6 Minutes to Skinny Review: Do you need long workouts to lose weight?

6 Minutes to Skinny Review

I have always been fat but wished to be skinny  but it had not been possible for a long time. When I came across the 6 Minutes to Skinny program by Craig Ballantyne, I stopped wasting my precious time in the gym.

Overweight woman

You will learn from this review, just like I did, that there is more to getting skinny than just working out in a gym.

The program is designed for the modern woman who is too busy to find time to work out in the gym. Whether you are at the beginner or advanced level, you will find that it is easy to work with to achieve your weight loss goals.

Many people have been asking what 6 Minutes to Skinny is all about. The aim of this program according to the author is to achieve:

  • Fat loss goals
  • Lean muscles
  • High-level workouts

Comparison between 6 Minutes to Skinny and Turbulence Training

People tend to confuse between these two methods. However, this program differs from TT in the sense that it offers:

  • A more radical approach than Turbulence Training
  • Minimalist approach
  • Time-saving method to weight loss

The method is aptly called 6 minutes to skinny because it helps one to lose weight within the shortest time possible. The range of exercises that it offers is mainly confined to the morning hours as opposed to any other time of the day. You might be wondering why this is so. I would like to withhold the reason until later in this review.

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The flexibility of this technique is unlike anything I had experienced before. I could literally work out at home, office, along the way and at my convenience, anywhere else. Why is it so convenient? Well, perhaps you did not know this but the truth of the matter is that you do not need to use any machines.

The author of the program

Craig Ballantyne is a respected fitness expert and the author of the other popular program known as. The latter is designed for people who want to lose weight and achieve lean muscle. This is however not what we are here to talk about.

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One thing that has made me embrace Craig’s approach to weight loss is that he has dedicated a lot of time on research scientifically methods that one can use to efficiently burn fat without the help of machines.

Contents of the program

The author has incorporated a number of components to this world-famous technique. These are:

  • A PDF manual
  • Boost videos
  • Metabolic Boost recipes
  • Fast start guide for 7 days

Let me explain what each entails.

The PDF manual is the main one as it contains the medical references you need as well as the scientific explanations to the system. In case you are stuck on anything, this is the main system that you will check.

The several videos are fiord boosting your efforts to lose weight. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the choice of videos to play. My advice is that you should choose the one that will interest you the most.

Frustrated female runner

The body metabolism is very important for your weight loss goals. You will, however, find that you need just the right food. The morning recipes consist of healthy ingredients which work perfectly with the exercise as demonstrated in the videos.

The 7 day start is designed to help you navigate through the system within the shortest time possible. You don’t have to go through the entire program to reap the maximum benefits. The simple layout.

There is a lot of information that one has to go through but you do not have to dig through each topic to benefit from it.

The system is designed in a very straightforward way such that even a beginner would easily start to use it. To begin with, you will 2 minutes out of the 6 minutes. This is designed to give you time to indulge in your healthy recipes in the morning when you wake up in the morning.

The remaining 4 minutes are dedicated are for structured exercises. It is important to point out that the exercises usually come first, followed by the meals.

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The recipes are unlike anything else that you take in the morning. They are intended to help you achieve the following:

  1. Maximizing fat burning process
  2. Increase the energy levels for work out
  3. Be healthy

woman measuring her thin waist

Candidacy for the system

The aim of this approach is to help people to lose weight naturally. The fact that it does not involve the use of machine means that it is targeted at women who have no time to spare in the gym. You are also a suitable candidate if you are not happy with other weight loss programs.

beautiful girl in sporty underwear

This approach had been hailed by many, going by the reviews. It is an effective and sustainable way to help one lose weight without going through the rigors or energy sapping and worthless exercises. By combining the right diet and exercise, you will naturally achieve your weight loss goals. The system is founded on the fact that you can combine healthy recipes and a selected number of exercises to get the lean muscles and burn fat.

The calorie count is not a necessity when it comes to this method. You will also not need to gulp weight loss pills in order to burn fat and lose weight. There are many programs out there which subject you to unnecessary procedures.

I once fell for a scam online whereby I took diet pills for over 3 months. I also counted calories using a calorie counter every day for the period but the results were dismal, to say the least. I regret that I had to subject my body to such untold suffering and at the same time, waste my precious resources which are money.

The scientifical method gives you the guarantee that it will work. Most of the other programs do not work at all as they have no proof or basis for their functions. I had promised to explain why the recipes are for morning hours and not any other time of the day.

