Blast Your Biceps Review: Explode Your Bicep Growth Tonight?

How to get Bigger Muscles?

Big muscles are a turn on, we all know that. Everyone wants to touch those biceps and getting laid becomes so easy. It’s all about going to a club and then selecting which girl you want to get going with. It’s easy, you are the alpha.

So, why don’t you join the gym and become the alpha? Well, if it were that easy, you would have already done that.

The Creator of Blast Your Biceps

The Creator of Blast Your Biceps

Getting to the gym is just the start of it. Six months later you will see ‘some’ gains. Your body will start toning. A little bigger biceps and a tiny bit of change on the shoulders. It gets you motivated to do more. But this is what you will see after 6 months.

For the First three or four, there is hardly any noticeable change. Of course, there is a bit, but it will be significant after 6-8 months

It is a Grind

After that, you won’t see any gains for a very long time. Your body will adapt to the workout as well. So there is hardly anything you can do, besides changing your diet, workout and exerting yourself. There won’t be any gains still. Keep doing this after every 3 months. There are a few more changes in your body, but nothing noticeable.

So what do you do? Keep pushing yourself. Rinse and repeat. Keep on changing things to not make it sound monotonous. But well, at the end of the day, you are lifting dumbbells. It is a grind. There is nothing you can do to change it if you go the traditional way.

Focus on What’s important

Most of the people ignore the other parts of the body and focus only on their torso. Chest, shoulders, and biceps. These three parts make your frame look good, and people focus only on these. If you see most of the models have only these parts strong. While a few focus on the back as well. This approach saves a lot of time.

While you are focusing on only 3 parts instead of 6, getting there becomes easier. You spend less time, less energy and still gain a lot more a lot faster. But the core of your body does not develop that rapid and will stunt your growth after a year or so, but by then you will already be the alpha.

• Get Bigger Biceps

The most important part of your torso is your bicep. The muscle is very small and does not grow quickly. But this what everyone will see and know if you go to a gym. The bigger the bicep the better the man, well that’s not how it works but that’s pretty much how everyone thinks. So, if you want to get those chicks, get the biceps.

• Avoid SNAS

This is not a disease but this is what most of the men are suffering from. Spaghetti Noodle Arms Syndrome. It is ridiculous. Both, the term and the victims. It is so funny to look at those arms which only have bones and veins. Even fat looks good in comparison to those. Changing this could make a difference in your life.

• Get a Diet

Get a well-balanced diet; that protein and the fat. You need the macro as well as those micronutrients to get those really big muscles. If you don’t have a good diet, the workout is as good as useless. So, get a diet as quickly as you can and follow it. It could make all the difference in your body

• Get stuck

You have done all of the above steps successfully. Congratulations! But now you are going to do the grind and get stuck in it.  You won’t see any progress for a very long time. There is hardly any change in you after the grind. There is no difference that you can spot. Your body gets saturated from the workout and nothing could change it.

It is difficult

There are things you can do though to look good. It will compromise a little on your overall fitness but it works. You will be obviously fitter than anyone who does not a gym and your old self too. But you won’t be as fit as you were supposed to be. All you focused on was your torso, made a cosmetic body. So, yes you are fit and you are getting laid, but you aren’t the best version of yourself.

Is there any way in which you can get those biceps quickly and approach from the right path?

Introducing: Blast Your Biceps

Blast Your Biceps is the solution to all your problems. It is a guide that shows you the correct path to fitness. There are numerous ways in which you can become the alpha, but this is the correct path. The creator is an Alpha himself, so it is like getting training from someone at the gym, firsthand. Someone who will be looking at you and correct you to make you good at it.

What is Blast You Biceps?

Blast Your biceps is the guide to getting bigger biceps quickly using the correct method. It is a complete guide for the user. All the problems someone who recently joined the gym could face are solved in the guide. Problems of saturation faced by the experts are also solved in the guide. The not only focuses on biceps but the overall build of a person.

  • The Solution to bigger biceps
  • Works for Beginners and Advanced Lifter

What does Blast Your Biceps do?

Blast your biceps paces up your complete bodybuilding plan using some expert tricks. The program uses natural approach towards the goals so that there are no effects on your body. The natural approach also means that the program works for everyone. Irrespective of your body type and age, you can follow the program. The diets will be slightly different, but that’s it.

It gives you a nice workout routine along with proper posture techniques. There is no need to worry about them anymore. Blast Your Biceps has got your back.

  • Get you those 18′-Big-Biceps that you can go around and flaunt. Show them off to people and get everyone’s attention.
  • Get the results quickly with the program and avoid being stuck in the unnecessary grind that no one like to be in.

The Bonuses

If the guide wasn’t enough, there are free bonuses that come along with the guide.

#1 “Blast Your Biceps” Quick Start Guide

A guide to quickly get you going within weeks. If you are beginner you’ll need this to understand how the program is going to get you what you signed up for. This quickstart guide gives you a head start on everyone else.

#2 Lean Muscle Mass Nutrition Guide

To get the lean muscle with all the cuts and that look really good, you need to meet a nutrition requirement. This guide is to give you the nutrition specifics of the ripped shredded body. It will give you an insight of what you need to have to get those brick hard muscles.

#3 Supplement Review Guide

Along with a proper diet, you’ll need supplements if you workout becomes intense. Most of the times, even when you have counted intake of everything, your diet lacks a few bits. You need to fill up these bits without spoiling the counts of the other. This is where supplements come in.

The guide gives a detail about what every supplement does and then you can decide if you need it or not. Instead of wondering which one should you take, it helps yo know what does what and get the right one for yourself.

#4 Body Transformation Tracker

It is a scientific study that if you track your progress the results come out faster. Since you will always be motivated to change those numbers with the biggies. You will know where you are lacking and it will always be on your mind to work on those parts.

So this part of the guide is to give you a handbook where you can track your progress. The guide also tells you what parts you need to measure and how. What could be worse than tracking your progress wrongly?

Return Policy

After all this, if you think you are not making any progress or if there is any other reason you think the guide won’t work for you, you can return it. Just go back to the website and return the guide within 60 days of purchase. Your money will come back to you, no questions, no hassles.


Blast Your biceps guide is for all the people who seek to increase their muscular growth. The guide works for all ages and all body types and uses a natural approach to getting the gains. It is a complete introduction to anyone who has joined the gym or anyone who seeks to increase their level.

The guide is legit and has been created by a builder himself. This makes sure that you get the correct guiding and accomplish your goals quickly.

Find out how you can maximize your bicep growth, and make your guns stand out – click here to access the Blast Your Biceps program today!

Blast Your Biceps Review: Explode Your Bicep Growth Tonight?
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