6 Step Golf Lesson Review: 10 Minutes A Day To Boost Golf Skills

I remember the words from Paul Harvey “golf is a game in which you yell four, shoot six, and write down five”. That describes the difficulty of this game. If you’re reading this, then you are a golfer who has problems with your swing. Without a perfect swing, you’ll not be able to achieve full control over your shots.

Have you ever wanted to perfect the best swing, were you able to do so? It’s a preposterous task if you ask me. It takes years of practice to perfect this technique. It becomes your reflex or else it is something that gets saved in your muscles and brain.

how to hit the ball straight and long

Ever imagined how those golfers do it without many efforts. What’s the secret behind their perfect swing?

It’d be nice to have a coach to teach you all those techniques, but as we know, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

How to hit every shot straighter and longer?

As I have told already, your muscles and brain play a big role in controlling your swing. If you have been in this game for a few years, you should know that your muscles and brain programmed your swing to be this way. It is going to be difficult to reprogramming what your muscles are used to doing.

Your muscles use the amount of power on a swing that they are taught to use. So, is there any way that you could reprogram it? Of course, but it might take time. for a faster result, you need to have the assistance of an expert.

You’ll think twice about that, won’t you? The other option is to find an online course that’d help you master the swing. But as we all know, no one trusts an online course nowadays. But today, I’ll introduce you to a program which will help you master the swing.

Nope, you don’t need hours of training each day to master the swing. But, you need a well designed and proven method that will help you master it. What if I tell you that I found a program which helped me master the swing with ten minutes of training each day?

You might not believe me, right? Well, you should. I have found the answer that you have been looking for. A guide that has got great reviews from thousands around the world.

6 Step Golf Lesson

It’s a guide which has got a great response from its customers. This system will teach you techniques that will help you master the perfect swing. In a few weeks after following the program, you’ll feel like you truly have control over your shots.

You’ll become truly confident in your swing that will make you hit shots straighter and longer. That’s what the 6 Step Golf Lesson has to offer. Now I’ll slow down for a while, I have been boasting about this program for a while. I understand it’s a bit too good to be true. But the author that I’m about to introduce will prove your doubts wrong.

About the author

This guy doesn’t need much of an introduction. He is a modern-day legend, and without a doubt the best swing coach in the world. 6 Step Golf Lesson is authored by Michael Bannon, the coach to the most exciting golfer Rory Mcllroy.

That itself proves all your doubts wrong. He is one of the best coaches the game has produced, and without any doubt – his lessons will help you improve for sure. Michael Bannon nurtured and developed Rory as a youngster, and he took him to the worlds number one spot with his coaching.Michael Bannon

He can be seen aside Rory wherever he competes. To get the kind of lessons that he taught to the world’s number one is truly exciting and peoples would pay any amount of money for it. Plus, having won the award for European PGA coach of the year makes him a well-established personality in golfing world.

It doesn’t matter what kind of swing you have right now. Michael Bannon has the answer for you as well. His unique training methods will help to bring out the potential hidden inside you.

6 Step Golf Lesson, what to expect from this program?

how to master the perfect swing

Most of us learned how to hit a golf ball wrong. To hit a perfect shot, you need to get your perfect swing out of your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind. Be that as it may, we think a lot before hitting a shot which makes it dead wrong.

You need to produce the perfect swing out from your mind without even thinking. In most cases, a golfer develops a bad swing and misses the power and accuracy when he hits the shot. This is called muscle memory, and it’s going to remain with you for a long while.

Your brain has already trained your muscle to do certain movements automatically. According to some experts, your muscle memory might drag you back to your usual swing even after you take various lessons.

Michael Bannon understands this, he will teach you how to develop your perfect swing. By using this program – you’ll get your own perfect swing memorized into your muscle memory. Plus, you won’t be hitting a single ball during this course.

He says golf ball is actually a distraction and gives you his own techniques in developing a perfect swing. With his training methods, your swing movements will become more precise and automated. This is an opportunity for you to learn from the best coach in the world.

What makes this course different from others?

the perfect swing

  • 6 Step Golf Lesson will help you make the game-changing shot each time you hit the ball. However, it doesn’t need hours of practice, which makes it truly outstanding.
  • Each of the techniques you will learn is built upon the previous one. So, you’ll have no problems progressing throughout the course.
  • The techniques will embed the perfect swing deep into your muscle memory allowing you to hit the perfect shot each time.
  • The most prodigious thing about following this training is that it doesn’t require a ball to practice your swing. Hence, it allows you to do the training anywhere you go. May it be inside your office, or outside your home – you could easily follow the methods described in this program anywhere.
  • You don’t need serious practice to master the perfect swing. Practice ten minutes a day, and you’ll be able to make this skill your own forever. Michael Bannon says that you only need five steps to play good golf.
  • The guide will introduce you to a technique called the invisible camera, which will ensure you get pinpoint precision each time.
  • With 6 Step Golf Lesson, you’ll be able to track your progress. Therefore, you’ll know where the steps begin and end.
  • The author is an outstanding coach and he even talks about the follow through after you hit the ball. He says this is where 99% golfers blow it.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll also get the program in an animated virtual teaching model where he will help you visualize the perfect swing. This will make you understand the methods precisely breaking down every detail.


Bonus #1

A transcript manual that contains the lesson text. Thill will help you print out the methods and keep the notes you need wherever you go.

Bonus #2

The second bonus is an audio recording of the lessons. The audio recording will help you listen to the lessons on the move. Copy it on your phone or iPod, and you are ready to take the lessons wherever you are.


  • Easy to follow even for a beginner.
  • You get training tips from one of the best-golfing coaches in the world.
  • It’s an absolute steal considering its price.
  • You don’t need to set a training schedule to follow this course. The practice can be done from your home.
  • 10 minutes of daily practice is enough to master your perfect swing.


  • The program has no negative points to talk about. Michael Bannon is a coach known all around the globe, and he succeeded in designing a complete course without faults.


golf ball

Michael Bannon is a coach to one of the best professional golfer on the planet. That alone will be enough to buy this guide. Anyhow, if you are still having troubles making that decision – the huge amount of reviews is proof that it really works.

From my personal experience, I find this program very useful in enhancing my swinging techniques. It helped me improve my skills and I was able to notice the results within the first week after beginning the practice.

The steps are easy to follow, and each of them progresses based on the previous ones. This makes the course easy to follow even for a beginner. The other advantage of purchasing this guide is that you have nothing to lose here. With a 60-day money back guarantee, you get to keep the bonuses even after asking for money back.

It’s a course that you must try, and I promise that it won’t disappoint you.

Find out what it takes to maximize your golf skills, and use the 6-step golf lesson to achieve more than you ever thought possible – click here to start!

6 Step Golf Lesson Review: 10 Minutes A Day To Boost Golf Skills
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