Well, the truth of the matter is that your metabolism will need to be jump started in the morning when you wake up. Your body will require nutritionally healthy and energy giving foods. The dessert recipes involving carbs, cheese and chocolate are some of the foods that you need.

These are carefully selected so that you do note being deprived or gain weight in the process. It is a delicate balancing act because the mentioned foods are high energy giving and if not utilized well, you might gain weight.

Tactfully, the high metabolism will be met by the intense workouts and in turn, you will actually end up losing weight.

There are reasons why people give up on various weight loss programs. The main reasons are:

  • They consist of uninspiring diets
  • They are supposed to give up what they enjoy eating
  • Owners of such programs are after making profits only

sad fat woman eating salad

Perhaps one area that this program has excelled is separating the wheat from the chaff. In plain black and white, it has succeeded where others have failed in dispelling the long-held notions on the subject matter of weight loss.

It has come out clean and given information on what works and what doesn’t. This is very important and especially bearing in mind the fact misleading information could make many people fall into unending cycles, trying to lose weight in vain.

Highlights of the system

The approach by Craig’s method is anything but conventional. It is intended to work with the natural body cycle as opposed to making the body to work like a machine. The norms are to subject the body to endless programs, diets, and exercises which are too rigid. The end result is that there are no positive changes in the body.

The short term goals deny the body a chance to adapt to changes and this is why they fail miserably. When for instance you exercise for over 25 minutes, you are overdoing it and as such, you might end up recovering as opposed to losing weight.

woman and man lifting barbells

There are foods that Craig’s system dissuades one from taking. These include sugars and in particular, the processed ones. The sugars affect the functions of the insulin hormone, leading to storage of fat instead of burning it.

Instead, he proposes that one takes foods which are very helpful in burning fat. Examples include peanut butter, chocolate, and almonds.

The phytonutrients obtained from olive oil are helpful in reducing the inflammation in the body while calcium from cheese comes in handy in ensuring that you have less fat and more leaner muscle. There is no other approach that is better for being skinny than what  Craig has put down in writing.


This technique comes with a lot of benefits, setting it apart from all the other programs in the market. They include the following:

  • There is no risk of developing the food cravings one gets with other systems. It does not affect your lifestyle in a big way, meaning that you can continue eating what you enjoy as long as it is done in a healthy way.
  • You will not feel drained in terms of energy. The energy from the energy foods that you eat help to boost the metabolism and thereafter, you are able to burn the fat while leaving you with enough energy to last you the rest long enough for the next meal.

Tired sportswoman lying on sports bench

  • The results are fast to come and they are also permanent. There is no point of using short term based methods which leave you high and dry.
  • Plateaus are common in weight loss whereby one ends up stagnating at certain stages.
  • Ease of following-everything is clearly and in a simple way, broken down into a simple way so that you can follow the guidelines without getting assistance from anyone. There is no time to waste, sifting through complicated guidelines.
  • Craig is an expert, meaning that he is an authority in the subject of weight loss. One can, therefore, count on the ideas and tricks to help you maximize the weight loss methods.
  • If you are busy such that you have no time for a workout, this is the best method to go for. It does away with the gym completely.
  • It offers a 2-month money back guarantee.
  • The results are permanent and it is risk-free
  • It is not an expensive method.


In spite of the positive results above, the reviews also point out to a few complaints which people have. It is only available in digital content. Those who like using CD or the print copy will not benefit at all.

There are those that the title is more of a gimmick than anything else and that it does not have much to offer. Lastly, the $27 is a little overpriced for a system that one will make a one-off download. The cost would have been justified if one could find it in the local store in print or CD formats.


Despite all that has been said, the majority are happy with it compared with TT. In any case, they have given it a high rating owing to the immense benefits as enumerated above.

One reviewer said that he was happy as this method did not change his social lifestyle. He could continue eating his favorite foods without developing some cravings.

Another review was from a lady who says that she was able to incorporate has a busy schedule the proposed diet and exercise to lose weight. Lastly, there was one reviewer who said that the program helped her to shed weight within the shortest time and has been lean since then.


There is no better way to conclude on the 6 Minutes to Skinny other than to say that it is a safe, fast, minimalist and effective method of losing weight for women who have a busy career but want to lose weight. It is worth the price and the scientific backing makes it more worthwhile than the Turbulence Training. I highly recommend it.

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