4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review: Flip The Fat Burning Switch Instantly

Obesity is tearing through the country at a faster pace than ever. There have been plenty of weight-loss fads that have made an appearance. These, however, have not provided the best of results.

This has left many people struggling to trim down that pot belly and that love handles. Exercise is extremely stressful and dieting requires enormous amounts of willpower. The end result is someone who has not lost any weight because of the stress of their fat loss program.

In this review, however, I bring forth the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution that is working wonders for a certain group of people who are inadvertently using it. Have you ever wondered why the Japanese people are rarely overweight and live longer?

The secret is in the kinds of food they eat. This very same secret is ingrained in this fat loss solution to ensure that you get the most amazing of results. So read on and you will be amazed how this program works.

“Maintaining a healthy weight not only makes you free from certain diseases but also boosts your confidence level.”

What is this I’m seeing about the Japanese?

I mentioned something fleeting earlier about the Japanese. Well, if you did not know, these folks are the healthiest and leanest people on this planet. More than anyone else, they are more likely to live to see the past 100 years.

Apart from their longevity, the Japanese have the least incidence of cancers, obesity, and coronary heart disease. The International Obesity Taskforce states that only 2.9 percent of Japanese are obese. In stark comparison, 32 percent of the American population is overweight.

So what is it that makes the Japanese masters of this almost unavoidable condition in the West?

The secret lies in their diet. The typical Japanese diet contains way more carbs than your favorite nutritionist recommends. Yes, you heard that right. The traditional Japanese diet consists of 85 percent carbohydrates, 9 percent protein, and only 6 percent fat.

If your jaw just dropped, you are not alone. Mine did too.

The Japanese staples are rice and potatoes. These are high carb foods and yet the Japanese still remain the leanest people.

The simple fact of the matter is that many of the high-carb foods you’re pushing aside actually help you burn fat in the process. And at any age, you can reprogram your body to burn fat more by ingesting more carbs.4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review: Flip The Fat Burning Switch Instantly

Who Created The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Program?

The program was created by Shaun Hadsall and Karen Hadsall. Should you trust these people when it comes to weight loss solutions? Yes, you can. These folks have been in the industry for years now and have released some nice programs in the past. Shaun is well-known for his intermittent fasting guides, Karen on the other hand has worked on other weight loss programs in the past. Therefore, with the level of their experience, following the 4 cycle fat loss solution program will yield a positive result for you.

How does the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution reprogram your body?

Within the mechanism of this fat solution, there is a stage known as Macro-Patterning. This ingenious solution will help you conquer your fat, burning it for longer. And it does all this while leaving you feeling free and unencumbered.

It allows you to indulge in your most intense cravings for carbs and purposefully abandon traditional dieting to offset the adaptations of short-term extreme dieting.

To exert its effect, the Macro-Patterning – a key component of the solution – clears through 5 natural body gates so that you can keep losing fat and keep your energy up.4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Turn Your Metabolism On To The Fat Burning Mode

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

Get The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Today, And Learn How You Can Flip The Fat Burning Switch In Your Body!

1. Manipulates fat and energy stores

When your body has no more need for energy from carbs, it stores them as fat. This vital component of the fat loss program puts a halt to this. Instead, it allows you to manipulate stored energy in your muscles and liver. This means faster and more efficient fat loss and a healthier metabolism.

Within a few days of the week, you will be able to lower glycogen levels just enough for your body to grab and burn fat.

2. Protects precious muscle mass

Whenever you start dieting, your body looks all through its stores for more nourishment. When it lands on muscle, it will drain it of everything, leaving you looking eternally famished. This method looks to avoid that.

It does this by protecting your muscle. It will ensure that the body goes after the fat instead of the muscle. When you have more muscle, you can get away with eating lots more of your favorite foods because you burn more calories and your energy tank becomes largely expanded.

3. Stabilizes blood sugar and controls insulin

When your blood sugar and insulin levels are elevated, the body is more inclined to store fat. This also increases your aging in the same process.

Though you might think that is accomplished by eating low carb foods, you can do the same with high carb foods. The only thing is that you have to manage the combination, timing, and portion sizes.

4. Produces more heat

For the body to turn to burn up fat, the internal temperature has to be raised. This component of the program ensures that the body raises its temperature naturally. It does this by balancing your calorie intake. At the same time, this method regulates your fat-burning hormones from the thyroid as well as leptin.

