Anabolic Cookbook Review: Cook Right and Drop Fat Fast

Get fit and drop fat with the Anabolic Cookbook!

Getting fit is a huge personal commitment, and there is no easy solution if you want to fix a flabby, out-of-shape body. Going to buy a gym membership is a good start, but no matter how hard you work out, the body you want never seems to develop.

Anabolic CookbookThere is a simple reason for this, and superstar body-builder Dave Ruel has the answers that you need. If you don’t know who he is, you should, because he faced the same challenges that you are, and overcame them.

Exercise alone isn’t going to help you

Dave Ruel was just like you, lifting and doing cardio, reading reviews for workout programs and getting nowhere. Then one day it came to him, there was no problem with any of the exercises that he was doing, his diet was where he needed to improve.

Exercise alone isn't going to help you

That’s right, in order for Dave to achieve the body that he has today, all he had to do was change how he ate. What he realized is that just because a person is working out, it does not mean that they are able to maintain the diet necessary for them to maximize their potential. And all his secrets are inside this amazing ebook.

Meet the Muscle Chef

What Dave realized as he explored his own eating habits, is that he was failing to meet his goals, not because he lacked discipline in the gym, but because he lacked discipline in the kitchen. He would get home from a workout, and with nothing in the house that was healthy, he would turn to bad food that kept him fat and didn’t nourish his body.

selection of junk food

What Dave found, with some personal review and the help of his mentor, is that most body-builders fail because they don’t know how to cook for and correctly feed the body that they are working out in the gym. He isolated all of these misconceptions down and if you share in any one of them, you are probably self-sabotaging your chances at a ripped physique.

  • You think that eating right has to taste bad and be boring
  • The food you want to eat is never going to be the kind of food that will help you get fit
  • Your cooking skills are not good enough to make great, fitness-friendly meals
  • You are a way to busy to cook, and to buy ready-made meals are a better plan
  • Buying good food from the market is going to cost a fortune

The muscle chef dealt with all of these misconceptions in himself, and when he figured out how wrong he was, the anabolic diet was born. Dave Ruel found through four years of extensive research that he could make the difference in his life through mastery of cooking and nutrition, and you can read all about it in these convenient pdf files.


This program shreds fat and builds muscle

The Anabolic Cookbook was born

Cooking is Dave Ruel’s secret to lasting fat-loss and muscle gain. This book is a wealth of information for anyone who is blasting their body in the gym, and can’t figure out why the fat just won’t come off of their body. Check out all the helpful information in this ebook resource.

It breaks down like this

  1. Recipes. Dave has prepared more than 200 recipes for all hours of the day to help you get the most out of your workout. He has included only the best of the best, and they are all going to be awesome to eat and easy to make.
  2. Nutrition fundamentals. Cooking for fitness is about more than eating. Dave brings all of his advanced nutritional knowledge to the table, so you know why you are eating what you are eating.
  3. Cooking tips. Getting into the kitchen and cooking can be daunting, but this program helps you to do it. You will learn the tricks and techniques that you need to prepare all of the food you need for a week in less than three hours. Anyone has time for that.
  4. Post workout optimization. Your body has different needs at different times of the day, and Dave’s program takes full advantage of this. Included are recipes that will help you recover from a trip to the gym, and give your body what it needs post-workout.
  5. Save money. Most people waste money at the grocery store. This part of the cookbook is invaluable for anyone who is committed to long term fitness. You can go to the market, review what you need, cut what you don’t and save money while you do it.
  6. Kitchen equipment. Dave shows you how to put together a healthy kitchen on a budget. Buy what you need, and don’t waste money or time on toys that won’t help you meet your goals.
  7. Cheat meals. Its a reality of life. Eventually, you are going to cheat or go out to eat, and the food you have in front of you is going to taste great but be horrible for you. Dave has anticipated this, and there is a complete section dedicated to it.

The Anabolic Cookbook was born

Get in the kitchen and cook healthy food

Cook your way to a ripped body

The nucleolus of the anabolic cookbook is the collection of recipes that get outstanding reviews. Most people today don’t grow up cooking, and when it comes to feeding themselves, they have grown into some really bad nutritional habits. The muscle chef started off the same way, and just look at some of the outstanding recipes that he has come up with:

  • Protein Waffles
  • Low-Carb Zucchini Hash Browns
  • Honey Mustard Pork Chops
  • Creole Tilapia
  • Chicken Cacciatore
  • High Protein Fudge Bars
  • Vanilla Blueberry HP Muffins
  • The Perfect Spaghetti Sauce

The Anabolic Cookbook was bornThe central idea is that if you are going to eat healthily, and do so over a long period of time, you have to like what you are eating. This is how Dave’s nutritional program works, and why it is not just another scam diet. These pdf formatted books can really set off your health goals, just think about it for a minute.

