7 Day Swim Review: The Fastest Way To Learn How To Swim?

Everyone can swim but only a few can be a swimmer. Most people tend to compare one sport from another without trying it out for themselves

An iconic swimmer once said, “People believe being a swimmer is not as impressive as basketball. But then, a swimmer can’t have timeouts during the race. We practice hours in order to hold our breath in the water. Finally, we can never ask for a substitute.”

It’s in our nature to judge through what we see and observe. If only each one of us tries out and realize that every sport is just as hard as the others. The difference between one sport from another is the execution and movement applied.

Swimmer diving into pool

Let me ask you, do you wear a life vest when you jump in a pool? I did for more than 20 years. Sadly, the reason why I couldn’t enjoy swimming is because of the life vest attached to my body. Back then, I forbid myself to remove it in order not to drown in the pool.

One day, I came to a realization. Why should I fear something I haven’t tried? How will I learn if I keep avoiding this, the fear of swimming without a life preserver? So, I took off the piece of object I depended on for 21 years. Sadly, I plunge and inhale water but a man came, a total lifesaver, named Justin Patrick.

How I Learned To Swim

Learning a new sport will never be easy. I went through a lot in order to understand the sport; hired a swim coach, purchased expensive clothes, and subscribed to a pool club. Tried it and failed, until I met Justin Patrick. He is one of the few unappreciated professional swimmers.

The time he saved my life was when I felt frustrated because I didn’t seem to improve! When he pulled me out of the pool and mentioned how I was doing it wrong the whole time. It was the day that I felt some hope of being able to swim well with his help!

There are three factors you need to be aware of in order to learn how to swim:

  1. Posture
    Wrong posture is the reason why you may drown or find it difficult to move from one spot to another. Best example is floating on water, it should be done by straightening your body, spreading your arms and legs.
  2. Breathing Technique
    If you want to last long under a pool, you need to practice and know the breathing technique. The body reacts differently when it starts to feel that you’re out of air. In fact, it may cause panic and inhaling water.
  3. Thought
    The most important is to believe, to be confident. One reason why a person can’t learn how to swim is because they become paranoid. The best way to overcome this is by trusting the water, float and be one.

As someone who loathes the sport, I somehow overcame the fear and turned it into a motivator. This grew once I bought a program called “7 Day Swim”. If you’ve been in my shoes, you will be surprised with your improvements when you buy “7 Day Swim”.

Facilities Hearst Pool

The “7 Day Swim” Program: What’s Inside?

From the title, do you think it’s possible to know how to swim in just 7 days? Scientifically speaking, the ability to swim in water is somehow in a person’s nature. This means you can swim but it’s how you activate this skill that makes it complicated.

Studies have shown that babies, more than 10 months old, can swim. How? Because inside the mother’s womb lies the foundation and development of an infant’s intellectual and physical abilities. So, all you need is to switch on the cells that aid you in learning different activities.

  • Media File
    Once you purchase the program, you will immediately access more than 20 tutorial videos. It’s not just any video, it consists of thorough and critical steps in enhancing your swimming skills.
  • E-Book Library
    If you prefer to read, then this one is for you! You will receive all the resources which professional swimmers use to be able to stand out and win on competitions.
  • Notes and Guides
    These two will never be enough, the guides are the most important content you can find in the program. This will aid you in making swim sessions easier for you, it’s swim hacks from the author!

Website of 7 days swim7 days to learn how to swim sounds unbelievable, that’s how I felt. But then, as someone who based the swimming lessons on the book, It shows that it’s possible! Before I even bought the “7 Day Swim”, I was doubtful and made sure the reviews are legitimate.

Here I am now, sharing my thoughts and citing the important information about this.

Why Should You Choose This?

Most people believe that all you need to do in order to swim is to move your arms and legs. It will take more practice and skill to be a swimmer and more than a decade to be a professional. If you want to learn fast and with no fail, let me unravel what you’ll discover.

Each day, you will learn new ways to enter the world of swimming. Below are four important functions to succeed your swimming career:

man practicing how to swim

  • Respiration Practice
    Best known as breathing technique, this will help you stay underwater longer and peacefully. You will learn this through a set of exercises you should strictly follow. Other than that, you can practice this anytime and anywhere.
  • Motion
    Once you dive into the water, you have to make a certain movement to stop yourself from drowning. If you believe moving more with no synchronization, then you’re doing it all wrong. Swimming should be a balanced and applied gently.
  • Swimming Styles
    Have you heard the butterfly stroke, dog, and freestyle? These are some swimming methods which a few can execute. Along the way, you will learn different swimming styles which are applicable for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.
  • Tactical Advancement
    Lastly is the more advanced learning, here you will need more training and perseverance. Sometimes, people don’t take the sport seriously which is why they have a hard time enhancing this.

woman diving into a pool

What’s So Special About “7 Day Swim”?

Once you buy the program, you will receive 5 extra videos and books for free!

  1. Lap Swimming
    If you aim to be a professional swimmer then this is the perfect guide for you. Don’t you ever wonder how people can swim from one point to another in a single line? How can they instinctively know what lane they are while underwater?
  2. Long Duration Underwater
    Try watching swimming competitions, professional swimmers can race with minimal intake of air. Normally when you try this the first time, it seems impossible to reach the end destination. But as everyone always said, practice makes your performance less likely to go wrong.

public swimming pool

  1. Butterfly Stroke
    I have read reviews and insights of people who tried this swimming style. This specific skill is difficult to decipher because you would need to have high amount of stamina to finish this. Don’t fret, you’ll receive this module and know how to execute this in a week!
  2. The Right Way To Dive
    Diving isn’t simply jumping into a pool, it’s more than that! If you want to swim perfectly and avoiding any dangerous incidents, it’s time to read this!
  3. Flip turn Technique
    If you have watched the first few video tutorials of “7 Day Swim”, you’ll observe how swimmers continue their lap. They use a certain technique called Flip Turn wherein when you’re almost at the end of the pool, you’ll roll and kick to turn the opposite direction.

woman executing a backstroke

Feedback On Justin Patrick’s Program

A month later, I notice my unbelievable improvement in the sport! My review or thoughts on this program is that it’s hard and will never be like a walk in the park. It takes dedication to see the results you want, and you need to sacrifice time for this.

It’s a waste of money to buy expensive outfits or products that advertisements say are essential for swimmers. All you need is durable ones and you’re good to go. Along with thousands of people who used this product, no one regretted buying this!

A particular review caught my eye, it was a man in Arizona age 55. He learned swimming at the age of 50, he was adamant to use this at first but later on tried it out (because there’s no harm in trying). A week later, he knew how to breaststroke and freestyle.

woman doing a swimming technique

Swimming comes with great benefits, it regularizes high blood pressure and aids in relaxing your body. In fact, the same man mentioned how his pain on his arthritis lessened after he swims every week. Not every well-known program is effective. So, not every unknown program produced are fake, it’s how you pick and risk trying.

For more than years, this program has helped thousands of people across the world and I’m one of them. Reviews indicated the same thoughts I have, now that I know how to swim and enhance this sport. So, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to learn a new skill.

Learn to swim in just one week from right now! Click here to join 7 Day Swim, and follow the included strategies to finally be able to swim!


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