60 Second Panic Solution Review: What Do You Do When It Happens?

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Panic attacks can hit you when you are least expecting. Much like there is yet no logical explanation to hiccups, the root cause of panic attacks is also quite unknown. Whatever be the cause, when they hit, your life can become a hell. Irrespective of whether you have experienced them only a few times or whether they have become a frequent occurrence, it is not okay to get ruled by these frivolous anxiety spikes.

Whatever be the cause, when they hit, your life can become a hell. Irrespective of whether you have experienced them only a few times or whether they have become a frequent occurrence, it is not okay to get ruled by these frivolous anxiety spikes.

Despite wanting to avoid them, sometimes panic attacks are not really under your control, but if there was some effective cure to these attacks, would you not try it? In fact, recently there has been much hype about the 60 Second Panic Solution by Anna Gibson. It comes in the form of a presentation and if you pay attention, everyone has been talking about it.

However, before judging the practicality of the recommended methods for the effectiveness, it counts to have a little insight into the actual content of the program.

This can save you a great deal of time as well as energy. This review will be focused on the features of the content as well as the pros and cons. Hopefully, this will help you in having a better understanding of the book and why it has been the topic of every conversation for so long.

What is it?

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This presentation has been worked out by Anna Gibson to help people on how to get through difficult and strenuous situations without getting overcome by panic attacks.

All the methods recommended out here are 100% natural, implying that there are drugs involved. It basically has ways on how to deal with your thought process so as to maintain a calm demeanor both inside and outside.

So far, the presentation has received mostly positive reviews. People who have initially suffered from panic attacks have claimed it to be an effective solution. It is even supposed to have successfully treated the onsets of anxiety and panic disorders.

The best part, however, is that this is centered on a very quick and effective cure. As the name suggests, the presentation should help you get away with panic attacks in just under 60 seconds.


60 Second Panic Solution Review

Before moving on to the theme and contents, you should definitely devote some time knowing the author and whether she can be relied on. Now the author Anna Gibson is a renowned psychologist who practices in Ireland. She is the pioneer of all the techniques that are extensively applied in treating anxiety disorders. Although a major portion of the book is based on her own research, she has also borrowed a few techniques and theories here and there.

Anna Gibson basically combines three different reliable and time-tested methods for the cure, that is, body maintenance, Neuro-linguistic programming, and Ayurveda. The main focus is that to prevent or cure anxiety attacks, both your body and your mind should have a balance.

This method also does not cause any side effects on the body. Apart from these, she has also talked about the effectiveness of Holistic Massage, Reiki, Itec Physiology and more.

Currently, Anna is the President of the Holistic Centre of Excellence in Co. Limerick, Ireland. The Holistic Center of Excellence has so far been an exceptional institution for training as well as treatment.

The important point out here is that Anna Gibson is an informed professional and therefore her recommended solutions all have a theoretical basis. Apart from this particular book, she has also worked on a number of interesting topics. She is a renowned name in the field of psychology.

Comic back to what it is all about, most of the people have definitely tried self-healing. The question is how effective it has been. The main trick out here is to use methods that will directly communicate with the subconscious part of the brain, which not subject to logical or rational thinking.

The part of the brain that is referred to here is known as the amygdala or the lizard brain and it is solely responsible for controlling memories, emotions, and thoughts.

If you can master the art of controlling your amygdala, you can find a way around compulsive behavior and finally obtain the key to containing your anxiety. A major portion of this presentation is focused on how to communicate and send inputs to your amygdala in a positive and constructive way.

Professionally, this is done by the implementation of Neuro Activation Therapy. This comprises of several different techniques that are targeted at rectifying the cognitive and Dialectal behavior.

These techniques will bring both the body and the mind under your control. This is just a basic outline, as you go through the book, you will ultimately get to know more of these.

Who is it for?


It is also important to know who the presentation is intended for. Panic attacks can come in various forms. If it is just a minor issue, you can effectively nip it in the bud, given that you are careful enough. If in case, it grows to the extreme and harsh stage, it can even bring your whole life or of those around you, to a complete standstill.

The extreme attacks are usually accompanied by thumping heartbeat, shortness of breath and an unusually high level of anxiety. If you have ever suffered a panic attack, then you know how disparaging it can be to get seized by one.

This book is recommended for anyone who has suffered panic attacks or is noticing the symptoms. When the anxiety levels start playing havoc with your life, the 60 Second Panic Solution could be your key to freedom. This book is, in fact, better than taking prescription drugs.

All that prescription drugs do is concealing the symptoms, but you will never know what is actually going on inside your body. On the other hand, following instructions as given in this book will cure your problem at the root and permanently for life. You will also not have to deal with any side effects.

This book is also recommended for those who have someone in the family or friend circle frequently suffering from panic attacks. You can see that the person gets acquainted with the contents and have them take up the program. You can also read the book yourself.

It will give you first-hand knowledge about the root causes of anxiety attacks and how to stay away from it. It will also help you to effectively calm down the person who is having an attack.

Features of the book


  • 60 Second Panic Solution is a book consisting of 145 pages. It showcases a detailed 3 step process to overcome any form of anxiety problem including panic and stress.
  • Although there have been a few cases where the recommended procedures were known to have shown effect right way, on average, it usually takes a couple of weeks to see the favorable outcomes.
  • The book also has sections devoted to explaining why prescription drugs, although a quick fix, are only a temporary solution. Drugs only suppress the symptoms, leaving high chances of resurgence later.
  • The book features natural strategies that are extremely risk-free to adopt and do not cause any harmful side effect.
  • There are exercises and techniques dedicated on how to create a stable mindset and obtain control over your emotions as well as your thought process
  • The book starts with the problem from its root. After implementing the suggested practices for a sufficient period of time, you will have a better understanding of your core mindset and higher self-esteem.
  • Notable techniques taught in the program include – how to pinpoint your own unique early warning signs, how to master the 60 Second Panic Solution technique, how to get rid of any persistent anxiety, phobia or fear, how to use Anna’s clever “thought patrol”, the real key to getting relief from panic attacks and many more.
  • The book also talks about the different types of anxieties and how to know the symptoms.


Anna has also added a few bonuses to help those in need of a permanent solution and these bonuses are as below:

  • 60 Second Panic Solution Premium Video Coaching Lessons – A 9 segment video that guides you through the entire program step-by-step.
  • 1 year free upgrades and updates.



  • The solutions are effective for people suffering from all stages of anxiety
  • Uses all natural techniques. Hence, no side effects.
  • Also effective for those people who have not yielded to other forms of self-healing
  • It sets you free thus allowing you to get more out of life
  • As suggested, in the title itself, this method gives you instant relief in just under 60 seconds
  • Applicable for both the young as well as the aged


Young woman covering face with hands, looking through fingers, close-up

  • The book is expensive. However, it is worth the price. Getting personal consultations could actually be more expensive.
  • The recommended exercises should be performed every day. Negligence could lead to ineffectiveness. Also, you should be willing to let go of your anxiety. If you hold on to something, it will only elongate the process.




This book has so far been used by people all around the world. It is the most effective natural treatment for people with all levels of anxiety disorders.

All the practices and techniques featured in the book are backed by well-established theories, most of the author’s own research. Overall, it can be relied upon for effectiveness and is definitely worth its cost.

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