gym mat is a whole different story. Pilates moves and exercises may look simple, but trust me, they aren’t. And the exercises are usually done in a very specific order.

Pilates moves and exercises may look simple, but trust me, they aren’t. And the exercises are usually done in a very specific order. Furthermore, they require a lot of attention, energy and most importantly, strong will and determination.Body Weight Pilates Turn Your Body Into A Beautiful Sculpture

Why should everyone try Pilates?

of all, it requires no special training equipment. You can do it on the gym mat either at your home or in Pilates class (trust me, after you read this review, you won’t be needing any Pilates class or “certified trainers”).

Training usually takes less than an hour, which is great and very efficient because you will actually feel rejuvenated after the training. You should, that is the whole point of Pilates.

So what are the benefits of Pilates?

  • Medium intensity – While Pilates is somehow demanding, it won’t exhaust you. It could be said that Pilates in somewhere between Yoga and classic gym workout because of its emphasis on discipline.
  • It focuses on core, arms, and legs – This is perfect for those who want to lose weight, strengthen their body but not exhaust themselves by doing hard exercises.
  • Cost effective – I’ve found is that the best way to do Pilates is at your home. You just need a gym mat and someone to guide you through your exercises (and I know someone perfect for this role!)
  • Perfect for beginners – Pilates is very beginner friendly because it has various exercises, from basic to expert level.
  • No equipment required – This is my personal Nota Bene when it comes to Pilates. I know there are a lot of machines and equipment out there, but they won’t speed up the process. So remember: you don’t need any machines for Pilates.Body Weight Pilates Review: Most Natural Way To Build Muscle?

Why doesn’t Pilates work for me?

Women get into Pilates for different reasons. Mostly they want to transform themselves, both inwardly and outwardly. And Pilates kind of works both ways. You can do it if you have extra energy, or if you feel down and unenergized. It all depends on what exercises you will practice.

However, a big part of those who practice Pilates doesn’t achieve the results they wanted to when they started practicing it. And there are various reasons for this.

According to Sylvia Favela, the author of Body Weight Pilates, there are 3 common mistakes women make when they start Pilates. She goes as far as saying that Pilates studios or DVD courses are completely clueless to these mistakes. And they do it unintentionally.

When studios or DVD courses prepare their clients for training, they usually trigger the great amount of heart-wrenching belly fat stress levels, or even worse, their clients end up injured.

Why should we listen to what Sylvia has to say?

First of all, she is a single mom, a certified comprehensive Pilates instructor, and a female body transformation specialist. Like most of us, she started from scratch and on her own, struggling with her own self-image problems.

After surviving a car accidence, she wasn’t the same person anymore. She lost her way, constantly thinking about the accidence caused a lot of stress that negatively reflected on her body. Ultimately, even her husband left her; he just couldn’t recognize her anymore.

But she managed to climb her way up with the help of her Pilates program, BodyWeigh Pilates. She quickly reclaimed her sexy and healthy body, boosted her self-esteem and confidence. Suddenly, she was no longer alone and afraid, but single and brave, and there is a big difference between these two terms.

She literally reinvented herself with the help of a few tips, and she is willing enough to share those tips with us.Body Weight Pilates Turn Your Body Into A Beautiful Sculpture

Body Weight Pilates

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3 common mistakes

But first, before I tell you more about her program, I want to share with you the 3 common mistakes most women make when they practice Pilates

Mistake #1 Studio Pilates Sessions

Your local Pilates studio, filled with fancy equipment and machines, solely relies on one routine for everyone. This is a big problem because Pilates is very personal and unique, meaning that different exercises work differently for different people.

So you can imagine that, when 50-100 women are doing the same exercises, most of them won’t benefit from those exercises. Think about all the differences: the age, the physical predispositions, the training capabilities… all neglected.

Furthermore, many of these Pilates instructors get their certificates online, and some of them even become professionals overnight, which is a recipe for disaster.

Mistake #2 Bigger is Better

Thinking that bigger and more notable pilates class will give you better results is a general misconception. Attending popular Pilates classes that are buffed by celebrity reviews can be very stressful, and visiting bigger classes causes more stress.

When we are stressed, we produce hormone cause cortisol. During that time, our body acts in a very protective manner, storing fat in our belly and thighs as if it is preparing for disaster. But, there usually is not disaster ahead of us, and that fat stays unspent.

Mistake #3 Lack of Progressive Active Flow

General Pilates class usually involves the same, repetitive movement with no progressive flow, the results are nonexistent. And because classes are usually big, there is no time for individual guidance. Maybe some exercises do change, but there is usually no prudential progression.

So you end up doing the same thing while expecting different results. Isn’t that the definition of craziness?

Don’t worry, there is a way to bypass all these mistakes and achieve everything you should with healthy and progressive Pilates.

Body Weight Pilates

Body Weight Pilates is step by step program for women, and its fundamental principle is Power Flow.

Power Flow is the correct way of doing pilates because it takes everything into consideration: proper timing and posture, flow and intensity, challenging your body without compromising it.

This program is designed to deliver the most fun, progressive and results-driven Pilates experience possible. Furthermore, it will boost your metabolism, flatten your tummy, firm your booty and sculpt your body!

And lastly, it is designed exclusively for women, both beginners, and experienced practitioners.

It is NOT a list of boring and repetitive moves, it does NOT require fancy expensive equipment and it is NOT a generic mainstream approach to Pilates.Body Weight Pilates Turn Your Body Into A Beautiful Sculpture

How does Body Weight Pilates work?

This program has 3 powerful phases.

Phase 1: Prime

This is a prime phase. It is a building block for the entire program that starts with the basic, initial exercises. Sylvia argues that there shouldn’t be any second guessing with this phase. You have to follow it from start to finish and be persistent.

Phase 2: Core

This phase includes 31 core body weight pilates exercises. These exercises are delivered in image format via a PDF file, backed up by series of easy to follow and use videos. The great thing about this videos is that you can download them on any device that can play videos, study them alongside with PDF file.

Phase 3: Sculpt

This phase is all about turning your body into a beautiful sculpture that no one will ignore.

By focusing on your upper body and using 11 additional exercises that come with the Body Weight Pilates. Note that you mustn’t skip any phase because the firm core is a foundation of the upper body.

Meanwhile, you will also do exercises for the lower body. It also comes with 11 exercises specifically designed to strengthen the lower body.Body Weight Pilates Turn Your Body Into A Beautiful SculptureBody Weight Pilates Turn Your Body Into A Beautiful Sculpture

Why is this program a must for Pilates enthusiasts?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced with Pilates, this program is proven to work and praised in numerous reviews. Literally, anyone who has any interest in Pilates should probably buy this program.

And it comes with everything you need:

  • 31 Core Pilates Exercises for a strong core
  • Upper, and Lower Body Exercises for perfect sculpture
  • Quick Start Guide designed for beginners
  • Flexibility and Mobility Guide that will teach you how to perform exercises more efficiently after which you will feel flexible and mobile
  • Body Weight Pilates Workout Guide that will help you organize and be as efficient as possible
  • And the list goes on…

When you summarize everything, you will get 68 Easy To Follow Videos, 7 Manuals, Quickstart Guide PLUS 3 Special Bonuses.

So, if you are looking for a natural and effective guide to Pilates, this is definitely a program for you.

Body Weight Pilates

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