80/20 Fat Loss Program Review: The Best Way to Get Your Best Body

80/20 Fat Loss Program Review

I had read about the 80/20 principle but not the 80/20 Fat Loss Program. It was the review of the program that made me change my mind about losing weight naturally. It is more a lifestyle change than a diet. If you have gotten stuck in a self-limiting diet regime, the 80/20 Fat Loss Program is one of the best reviews you will ever read to turn things round.

For years, I struggled with weight and could not bring myself to lose an ounce of fat despite the fad diets that I tried.My research led me to raw food diet where I  obtained important information on how the  80/20 diet works. I needed 80%   of carbs, 10% of proteins the other 10% of fat. I gained immense knowledge on what I should eat, what to avoid and the benefits of the lifestyle change.

Getting rid of unsightly fat

You must be eager to know how I fared but I can tell you for a fact that the 80/20 Fat Loss Program is not a scam. I tried and what I discovered will surprise you. Before I   reveal to you what you what I came out with, allow me to tell you why people fail to achieve the slim figure they desire. We are all guilty of any of the following:

  • Eating unhealthy diets
  • Missing some meals like breakfast
  • Fad diets

Fast food concept with greasy fried

There is also misinformation on the right information on what nutrition that one should incorporate in the diet. Does the 80/20 Fat Loss Program work? This is the question  I have been itching to answer and I must tell you why it works and others don’t  work.

You know what food to eat

The good thing about this program is that it helps you find the right food to eat and at the same time, you get information on the food that you should avoid.

PH Levels

I realized that the body has an ideal PH level in order to burn fat. I used to work out daily with the hope of losing the stubborn fat, to no avail.

Weight loss

The desire to lose weight was overwhelming. As long as I was able to follow the new lifestyle was certain that I would lose weight.


I also wanted to stop the diseases that plagued me in my overweight conditions. With the 80% of carbs, 10% of the proteins and the remainder for fat.

Young overweight caucasian adventurous teenage girl

The question still remains: did the program work? The review of the book by Emma Deangela was quite an eye opener. The e-book was an eye opener to me as it enabled me to understand exactly how this program works. Her extensive research on weight loss led me to believe that I was on the right track.


This program is highly effective yet simple. It is not meant for a certain class of people: it is for the ordinary people who are trying to lose weight. It is professional and factual in every aspect.


Unlike the gimmicks we see online, you will find that it employs natural methods of losing the fat without having to count calories to see whether you are losing weight or not.


I was initially hesitant to try the program the first time. I had gone through hell with various worthless fad diets. They had caused a lot of more harm than good, both financially and physically.

Permanent weight loss

When you lose weight, you don’t expect to gain it again. This, however, occurs in most of the time because we enrol in diet programs which are unrealistic. The use of this particular program helped to work within my limits to attain the body shape I wanted. What did I do next?


I still ate my servings of carbs, proteins and fats but something changed:  I was taking a  reasonable size unlike before where I would eat to my fill without caring how much of each I was consuming.

No use of pills

The cost of the pills that I used to pop down to lose weight became a thing of the past. For this to happen, I had to change some aspects of my lifestyle.

colorful pills and tablets on background

The first thing that I had to let go of was the 20% of the foods that I presumably used to take in order to shed unwanted fat.In its place, I started taking foods which were healthy according to the 80/20 Fat Loss Program but which would help me lose the fat naturally. Did I lose any pounds? I waited for 2 months before I got the first results which are proud to share with you today. Yes, for the first time, I was able to lose a whole 30 pounds. This was no mean feat, given the fact that all the other techniques of weight loss that I had borne little or no fruits.

Reduction of hips and waist sizes

In addition to losing of pounds was able to shed off a few inches on my waist and hips. The trim figure I attained made me feel great. I decided to share this secret with you.

Woman with belly fat getting dressed

Lessons on e-book

The e-book gave me invaluable lessons on the areas where I made mistakes and especially when it came to:

  • Foods which made me gain weight
  • Foods which made my body store fat
  • Foods that help release  fat burning hormones

Finally, I found out the reason why I  80/20 Fat Loss Program review was the best answer to all my weight problems.