With Macro-Patterning, therefore, you burn up more fat as it becomes fuel for the body’s energy needs.

5. Maximizes your fat burning efficiency

Now that your body has developed the knack of burning fat instead of sugars, this component of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution goes ahead to maximize the efficiency of this process.

It does this by creating a fat-burning energy deficiency through calorie management and mild exercise. In short, this method teaches the body to come for the fat before anything else as a source of energy. This will get you ripped in no time.4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Turn Your Metabolism On To The Fat Burning Mode

So what is this 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution composed of?

The solution employs a cyclical approach to the burning of stubborn fat. And it does all this without you having to sacrifice some of your favorite carb-laden meals.

These are the 4 cycles that will give you a body as lean as that of the majority of the Japanese.

I. 7 Day Carb Depletion

The beginning of this cycle is the most important part of this weight loss solution. This is because it is during this time that you turn on the fat-burning switch in your body.

In this stage of the cycle, you turn off your body’s dependence on drawing energy from sugars. This hunger for energy is then redirected to the fat stores.

This makes your metabolic processes more efficient. At the end of it all, you have a body system that drains the carb stores quickly so that it can focus on burning up the fat. This controls your blood sugar expertly and promotes aggressive fat loss.

During these 7 days, you can lose up to 15 pounds of pure body fat. It is this step that sets you up for the remainder of the cycle and as such, you should not skip it.

II. Macro-Patterning

I have already pointed out the principles along which this stage runs.

In the first stage of the cycle, we have left the body attuned to burning fat. In this second stage, you start eating all your favorite carbs, never storing them as fat. By strategically adding back in your favorite carbs you’ll stop metabolic slowdown and avoid going into a catabolic state.

This stage maintains your fat-burning internal environment. This provides you with the necessary energy to go about your daily work while not adding to the fat deposits. In other words, it keeps your body burning both fat and carbs on a daily basis.

III. Accelerated Fat Loss

When you have become accustomed to the Macro-Patterning, it is time to take it a notch higher. This is because it is always easier to lose the first few pounds when you have just started a weight loss program. After a while though, the body adjusts to the fat loss and you get a weight loss plateau.

This part of the cycle is dedicated mainly to skipping over this adaptation hurdle of the body. This tried and true meal plan is only two short weeks. It will, however, teach you how to easily control energy stores and manipulate your hormones. In so doing, you can stay on the fat loss fast track.

IV. The Diet Break

By this point, you’ll have overcome every adaptive response related to burning stubborn body fat. You’ll know how easy it can be to force your body to use fat as your primary energy source. Once you’ve moved through the first 3 cycles you’ll have a completely different relationship with food. The way you approach eating for health and fat loss will be changed forever.

In this stage, you throw all the guilt out the window by increasing the intake of your favorite carbs. With this increased intake, you will burn more fats. This is because you will set a higher metabolic set point, sustaining the fat-burning action in your body.

How Effective Is The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Program?

First, the creators of this weight loss program have worked on different weight loss programs in the past. It is expected that their years of experience in this niche will give them an upper hand in knowing what’s right. Now, going through the information in the program, you can see that the instructions are practical and can yield good results if you follow them squarely.

A lot of people have bought this program and their testimonials are always positive. The creators of the program understand how the body system operates. With this knowledge, they know how to tweak your diet so that the body can start conforming to what you want.

Therefore, from what I have seen and heard, 4 cycle fat loss solution is effective and has helped people lose weight countless times. If you follow the guide, there would be a little chance of not losing those excess fats in your body.

Nevertheless, the program comes with 60 days money-back guarantee that insure you from losing your money. This means that you have up to 60 days to put this weight loss guide to work. If you didn’t see any good result after 60 days, squarely. ou will get a refund. This may not be necessary because the information in this guide is meant to work for anyone that follows it4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Turn Your Metabolism On To The Fat Burning Mode

Where To Buy The Program?

The best place to order for this program is on the official website of the product. Following any of the links on this page will redirect you to where to buy the program. The process is simple and doesn’t take time to complete your order. To make it more effective and interesting, you will get some bonuses if you buy directly from the vendor.


This fat loss solution is exactly what you have been waiting for. The stages of the cycles are structured in a way that you can easily understand. All through the cycle, you manage to eat all you want without having to worry about a restrictive diet.

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