AMP-Ed Review: Does It Help You Get Bigger & Stronger Than Ever?

We all know that workout is essential. It’s vital to our physical and mental health. However, we consciously choose to ignore it. That is, we find something else to do. It requires discipline, will, and determination to keep in shape, and this review can help you get that; it can help you get in shape.

Impacts on our health


An overweight man is proven to be more unconfident has lower self-esteem and self-respect than a fit man. It can crush a person because we are like that. We care about how we look and how others look. It impacts our whole body from the inside out.

But many people do decide to get in shape, and then most of them give up. Diets, programs, plans; all these things can tire a person. The problem is that most exercise programs are too strict and outdated. The old ways of losing weight and gaining muscles are over. New programs focus on a lot of things, especially on your metabolism.

In this review, I will talk about one of these new programs. I will also talk about Chandler Marchman, the author of the AMP-ed program. If you stick to the end of this post, you will change the way you think about muscles, fat burn, weight, and so on.

What is AMP-ed?

AMP, also known as Aesthetics Meets Performance, is divided into three phases: “Anabolic Priming Phase,” “Muscle Maximizer Phase,” and “Performance Fat Loss Phase.” These three phases are regarded as viable solutions to a person’s current lack of muscle mass, inability to lose stored fat, and, most importantly, inability to enjoy favorite foods.

First, there are three types of metabolism: ATP-CP system, Glycolytic system, and Oxidative system. The first is the best energy pathway to follow because it is the source of energy that allows you to go heavy and explosive in the gym.

When this energy is depleted, we enter the glycolytic system, which provides the fuel needed to complete longer sets that force the muscle to grow in size and shape. Finally, the oxidative system is when the muscle can no longer function. This is the least preferred because it produces cortisol, a hormone that is said to store existing fat rather than release it.AMP-Ed Get Yours Now

Who is Chandler Marchman


Chandler tried the old methods for staying in shape: don’t skip training, stick to your diet, be disciplined. It worked, but it took over his life. Shouldn’t you go out to dinner with your friends without worrying about your diet plan? This notion is absurd.

Determined to stay in shape without harsh measures, he decided to make his program one that would be fair, fun, and efficient. And he made it. He created a program that asks you to train smarter and eat just like a regular person.

His philosophy is “Train everything at once!” That way, your entire body heats each part, spreading heat more rapidly and ultimately burning fat.

Our body is a perfectly tuned machine and should be used as a whole. By trying Chandler’s program, you will build muscles with ease, get stronger and be very athletic.

AMP-ed Training Routine

Before delving into the finer points of AMP-ed, here is an overview of the type of training routine that must be followed:

  • Module 1: Muscle activation warm-ups
  • Module 2: Core circuits that promote visible, powerful abs and obliques.
  • #Module 3: Increasing explosiveness by learning to contract muscle tissues at a faster rate.
  • Module 4: Perform specific barbell exercises to initiate the Anabolic Priming Phase.
  • Module 5: Engaging in metabolic conditioning to improve strength and endurance while burning fat

People will be able to learn how to switch between the various metabolisms in the body with the help of these tips. Being able to learn about this type of training implies that one can achieve almost any goal, most notably increased muscle mass, strength, or becoming ripped.

The overall AMP training consists of six components. The total price of all six components is $47. This is ridiculously fair, as consumers are given a comprehensive guide to how muscles work and which energy pathways should be targeted. This is a one-time purchase that allows one to have long-term access to the information, which will help each individual know what works best for their respective bodies.AMP-Ed Review: Does It Help You Get Bigger & Stronger Than Ever?

Focus on metabolism


This program is all about training smarter, not harder. It mentions three metabolism types and how you can use and manipulate these models to build more muscle while burning fat at the same time. These are the types:

Type #1: ATP-CP:’Jet Fuel.’

You will produce this type of energy (fuel) once you start the program. It acts in short bursts. Because of this form of power, you can lift heavy weights and do other intensive things. However, it needs to be replenished by the ATP-CP system.

Believe it or not, you can manipulate this form of energy and enhance it with proper training. It can turn you into a beast once you start working out, and you will feel the extra energy during training.

Type #2: Glycolytic system. ‘Regular Unleaded Fuel

After using all of your type 2 fuel, your body switches to muscle-building energy. This energy triggers rapid and substantial growth in muscles.

If you learn how to manipulate this form, this stream of power (your metabolism), you will undoubtedly have bigger muscles. This energy also triggers the production of hormones (such as testosterone). If you learn how to control it, you will significantly benefit from this type of power.