Alkaline vs. acidic

I was for a long time led to believe that acidic PH was the right one for my body to function at optimum. This was demystified by this program which revealed that the alkaline environment offered the best PH for my body to function at optimum. In order to optimize the absorption of nutrients, the ratio of alkali to the acid had to be in the ratio of 4:1.

Increase intake of alkaline

The program assisted me to switch to more alkaline foods which I had given a wide berth. My intake of fruits and vegetables went up and consequently, I was able to keep minerals and vitamins at optimum. I discovered something else that is very important.

Refreshing purified water in transparent glass

When we lack minerals in the body like calcium, magnesium and potassium, our bodies become more exposed to various ailments.The body’s ability to store fat goes higher around the same time. you may not yet be convinced as to how this program works but if I tell you one more two more things, you will change your mind for good.

How it works

I have realized that I have been telling you how I applied the e-book in my lifestyle without telling you how it exactly works. In essence, you will need to take carbs, proteins and fats in the ratios of 8:1:1 respectively. The mistake people make is to think that the carbs will come from starchy foods. On the contrary, you are supposed to obtain the carbs mainly from fruits. Nuts and seeds should supply you with the other part of the carbs.


From the program review, you are supposed to incorporate exercises in your diet.  For a fact, you are not supposed to take to rely on diet alone. If you reckon had mentioned something to the effect that this program is supposed to be a lifestyle not a crash diet program.

asian fat woman take v shape six pack course

Raw diet

Something that you should not forget is that the diet is raw; hence cooked foods are completely out of the equation. Generally speaking, you have to forget:

  • Processed foods
  • Meat
  • Drinks like soda

balanced diet, cooking, culinary and food

Pros of the program

From the reviews about this program, there are a number of positive things that I found.

Cutting down diseases

Since you will be taking plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, you risk of heart diseases and cancer is reduced significantly.The other problems that you would be able to reduce high blood pressure, bone diseases like osteoporosis among others.The plan is legit and highly respected by weight loss experts who have even written widely about it.


I had no doubt that I was going to save a lot of money with the program.


The entire program is healthy with no use of anything artificial, hence recommended to anyone who is looking to lose weight the natural and healthy way.


The program is quite dynamic and therefore, you will get regular updates as long as you are enrolled to it.


The members receive immense support from the extended membership. You do not have to trudge the journey to weight loss alone.There is also technical support should you encounter any difficulties in the program.

Money-back refund

If you are not happy with the program after 60 days or it does not work well with you, there is a money back guarantee.

Money-back refund

Cons of the program

In all reviews, there are always the positive and the negative ones. The customer service is wanting ostensibly due to the high number of subscribers. The 80% of the carbs to come from the fruits is too much for a person to achieve. Deficiency diseases are common since you will be taking certain foods at the expense of others. The other problem I encountered with it is that you will hardly find the book in the regular bookstores .it is entirely based online and one has to download it. All the same, these are minor complaints compared to the immense benefits that you will gain if you take up the program. It comes with a journal with details on the food to take as well as best exercises.The program is part of the package with a starter guide. The shopping and grocery guide will help you to find the best foods to buy in line with the healthy program.You will have a member’s area that is dedicated to you and fellow members if you want to learn more about cooking, there is cookbook that is reserved to the members.


I have read widely on what others are saying together with testimonies. Am glad to report that they are confirming what I had all along believed to be true. This is the best strategy for weight loss. Many gave it thumbs up after using it. Most are positive reviews with only a few who felt that the program does not work. On the overall, it works and hence highly advised to anyone who, like me, has been struggling to lose weight. It worked for merit will work for you too.


At the end of the review highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight.It provides the basic guide to the food that you should eat, what you should not eat and the range of exercises that you should engage in. The results are highly satisfactory, hence I recommend it.

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