Bench Like A Beast Review: How Much Will You Bench After This?

“How much do you bench” is an inevitable question in the gym. We tend to measure someones strength by comparing it with how much that person benched. And let me guess the reason why you are reading this review: you like lifting weights? Well, let’s talk about weightlifting.

Paying attention to body

Bench Like A Beast

A healthy lifestyle is trending; gyms are becoming more popular. Combined with the food industry, the fitness industry grew into a giant. “You need to be strong,” says the world. And you do need to be strong because the world tends to crush the weak.

Lifting weights are just another way of getting stronger and more powerful. And, to get stronger, we try different exercises, programs, and methods to improve strength. There is a slight problem with this proposition. Because the fitness industry exploded, a lot of people saw an opportunity for quick profit. They didn’t care about the quality of the fitness industry and the direction it was heading.

Because of them, we have a lot of harmful programs, outdated philosophies, and exercises. Yes, we do pay attention to our bodies, but how much attention? Shouldn’t we look for better programs created by people that live and breathe fitness both on the inside and outside? Well, one of those people is Tony Benevento.

Who is Tony Benevechio?

Who is Tony Benevechio

He is a co-owner and the coach at the Strenght House gym in Worcester, Massachusetts. Tony dedicated his life to this gym, and all his efforts and actions have been focused on his job. He specializes in coaching powerlifting, helping people master the bench press.

While he was the coach at the Cressey Sports Performance, he learned all about the role shoulders play during the bench press, the ins and outs. The bench press is something everyone in the gym tries. It is probably the most famous exercises in every gym in the world. The drill is a combination of athleticism, concentration, and power.

Posture and form also play a role in the practices. To a stranger, the exercises look like just another exercises, but to those with experience, this is no ordinary exercise.

Failure is often inevitable, followed by damaged shoulders, cranky elbows and hurt ego (and ego hurts the most, trust me). To avoid defeat, Tony decided to take matters into his own hands.

He combined his total life’s experience into one single program, one that helps people master the bench press. It is one of a kind program, and it will mainly contribute to your strength growth, helping you learn that bench technique. It will keep you healthy, ripped and ready for new challenges once your master the bench. The program’s name is Bench Like A Beast (you can guess why this name)!

What is Bench Like A Best?

What is Bench Like A Best

Bench Like A Beast is a ten weeks long bench press training program, during which you will master the bench. The program is famous for its emphasis on the form and technique. Out of the proper form and technique comes the purest strength.

But, you will experience all that first hand if you buy the program. It is indeed one of a kind, recommended in numerous reviews, including this one.
This program is progressive, adapting all the tips and tricks you can use to bench more than you did before.

And worry not; the program will explain everything in detail. The program also pays close attention to the variation of workouts. Just because your bench doesn’t mean you have to bench only, right?

Also, adding power to your legs and core is essential, for they too lift the weight. Furthermore, the program will help you with your attitude towards exercise. You will live it, not just do it, and this mental change will undoubtedly reflect on your results.

How does the program work?

How does the program work

The Bench Like A Beast strives for perfection. Having the right attitude and the body is one thing, but doing the work is something much harder. Note that this program is for fitness trainers too!

If you want to coach people on lifting weights, you can do it with this program. However, if you are training yourself, well, that’s training too. You will learn advanced techniques provided to you in the program. Furthermore, you can schedule the exercises accordingly, keeping in mind your limits.

If you don’t have a training partner, you will receive it with this program. You just turn on the video and do the workouts. Once you start the program, you will practice four days a week, having three days off.

This balance is perfect, allowing your body to rest without losing everything you worked for in the process. You will be doing this program for six weeks, and those weeks can be tough, especially for beginners. If you are a beginner, do not push yourself.

It is always better to exercise a week or two more than two pause everything because of the injury. The Bench Like A Beast wants you to be smart, not mad. And it will help you with that too. It will help you with patience and guide you through the whole process. If you follow the instructions accordingly, the results will come swiftly.

The stages of Bench Like A Beast program?

The stages of Bench Like A Beast program

Let’s divide this program into four stages. You will go through these steps at the same time. But, I decided to separate them this way so that you can see with your own eyes what you will gain with this program.

Stage #1: Form

As I already said it, this program plays very close attention to form. And what you learn in this program will help you with any workout. The form is everything because it enables you to avoid injuries and maximize your potential. Shifting your arm to the right by just an inch can make a difference between good and evil results, between injured and ripped shoulder.

Stage #2: Stamina

If you can’t endure the exercises, then there’s no use of doing them, and this can be very stressful for both beginners and people with experience with the bench press. In fact, stress is inevitable.

So, instead of ignoring the pressure, why don’t use it? Use it as a fuel to reach your highlights and your ideal score. Just know that working out is not a battle, but a war (if you want to look at it that way).

Stage #3: Discipline

The stages of Bench Like A Beast program

You can’t buy discipline, ever. It is a virtue, something only virtuous people have. And to earn this merit, you have to give yourself to it, and your ego won’t allow that. Your ego also thinks it can lift ten times more than it actually can, but you already know that.

Being determined, deciding to start and finish the program is not an easy task, but you can do it. The program will help you along with its various content and exciting exercises for mind and body alike.

Stage #4: Ability

Now, a lot of reviews would say that this stage should label as confidence, but I disagree. I call it the “ability”? Why? Because confident people don’t need faith; they already have it! Instead, emphasize the ability, and the determination will come on its own. It will grow and stay with you forever, unlike the fake confidence that vanishes over time.

If you are able to go through the program and reach your goals, there is confidence. Like I said, focus on the workout and the ability to do the workout; the rest will follow.

Should you buy it?

The stages of Bench Like A Beast program

There are a couple of things I wish to say before you make your final decision. Take this list into consideration while you think about the quality of this program. I hope it will help you make the right decision:

1. The Bench Like A Beast program is currently on discount. It is the perfect time to buy it.

2. You will get the program in video format. This format will allow you to see and hear how to do the workouts accordingly.

3. 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee is a safety measure for all the potential buyers out there. If you purchase the program and don’t like it just ask for your money back (assuming you ask for the refund within 60 days).

4. You will also receive a lot of articles regarding this program. Tony wrote these materials, and he decided to share them with his customers. These are the titles of some articles: “3 Strategies To Help Your Bench Press Plateau“, “4 Bench Press Lies“, “The Secret To Bigger Bench Press“, etc. I sincerely hope these articles will provide additional help and information, aiding you on your way to reach your heights.

5. And, to conclude, don’t forget about the current discount on this program. Take full advantage of it while you still can; otherwise, you are going to pay the full price for this product (which isn’t that high, if you ask me).

Bench Like a Beast

Start to Bench Like a Beast today – click here and watch as you smash through your bench press records and experience massive chest growth!

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