Type #3: Oxidative System

This type of metabolism is, in essence, your enemy. It is counterproductive and will break down and destroy everything you built. Why? Because of its adverse effect on anabolic hormone production.

It stresses the body if other energies are consumed, even boosting the production of cortisol. Now cortisol is a number one enemy for everyone who tries to get in shape. The Oxidative System regulates everything, and if it is out of balance, it will cause a lot of damage.AMP-Ed Get Yours Now

Mistake and solution


There are a couple of significant errors you can make, making this program inefficient. But, of course, this is the most common mistake: you aren’t correctly stimulating your muscles.

This means a lack of focus. Because people lose concentration during exercises, their muscles aren’t animated, and thus they won’t respond as fast as they should. You need to recruit all your muscles when you do the heavy lifting.

The solution to this mistake is the “Anabolic Priming” work. It is very straightforward: you’ll instantly be stronger if you concentrate and recruit your muscles. Even if you are entirely out of shape, this regime will transform you. Just so you know, I’m talking about the real muscle mass, one that won’t disappear after a couple of weeks.

Getting rid of old ways


If you think that cardio will burn your fat, you are wrong. Moreover, traditional cardio will do work against explosiveness. The strongest athletes on this planet are probably NFL players. But they don’t do cardio to burn fat. No, they build explosiveness and power.

The solution to this problem is called the “Performance Fat Loss” training. Instead of running on a treadmill like a hamster, you will focus on bursting into power. Fueled by Glycolytic metabolism. Another problem is the lack of variation. You add flavors to your food, right? Well, you need to mix your exercises.

The best way to do that is to apply the “Force Adaptation” training. Lack of motivation and imagination can stop you from getting fit. Using this practice, you will enjoy a vast array of exercises, keeping you entertained and motivated. Most importantly, you won’t suffer or be in pain. That never helps. Yes, you can push limits, but do it with a brain, not brute force.AMP-Ed Get Yours Now

List of things you get


Here is a list of all the things you’ll receive if you buy this program:

1. The AMP-ed 12 Commandments: these are your daily lifting guides. A list will help you get into the program suggest exercises and intensity of it.

2. AMP-ed Training Principles: with this guide, you can learn more about the biochemical changes that are happening during training

3. AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes: in this guide, you will find hacks that will help you build up your muscles and recruit them on command!

4. AMP-ed Training Weeks 1-4, “Forced Adaptation Phase”: the first and the most critical phase of the training system. It will prepare you for other aspects and upgrade your body.

5. AMP-ed Training Weeks 5-8, “Intensity Accumulation Phase”: this is the faze when you have to invest yourself entirely in the program. Moreover, if you endured phase two, you will easily handle stage one. Just work hard and pay attention to your nutrition.

6. AMP-ed Training Weeks 9-12, “Chaos Phase”: this is the last phase when the results will show up. You will do more with higher intensity, but you won’t even notice that you picked up the pace.

Athleticism and power


This program works from the outside to the inside. You will look better, more powerful. There’s no doubt about it. But you will also feel that power, which is even more important. You will feel your position in the world, your posture will be better, and the muscles will feel tight.

Moreover, self-respect and confidence will go through the roof! Others will respect you even more than they do know. And if you want to feel this way, you will need this program.

Remember, this program is about explosiveness and power, the ability to do things with ease. If you want to get in shape, try this program. Whatever your reasons and motifs are, use this program, follow its instructions, and you will change yourself in the manner of a month or two.AMP-Ed Get Yours Now

Bonus content


On top of all the things, you will get these three gifts:

1. “ARM-ed”: Advanced Recovery Methods. As the name suggests, this bonus will help you recover and replenish your health. In addition, the guide will save you some time and speed up the whole program.

2. “Charged”: Advanced Intensity Techniques.” Why charged? If you go through this guide, you will feel truly empowered. Here you will find the specific combination of nutrition and power training to build up muscle mass.

3. “101 Ways to Get SWOLE”. This bonus is only for those who want to be and look genuinely ripped and buffed, almost swollen! There are a lot of positive reviews that mention this gift and its amazing side effects.

It is also worth mentioning that there is currently a discount on this program, and if you are planning on buying it, now is the perfect time to do it. But, of course, if you are still unsure whether or not to buy this product, that’s fine too.

Read other reviews and articles check the products’ official website (you can click on the link at the bottom of this page). Also, know that the 60-day money-back guarantee protects you and that you can refund this product anytime you want. But, I’m sure that you will enjoy this program if you purchase it because it will give you surprising results.

Get started with Performance Bodybuilding today, and increase both your strength and power using the AMP-ed training system – Click here to join!

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