Ben Pakulski MI40 Review: How Many Pounds Of Muscle Can You Add?

Gaining muscle has been a practice left for the bodybuilders and figure models. Muscle definition has been too long associated with strength and, in some negative instances, steroids. But what if we’ve been looking at it all wrong?

This is a semi-apology review. You see, I went to my friend’s place the other day and she had this program open on her computer. I asked her if it was her boyfriend’s and now I’m sitting here like a school child repeating lines to get a misconception out of the way.

Ben Pakulski MI40

In all fairness, I would blame the marketing people for my prejudice. The program does seem to target the juicing type of males who flex their muscles at every mirror they come across.

But I do accept my error. My friend has been looking for all sorts of good in all the right places lately. I just assumed she was taking a dance class. Little did I know that Ben Pakulski’s MI40 foundation package could deliver such results.

As I was saying what if we have been judging muscle building and fat loss as two different things when we can use muscle gaining techniques to lose weight. In this review, we’re going to look at MI40 Foundation’s muscle gaining talk.

MI40 Foundation

This is a package designed to maximize your ability to gain muscle in a period of 40 days. This doesn’t mean after 40 days you can get rid of the package. In every 40 days, you will actually be in a cycle of a new growth spurt. You are guaranteed maximum muscle gain that ensures your fat is never reincarnated anywhere else on your body.

Ben Pakulski MI40 - foundation

The creator of this program is Ben Pakulski a graduate from the University of Western Ontario. His areas of study were Kinesiology and Biomechanics, which is just a fancy term for muscle function and movement.

While he is popularly known for gracing many fitness magazines as a pro bodybuilder, most people don’t realize that Ben is very passionate about transforming people’s lives. His greatest desire is making sure that anyone who comes into contact with him fulfills their goals in life.

He is an author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer and success coach. This makes anyone want to join his fitness success train but the question that he gets the most is about his steroid use as a pro bodybuilder.

Can his methods truly work for everyone, even those that don’t take steroids?

Ben believes that everyone should be treated like a steroid-free athlete. 90% of his clients don’t take steroids. He believes that you should treat the body as a whole. Here are five things that might be slowing down your growth.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

  1. Being obsessed with lifting heavy.

You tend to feel your muscles more during warm up than you do when you are doing the actual heavy workout. This is because when you’re doing intense exercises your body’s safety mode kicks in and the tension is shifted elsewhere.


Increasing the amount of tension doesn’t necessarily have to come with the increase of weight. With Intent, you can selectively fatigue each and every muscle in your body. Different motions fire up your muscles in different ways.

  1. Believing that you have “genetically weak” body parts.

We all have those areas of our body that we are positive won’t develop as well as other “strong” parts. For some people, it’s those skinny legs. For a lot of women, we struggle with flabby arms. Ben promises that we can actually encourage those stubborn areas to develop at the same rate as the rest of our good parts.


Overwrite old crappy movements patterns with new ones by putting muscles into their full ranges. The muscle’s weakest points are when they are fully lengthened or shortened. Strengthening these weak points of the muscle will strengthen the maximal ability of the entire muscle.

  1. Not knowing if you have done enough.

Have I done enough? Should I do the regular prescribed sets I saw on YouTube? I’m not feeling like I’m at my limit. Should I do more?

MI40 the best muscle gain program

MI40 the best muscle gain program


You need to work out to a point where you cannot do anymore. This allows you to elicit new growth. This is a great way to overload the muscle, create metabolic debt, as well as overload the nervous system to force adaptation.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

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  1. Unable To Stimulate Maximal Chemical Response.

What workouts are you missing in order to stimulate the release of the muscle-building chemicals such as testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormone?


You may have already guessed that the “40” in the title refers to the number of days. But it also represents the amount of time in a set (40 seconds), the rest between sets (40 seconds). And it is the number of exercises divided into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal exercises.

The number 40 was chosen because of the fact that it is the MOST optimal number for many of these variables when it comes to unleashing your body’s own anabolic factories for maximum growth.

  1. Gaining more fat than muscle.

What role does your diet have in your muscle building journey? Nutrition is an important part. The information about the right diet is always inconsistent.


In this package, you get a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan to keep you on track. The best part is that you can manipulate nutrient timing and volume to exactly conform to your goals.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone. I mean, everyone who wants to lose fat and tone muscles and then grows them. Ben doesn’t recommend people under 15 years of age to get into it but it’s safe for even elderly people.

Though it seems to attract the attention of males, this package actually works well for women too.

What do you get?

Altogether the package you buy comprises of 8 Components which are The 40-Day MASS:

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

  • Intelligence Training Manual
  • Consumption Nutrition Manual
  • Instruction Workout Videos
  • Proportions Exercise Execution Guide
  • Prescription Printable Workout Sheets
  • Pursuit Calendar
  • Supplement Stack Protocol
  • And The Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

That equates to 18 years worth of research in a neat and precise package for you.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth


  • The nutrition info is pretty solid for anyone looking to build lean muscle mass.
  • Written by a real elite bodybuilder who also happens to have a kinesiology degree.
  • The amount of highly specific and actionable information that you receive with the program is somewhat mind-blowing.
  • Training videos are really clear and simple to follow and if you don’t have time to watch videos, they’re also demonstrated in pictures.
  • There’s an audio file where Ben shares his “secrets” that helped him build muscle.
  • Anyone who follows the program with a slight calorie surplus gets great results.
  • MI40 has no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The’7-day detox’ manual is useless, you don’t need any gimmicks to detoxify your body, you have a liver, gall bladder, and kidneys for that.
  • Despite most of the program being based on scientifically sound principles, parts of the nutrition manual end up being pretty bro-scientific.
  • The 7-hours of video material, along with hundreds of pages of written content, is in my opinion too much for a workout program.
  • Multiple add-ons after your purchase, this can be bit intrusive.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

Does it work?

Even though I haven’t dedicated a whole section to the nutrition aspect, it is a sound plan. The goal of building lean mass with medium-high protein intake from balanced sources and no omitting from fats or carbs is pretty good. Carbs mostly post-workout and in the evening so the timing of the macro-nutrients makes sense.

Many people are expecting to hate or even find holes in this program. Majority of them are already judging him on the grounds that he takes steroids. But many of them are pleasantly disappointed to find that Ben put so much thought, knowledge and, dare I say, wisdom into this.

The greatest con that people will find with this is that perhaps that it is a lot of work. Not just the reading part of it. I mean, it is volumes and volumes of work aiming to help the truly dedicated individual. You won’t be able to get anything out of it if you don’t put in the effort required.

So if you’re looking for a rewarding method to get the fat off, get defined muscles and even grow your muscle density, then I recommend you get a copy of his components. If anything, Ben is a truly inspiring coach. I mean, you won’t be able to watch or read any of the reviews on his work without picking up how inspired people are with him.

So for a full and comprehensive workout plan for any goal you have in the fitness part of your life, I suggest you purchase this program and start your safe journey to a healthy lifestyle.

5 Reasons for your stunted growth

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