369 Diabetic Recipes Review: Delicious Meals For Diabetics?

About two years ago, I became diabetic, since then my curiosity to learn about this disease increased. I have searched all means & magical solutions to cure this disease as I did not want to be called as a diabetic patient.

Being a mother of three, I always wanted to be a super mom by fulfilling all my kids needs just perfectly! I have never wondered if I could be a victim of diabetes but then life never stops.

My diagnosis of diabetes developed a kind of phobia in my mind; I always wondered how things might change with my sexual life & how my kids will react if I could not be a super-mom anymore.

Accepting The Bitter Reality:

It became really difficult for me to digest this bitter reality. After my diagnosis with diabetes, what I really found was increased stress & depression as I was unable to keep a balance between my diet, insulin injections & exercise to maintain my blood sugar level during working hours.

This made me over-whelmed & resisted me to lead a normal life. Whenever I attended birthday or wedding parties, I could not avoid those cakes when offered by my friends so lovingly.

Increase In My Depression:

Then, I started to consider myself as the most unfortunate person in life as I sooner suffered an accident right after the two months of my diagnosis. My anxiety increased a double-time when my wounds became slower to heal because I could not avoid those battered fish dinners, coffee drinks & cinnamon rolls.

Resultantly, my blood sugar level increased day by day & I put my life on the verge of deadly diseases with my own hands.

Sad Woman

Support From My Family:

I consider myself luckier to have such a supportive family. My husband encouraged me to adopt a healthier lifestyle by enrolling me in a gym for regular exercises. My children empowered me emotionally to fight diabetes in a smarter way. I never wondered the real value of family life ever before!

What Doctors Recommended Me?

The first and foremost thing a doctor or endocrinologist recommends a diabetic patient is the intake of a balanced diet. When my doctor recommended me to take a diabetic diet, I suddenly burst into tears as I was an incredible food lover & I could not imagine a life without eating those delicious foods & sweets.

If you are one of those confused people who are unable to follow an accurate diet plan to cure this life-threatening disease or do you think that there are not many options available in food categories for diabetic patients?

So, I am here to resolve your myth as I have undergone the same situation in my life!

Diabetes:  What You Need To Know:

Diabetes is the most widespread disease around the globe in which your blood sugar levels remain higher than normal.  It can greatly put your life on the verge of lethal diseases such as heart attacks, strokes or can even damage your nerves.

Diabetes is classified into two major types:

  • TYPE 1 DIABETES – in which your body is not capable of making insulin.
  • TYPE 2 DIABETES- The most common type where your body is either unable to make insulin or make proper use of insulin according to your body needs.

Unfortunately, I am a victim of type-2 diabetes but don’t lose hope if you are suffering from the same. I will help to give your boat the right direction.

Who Is At Greater Risk?

Ask yourself these questions & analyze whether you could be a victim of this disease!

  • Are you obese or over-weight?
  • Do you follow a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Are you consistently having high-blood pressures?

If yes, you are definitely at greater risk of getting diabetes. I strongly recommend you to change your sedentary lifestyle to prevent any complications or a sudden attack of diseases in your life. I definitely don’t want you to go into my situations of life where I was ruined emotionally & physically after my diagnosis of diabetes.


How 369 Diabetic Recipes Book Changed My Life?

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood

You must be wondering how a book can be a game changer in someone’s life? Sound’s crazy? But to your amazement, my life suddenly took a U-turn when I found this 369 Diabetic Recipes book which proved to be a game changer in my life.

Yes, this 369 diabetic recipes book brought a great revolution in my life. I am sharing my reviews for those diabetic patients who are undergoing my situations of life where I wanted to lead a normal healthy life but I could also not resist those delicious foods.

This book offers a vast variety of incredible diabetic recipes that helped in transforming my eating habits into a healthier one.

What The Book Offers?

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art

I am sharing my authentic & informative reviews for the 369 Diabetic Recipes book to save a lot of your time & budget because the marketplace is no less of duplicity & impostors.

This 369 Diabetic Recipes book offers all solutions for diabetic patients in one go. For a long time, I was searching for cookbooks & diabetic recipes that can be fruitful in combating my disease but this book surely stands out then all others in the marketplace.

 1. Provision Of Best Recipes For Exquisite Meals:

The book is carefully designed by keeping in all the needs of a diabetic patient. All the recipes for exquisite meals are compiled after careful consideration. I bet, after following this incredible recipe book, you will not consider the food as your enemy.

2. Helps In Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Level:

The recipe book worked wonders for achieving my normal blood sugar in a week time. I felt so happy as I am given a new life. The recipes changed my outlook of diabetic meals to a great extent. I do not consider diabetic meals boring anymore; neither I think that they taste horrible from now onwards.

3. Helps In Prevention Of Complications:

It goes without saying that 369 Diabetic Recipes book will not accelerate complications of diabetes if followed accurately. I myself have witnessed this as I was able to reduce my blood sugar level remarkably in a week time. I never thought that diabetic food can be much delicious and healthier than ever before.

4. Mouth-watering Salads Recipes:

Majority of diabetic patients say NO to salads as they think it is like chewing grass. Sounds funny? I myself tried various salad recipes but liked none. For the first time, I made these mouth-watering salad recipes. I am really amazed to see that my children are also enjoying these recipes.


5. Improves Heart Health:

This cookbook is carefully designed for resolving many cardiac issues. Its recipes include minerals & vitamins that can help to scrape cholesterol and eliminate it from the body without any medication.

Some recipes contain a high level of magnesium that helps in the regulation of blood pressure that is similar to the characteristics of potassium present in meat or other non-veg meals.

So, if you follow these recipes accurately, you will get many nutrients for a healthier heart. It will ultimately help to relax your blood vessels & reduce the strain on your heart thus preventing strokes and heart attacks.

 6. Boosts Your Energy Level:

It is no doubt that food and beverages are directly linked to your energy levels. Sometimes our energy levels are decreased due to a number of reasons. It may be because of overstressed lifestyles or fatigue.

Many people look for a quick fix to resolve this issue. Some people are also of the view that diabetic patients have a lower energy level as compared to other healthy persons. But don’t panic, the truth is entirely different.

This book can boost the energy levels of diabetic patients to a remarkable level. You just need to follow the recipes appropriately.  It contains a high amount of iron contents in its beverage recipes that boosts the circulation of red blood cells hence increasing the oxidation process & energy levels.

Noticeable Results That I Achieved:

I have tried a vast variety of diabetic recipes from this book & achieved noticeable results in my life within a week time. I believe that sharing is caring & I always wanted to help those in need & stressed-out from such situations.

Here I would like to share those noticeable results:

  • It helped in reducing my blood pressure to a great extent.
  • Lowering my cholesterol level was a great challenge. I am successful in accomplishing this by following these healthy diabetic recipes.
  • It also helped me in losing my weight & reduced inflammation in my body.

Final Verdict:

A healthy diet is a solution of many our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution

-John Mackey

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to enjoy the rich flavors of diabetic desserts, cookies & cakes then  I would strongly recommend buying this book & I bet you will surely get something that you have paid for!


Start cooking healthy, and most importantly *delicious* diabetic recipes – get the cookbook, 369 Diabetic Recipes, by clicking here!

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