Anabolic Running Review: Finally Get Better At Running Correctly

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Hey, everyone. Thank you for taking the time of reading my review about Anabolic Running. I believe it is important to share our stories, especially when they are good so that others can benefit.

Anabolic Running changed my life, and I am sure it can change yours too.

See, I didn’t know much about testosterone and hormones. I had some lessons at school but they never really warned me about them. Many men think that hormones are a matter only for females, but we have them too, and they also play tricks on us.

When I found Anabolic Running and started to use it. I found how important hormones are, and paying attention to them.

First results

As soon as I started making the exercises, I:

  • Started to feel more energized
  • Would wake up hard, again.
  • Had better appetite
  • My weight started distributing throughout my body
  • Felt happier constantly

Listen, hormones keep our bodies balanced. If they are not balanced, we will feel discomfort. Even worse, we can start reflecting discomfort in our appearance or start getting sick.

So, as soon as my testosterone levels started to normalize, my body and mind got better and better.

Learning about testosterone

When you read fitness books, they all talk about testosterone is good for building muscle, etc. It would seem that the only purpose of this hormone is to make you look great. When, in reality, it is just a byproduct of a healthy ratio of testosterone in your man body.

In the past, I was exercising quite frequently, like a normal person:

  • Cardio for warm-up
  • Stretching
  • Anabolic training
  • Stretching

That was it. I was getting good results, I looked well. Skinny well. My bone structure remained extremely slim and, even though my muscles were defined, they were small. That’s when I asked my trainer and he gave me a lecture about testosterone in the body.

Later, I decided to research more, and it even turns out that males and females have both testosterone and estrogens. This, of course, in different concentrations depending on the sex. But, if certain factors come together, you can be, inadvertently, increasing your level of estrogens.

a runner

Starting to try

After I found that maybe I was tampering with my levels of testosterone, I went on to do more research. It turns out that testosterone also affects:

  • Mood
  • Emotions
  • Level of concentration or distraction
  • Even pain receptors

Yes, your libido. If your testosterone levels start decreasing. First, you will be less horny, after a while, maybe you won’t be able to have an erection.

So, with this in mind, I decided to change my diet and start eating only foods that boosted testosterone.

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Trust-worthy sources

Of course, the first place I went on to do research was online. I visited every community, every forum, just to find out some similar pieces of contradictory information. It was frustrating and tiring.

However, I did follow the common advice, the one that repeated itself through all those posts, and I started with:

  • Broccoli
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Free-range chicken and eggs
  • Salmon
  • Seeds

But, I was also eating foods that BLOCK testosterone, so my body was in conflict. I needed to get good guidance about the issue, so I finally went to an endocrinologist (the doctor for hormones).

Learning from the experts

Well, after I went to the doctor, he gave me a lot of information on testosterone and how it works. Testosterone:

  • Can be blocked even by bread
  • Increases with good sleep
  • Good sex brings better sex
  • Lack of sunlight affects testosterone
  • Stress can block its production
  • Some food increases estrogens
  • Some activities, like heavy cardio, increase estrogen

Yes, you read right. The doctor advised against long cardio sessions because it actually worked against testosterone production.

Naturally, the doctor wanted to sell me pills to increase testosterone or block estrogen production. But, he warned me that, once I took one pill, I would have the need to be in treatment for the rest of my life. Also, if I did it wrong, I was at higher risk of cancer.

Looking for other solutions

Well, I was getting a little scared because of the options the doctor gave me. However, he also mentioned that there are natural methods that just take longer, but are more sustainable. The bigger benefits of this? Your body adjusts and doesn’t become addicted or altered.

So, I asked the doctor about these other methods, and he mentioned that there are some anabolic exercises that boost testosterone. It can be so powerful that they can make it peak, and then your production normalizes.

In other words, you just need to do these exercises once a day for some minutes and your testosterone levels will rise. The production level will be high enough to last for the whole day, making it not time-consuming and easy.

Also, it seems that certain foods can sustain and increase this effect, and those are the ones you should be looking for.

Anabolic Running

The doctor recommended me to start from scratch and little by little. It can be bad if you have an unbalanced production of any hormone. For this task, he was the one that recommended this guide to me.

Out of curiosity, I went online to find some reviews explaining how this works. After some reviews, I decided to buy, and it came immediately in virtual form.

The guide is so clear and to the point:

  • Forget about long, highly technical, readings
  • Get straight to improving your testosterone levels
  • Make it sustainable and fun
  • Everything you need, most likely you already have

It’s not only about spiking your testosterone levels through a simple exercise, but it’s also about getting your masculine life back or increased.

How does it work?

Well, you get taken through a series of steps that ensure that your body:

  • Produces more testosterone in a healthy way
  • Stabilizes and adapts faster to these changes
  • Reduces the production of estrogens (female hormones)

Remember, every man needs some estrogens, much like every woman needs a small dosage of testosterone.

Through the exercises, that take less than 40 minutes or an hour, every day. You send your body the sign of producing more testosterone. This produces “spikes” in the production, that then gets distributed all over your bloodstream and magic happens. Well, it is not magic, it is nature.

Also, together with the exercises, you get a guide for eating correctly to boost, and make constant, your levels of testosterone. While avoiding testosterone blocking, or estrogen increasing, foods.

How is it different?

  • All the info you need in one place
  • Works with your body and its nature
  • Not invasive
  • 360 approach (every aspect of your lifestyle counts)
  • Promotes discipline and stability

One thing that I really liked is that the guide promotes stability and discipline. This guide is not for people who only want to look good for the summer. Rather, it is for people that want to look always, who want to upgrade their health forever and improve their life quality to never look back.

If you are expecting to find a quick fix, you are in the wrong place. Anabolic Running is a long-term fix, that works so well because it’s not a miracle cure, rather a system that will work until the last day.

Is this for me?

The website says it all, about being committed to your goal and serious about them, but I will also say. This is for people who want to have a healthier, sustainable, approach to increasing their hormone levels, feeling good, and look amazing.

“Health is a beauty”, some say. Well, this guide provides exactly that, beauty through health.

So, if you want to:

  • Live a better life as a man
  • Get your sex life to a new level
  • Improve from some medical conditions
  • Prevent disease, even cancer.

Then this is definitely for you. Don’t be a fool, just because you don’t go through a “period”, doesn’t mean that your hormones don’t affect you. Take control and be superior.

Life after Anabolic Running

One of my biggest fears when buying these kinds of products is that they are going to try and sell you a new version, updates, etc. Not here.

After a while, I got used to the program, and I didn’t need to read it anymore. I started by going back just to double check stuff, but then I moved one.

It all became second nature, and I didn’t need the guide anymore. Also, I was able to spread the word and help other friends. They saw the results in me and were very surprised, so they also wanted to try.

Of course, I wanted the good things that happened to me, to happen to my friends, so I helped them and advised them afterward. Some weeks later, people in the gym started to notice and make remarks. It was not that I was looking like Schwarzenegger, but that my whole body was taking great shape.

People notice those things and want to know the secret. You are reading about it, what are you waiting for?

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