If you want to be healthy you have to eat healthily

We are talking about your health

What separates a beautiful body from an unattractive one? The simple answer is health. Dave Ruel knows this, and this program is a one way street to healthy eating. Lifting weights and doing cardio is exercise is not going to inherently encourage health.

The Anabolic Cookbook was born

When Dave was working out and getting nowhere, he wondered why. We think that working out is going to lead to a healthy life, and this is true to an extent, but what we miss is that unless we get into the kitchen, and start cooking, we are never going to achieve the level of health we all want. The positive reviews that have piled up for his ebook speak for themselves, but take a deeper look, and see for yourself what this pdf collection offers you. This cookbook is the key to balancing your exercise routine with diet so that you can be healthy in a holistic sense. One of the biggest things that this book focuses on is why healthy food is healthy and how it is going to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

After you have learned why you are looking for certain ingredients and supplements, and avoiding others, this book will show you how to get into the kitchen, read a recipe and execute it to perfection. You don’t have to be a bad cook, and this book will give you the skills and confidence to get cooking, even if you don’t think you can peel a potato! Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes to cook in your own house. This is a common problem in today’s world, not only do people lack basic cooking skills, they don’t even have a kitchen to cook it.

It can be really intimidating to go into a kitchen, with memories of the last time you tried to cook for yourself and failed. Well get over it, get this book and get cooking. Included is an easy to follow guide for setting up your cooking space, and what you need to have in the house in order to feed yourself healthy, fresh, homemade food.


Commercially prepared food is a business

It is common to think that it is cheaper to eat out or to eat prepackaged meals. Wrong! Whenever you are doing business with a restaurant, you are paying for all the employees that work there, the brick-and-mortar and their profits. The same thing goes for prepackaged meals. When you go and do your own shopping, you control what you put in your body, and how it is prepared. All the money you would have spent for labor goes into your pocket, or into higher quality ingredients. Commercial food production is designed to produce a profit. Your health is not a concern to the big corporations that run the restaurant chains and own all of the brands you are going to find in the supermarket.

male cooks preparing sushiMaybe prepackaged food seems like a better deal, but have you stopped to read the label on the meal that you are buying? When you bring home your own raw ingredients and invest a small amount of time, you are taking back the power to control what you are putting in your body. This means that you know what you are eating, why you are eating it and what it is going to to to help you meet your fitness and health goals. Don’t let the big corporations scam you, take your money and sell you junk that makes you sick! Take back your health with this program and get fit while you do it.

Help keep your family healthy and strong

Do you have a family?

Our modern diet is the way it is for a reason. We don’t know when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the way, people stopped learning how to cook in the home. And the result of this change has been disastrous for our health.

Help keep your family healthy and strongOne of the biggest responsibilities that a parent has is to educate their children and to give them the skills that they will need to have a happy, healthy life. Unfortunately, in our modern world, this is not what most kids learn at home when it comes to nutrition. Parents have to lead by example. Most parents don’t choose to train their children to be unhealthy, but that is exactly what they end up doing. Obesity and poor overall health are connected and getting active will only deal with half the problem, at best. Bad dietary habits are responsible for most of what is wrong with our weight problems, and if you look at unhealthy kids, you will usually find an unhealthy parent teaching them how not to realize their potential.

If you are one of those unhealthy parents, and you want to change the way you and your family live, the anabolic cookbook is all that you need. You never learned how to cook healthy meals, and the good news is that it is easy to fix, if you are willing to make some changes in how your family eats. Your kids will learn from you whether you want them to or not, so you might as well start showing them how to pick out healthy food at the market, and then take it home and cook it. Kids are a ball of curiosity, and they are sure to want to know why you are putting the lean chicken on their plate instead of a fast-food burger and fries. Mornings don’t have to be a drag with this system either, cut that nasty sugared cereal out from your kid’s diet, and give them high protein muffins instead. They will be healthier, have more energy and better equipped to learn that day.

Stop sabotaging yourself!

There is no reason to keep eating unhealthy food and go on being at the mercy of packaged dinners that are making you waste your potential.

Stop sabotaging yourself!

Whether you are an athlete that is being held back by their diet or a parent that needs to break the cycle of unhealthy eating in the home, this cookbook is will serve you well for years to come. With all the tools it offers you, you are sure to get your money out if it, and much more.

Stop sabotaging yourself!

Click to get Anabolic Cooking today – make the foods that your body needs to lose fat and gain muscle!

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