Bikini Body Workouts Review: Get Your Body In Great Shape For A Bikini

As a kid, I was on the chubby side with all the baby fats in my tummy and hips,  flabby arms and legs, double chin and rounder cheeks in my face. So watching Baywatch as a girl growing up, where Pamela Anderson running in slow motion with her perfect bikini body in one piece red hot swimsuit, was pretty much the dream.

Bikini Body Workouts

Summer trips to beaches or just simply swimming in a pool full of people with fats all over while donning a bathing suit is not good for my insecurities during my teenage years. As peer pressure comes, snide remarks from other girls and some people commenting about my weight are downright bad my deflating confidence and body image.

Magazines showing off perfect girls in their fit and sexy outfits don’t help either. So as I reach my 20’s I made this goal to change my body shape where I am most comfortable with and also a great boost for my self-esteem. Diets planned and workouts seeking for body toning where vision and mission.

Who wouldn’t want a perfect figure to show off in a bikini? I do and I’m sure almost all the ladies do. As a woman, who was influenced by the society of what’s the perfect figure for a woman should be in the 21st century, I do to obsess in achieving this goal.

All the diet fads have been tried, succeeded and failed. All workouts and exercise regimens acquired and performed and yet not quite there for a perfect bikini body.

Luckily I encounter this website Bikini Body Workouts “The 60 Day Transformation Program” by Jen Ferruggia. Basically, this program lets you discover what can you achieve with your body and level of confidence you can reach.

  • Breaking Hearts and Rules
  • Setting the Standard for the Fit, Healthy, and Happy You
  • Redefining your Femininity
  • Becoming Strong and Sexy
  • Unleashing the Lady Inside of You

This program offers exercises guides for bikini body workouts:

  1. No Excuses

Motivate yourself to be active and do a workout even in the comfort of your own home. Just doing some combinations of single legged squats, single arm push-ups, and walking squats and sit-ups are okay just to break out a sweat.

  1. Be Smart in Participating in Exercises

Don’t need to exercise longer but train in an efficient and effective manner at an intensity level that challenges you like a 30 to 45 minutes of working out is better than overtraining yourself.

  1. Enough Weight Lifting

Lifting weights don’t bulk you up but it is good for body toning. Don’t be afraid and just try it.

This program offers exercises guides for bikini body workouts:

  1. Mixing Up Routines

When training for cardio, mix up your pace and intervals into fast and slow. In strength training exercises, just challenge yourself by using different equipment and training techniques.

  1. Hydrate

Always hydrate yourself during and after workouts. Drink up and avoid dehydration that can weaken your performance and exercises.

  1. Rest and Recovery

Scheduling rest days are important in every workout routines. Making sure you are resting your muscles to help them recover to build muscle tissues and recharging your energy.

Get the bikini body that you’ve always dreamed about with the Bikini Body Workouts – click here to get started!

The program also shared dietary guides during workouts:

  1. Refueling Before Working Out

Eat the right foods for snacks before you start your workout routine. This helps you gain muscle tissues.

  1. Healthy Eating

Giving your body enough fruits and vegetables to fight off free radicals came from the stress of training hard. This helps your body to restore its natural balance.

The program also shared dietary guides during workouts:

  1. More Protein for Muscle Building

Proper nutrition and enough intake of protein and amino acids help you build and repair body muscles.

The program also offers a Comprehensive List for you to shop for a Bikini Body workout:

  1. Dairy – Includes milk and Greek yogurts.
  2. Vegetables – Lots of carrots and capsicums.
  3. Fruits – Eating apples and blueberries is good.
  4. Grains – Rye breads and Quinoa’s are better.

This program is for “long term goal” system not just like other bikini body program out there. This was designed to change your lifestyle and not just for a month or two.

Bikini Body Workouts is very comprehensive fitness program that was designed by the author to help women get their “ideal bikini body” in just a number of weeks without depriving themselves of their preferred foods, without investing a lot of time in fitness centers and without losing their womanly curves.

About the Author:

About the Author

Jen Ferruggia is a woman who believes that there is no offseason when it comes to physical fitness and health. She refined a simple and sustainable approach to a year-round fit body. She is the woman who helps all women out there transform their bodies, regain their confidence and find new levels of happiness.

She was a former Physical Education and Health teacher and coach, a full-time Fitness and Health Coach, Professional Cook, Fitness Model, and Yoga Tune Up Certified.

She spent (10) ten years perfecting her Bikini Body theories and techniques. She was also a former star athlete and a college graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Exercise Movement Science. She built her body into a beautiful example of what exercise, diet and proper lifestyle can do.

About The Book:

Bikini Body Workout Guide

Achieving simple and quick body transformation, get it all in this bikini body system by Jen Ferruggia.

BIKINI BODY Online Instructional Exercise Videos, getting rid of that unwanted fats in minimal time.

BIKINI BODY Workout Guide, the step by step drills and exercises, sets,  reps and rest periods.

BIKINI BODY Nutrition Guide, knowing when to eat and when eating healthy foods and burning fat all day.

BIKINI BODY Supplement List, actual supplements that can make you save up and see the difference in how you look and feel.

BIKINI BODY Comprehensive Shopping List, stocking up on wholesome and nutritional foods.

BIKINI BODY 21-Day Booty Blast, a 10-minute workout of making sure your butt, glutes looks good as your chiseled stomach.

With these guides and videos, this pretty much is a perfect formula for an amazing bikini body.


  • easy to follow guides and instructions
  • flexible to be done in your own home or any place you are comfortable with
  • affordable compared to other bikini body program
  • deliver fast results and doesn’t require an extensive amount of time
  • 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program
  • credible fitness expert and dependable that this program is not a scam
  • effective for body transformation and weight loss
  • healthy and nourishing tasty diet foods
  • no boring workouts
  • boost of self-esteem and confidence
  • see the light of your own body image
  • sexy looking in a bikini
  • a change of lifestyle that can have great benefits for one’s health
  • videos and guides are accessible on their website
  • easily downloaded and purchased through PC, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets
  • lots of bonus programs
  • easy to find a website
  • high definition and quality of instructional videos


  • need to have some basic exercise equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells
  • some dietary supplements are expensive so it would be nice if the program offered a more affordable supplement for substitutes
  • this program is in digital form only so those who don’t have access to the internet cannot avail this
  • can only get through PC, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets
  • some simple exercises can be boring to those who are more adventurous when it comes to working out


About The Book


What I like most about this program is that its time flexible so no need to go to the gym at all. You can do this in your home for only 45 minutes. All you need are the basics and you can use furniture like a chair to be able to perform some reps and squats. Videos that are easy to understand and follow. Natural and not too many sacrifices to give in trying Bikini Body workouts. Achieving a well-defined butt, glute, and flat tummy would also be a big plus. Proper diet and nutrition for your health and the complete shopping list to follow when you are in a grocery store is a big help.

It’s not too late for all the ladies who wanted to lose their body fats and exchange it into lean and firm muscles and still looked feminine. This is your chance to empower yourself to look sexier whether in casual clothes or in a two-piece bikini.

And for those who have body image insecurities, this is your chance to change it up. No more hiding and be subjected to snide remarks of being called fat. This is the chance that you can modify your lifestyle into more healthy eating and living. Proper diets to follow through for a long time would also be beneficial in your health. Looking like Pamela Anderson and Jessica Alba in a bikini wouldn’t hurt either.

So what are you ladies still waiting for? Grab this videos now for a newly revived and sexier version of you in a bikini!

Get the perfect Bikini Body Workouts today, by clicking this link and you’ll have an incredible looking bikini body soon!

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