31 Day Testosterone Plan Review: Reclaim Manhood Without Pills


If you ever thought that you needed gels or pills to increase your testosterone levels, you just might be wrong.

Testosterone gel

In this review, I will go over the new evidence that seems to prove otherwise.

About the author

Mark Wilson is a health coach, researcher, and renowned author, who came up with this plan. You might have heard of ‘the testosterone coach’. He was inspired to create 31 days testosterone plan after he went through a dark period in his life. He was 40 years old but had dealt with having low T levels for years. He was sick, his marriage was in shambles, and he thought his masculinity was fading. He tried every method possible but nothing seemed to work in the long term. The last straw was his doctor, who suggested injecting him with hormones every day. You can imagine the agony.

Doctor holding mini blackboard with TESTOSTERONE messageUltimately, he went into research and was able to discover that the low T levels were causing all his problems. He only had to increase these levels, to get back to normal.

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And he did! He lost weight, got his marriage back on track and was back on his feet, trying to help other men in the same predicament. Through intensive research, he has been able to develop his theory of an alternative way to increase testosterone in men without necessarily having to go the pills way.

Why opt for this plan

Let’s talk for a minute. Most men are sensitive about their masculinity. And it gets worse as one gets older. If a doctor told you that your testosterone levels were low, it was bound to hit you hard. You would probably be under a lot of pressure, which would only be worsening your condition.

DOCTOR WORKING MODERN INTERFACE TOUCHSCREENWhat most people do, is start researching ways to increase these levels, right away. They won’t stop until they find one. More often than not, you will encounter ‘doctors’ who try to scam their way into your pockets. Promising you all sorts of benefits, if only you tried their products. You spend a lot of money purchasing all these quick fixes that guarantee to raise the levels. It doesn’t work. You get frustrated and decide to give up since nothing seems to work. Well, worry not. There is a new plan in town. Mark has spent years researching into this 30-day plan, and its borne fruits. Many men out there who had despaired can now smile because it did work for them. And it can work for you too! If you are going through a similar situation, you can give it a try. There are many people out there who are only out to scam you. This is not one of those instances. Before deciding to buy this plan, it would help if you visited the site and read the different reviews on the product. This will help you make an informed decision. Apart from your skyrocketing testosterone levels, you will not only get more masculine, but you will also be able to burn belly fat. This is one of those ‘value for your money deals. I mean, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

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  • It’s a natural method; meaning, no pills or injections.
  • You will have more energy
  • Your body will get more masculine
  • You will burn belly fat
  • You decrease your chances to diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  • You get value for your money
  • You avoid using expensive gels and pills, which may be harmful in the long term
  • Great online reviews.


  • The whole plan has been deemed controversial and therefore, greatly criticized.

Are there studies that support this plan?

Absolutely! There are studies that have been conducted on this phenomenon. A trial done from 1987-2004, on men from Massachusetts, established that testosterone levels decreased by 1.2% every year. That’s pretty shocking! Scientists have also discovered that low T levels lead to weight gain in men. Gradually, this results in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and low blood pressure.

banana and measuring tapeAnd that’s not all… Research conducted by French scientists shows that between 1989 and 2005, fertility levels fell by a staggering 40%. It’s the study by the University of Cambridge that should get you worried. It seems to suggest that there is a direct correlation between financial traders and testosterone. Apparently, men with higher levels are more successful as opposed to those with lower levels.

How will you achieve high T levels?

Through this plan, mark tried to come up with simple ways that would have your testosterone levels back in check in no time. You only need 4-6 weeks and he guarantees that you are bound to see results. Just by the 3rd week, you should start experiencing a boost in your energy levels, more muscles projecting and decrease in belly fat.

checking belly

And the best part; this is achieved without any use of gels, therapy or pills. It’s not every day you come across real natural methods, that are not only affordable, but they are also scientifically tested.

#1: get rid of all alternative supplements

To start with, do away with any other products you might have. These are chemical products that may be doing your body more harm than good.

Hand holding two capsulesMaybe you were desperate for a fast solution to your problem. You saw an ad on TV or a poster with almost believable ‘natural’ supplements. You had tried so many other products that one more couldn’t hurt, you figured. This might actually have worsened your situation, without you knowing it. You are required to get rid of all those supplements before starting out on Mark’s plan.

#2: be aware of certain foods

You might not believe this but according to Mark, most foods you are eating might be causing severe estrogen dominance in your body. Estrogen is the hormone that produces feminine characteristics. When it starts being produced in your body, it totally dominates testosterone, leading to its rapid decrease. This is what causes an increase in body fat among other symptoms. Foods that cause this include soy, food additives, oils and grains. As you can see, it originates from eating processed foods mostly.

soybean podFor your own good, be cautious with your eating habits. You might think that you’re finally eating healthy, only to be causing your body a great deal of harm.

 #3: the work problem

You’ve probably heard or read about this.

Tired man being overloaded at work

There is a correlation between the constant use of laptops and tablets, and decreasing T levels. You use such electronics a lot because you are always working. Which is necessarily not a bad thing, but it might be causing an imbalance in your hormones. There is a theory that suggests that using these electronics all the time may lead to the production of cortisol. This is a hormone that has been dubbed testosterone destroyer. When it’s secreted, you keep working and working, not knowing that your testosterone is suffering. But how would you even manage to think about that if you are working all the time? You are advised to go easy. Chill out for a minute. Step away from your work once in a while. Otherwise, you will be pushing for increased secretion of cortisol, decreasing T levels and ultimately, increased body fat. It’s a small price to pay.

The actual plan

This is not a scam people! The 31-day testosterone plan has been compiled in a series of videos. There is also an eBook for those who prefer reading. It all boils down to your preference really. It is a 10 step program, which has been tried and tested extensively, after years of research.

What you get from the plan?

For the 4-6 weeks that you will be undertaking the program, you will be given tips and tricks to help you kick start your journey.

  • Learn how to reverse the estrogen situation, in case you had succumbed to it.
  • Know how to read ingredients in food packaging to help you identify foods that were harmful to your body.
  • Discover components present in bathroom products that lead to your body secreting feminine hormones.
  • How to eat more carbs and get leaner muscles.
  • How you will work out less and still be more masculine and burn more body fat.
  • How to increase your T levels by doing absolutely nothing!
  • To top it off, you will gain access to a nutritional plan and a schedule that you will have no trouble following.

That’s not all…You will also get three bonus videos that cover the most essential areas; exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. If you come to a decision to buy, don’t worry about not following up. You will get a quick easy plan to help you with the basics. This will contain a Q&A section which has answers to all your questions and concerns regarding the plan. The guide wouldn’t be complete without a workout schedule for the whole period. Mark employs a hands-on, step by step approach, which will make it very easy for you. He will become your partner, guiding you all the way.

Are there any possible side effects?

This is a natural alternative to balancing your T levels; therefore, you will not be experiencing any severe side effects.

Man with the Bottle of the Medical Product feels Unwell

How much is the whole plan?

You will buy the plan at $37.This is after discounts. Initially, the whole course costs $97. Mark decided to lower the costs to make it more affordable to everyone out there. For those of you all about saving costs, how about saving a whole $60 for a start. It really is a bargain. Why? You get the 31-day plan, along with the video course with exercise and nutrition tips. There are also additional bonus videos as well, which you are given for free. But there is a catch. This is a limited offer. If you want the additional benefits, you have a limited period of purchasing the whole course.

What the additional bonus plan entails:

In this free bonus plan, you will be taught on various things. Essentially, it will be mostly about managing your diet, which is a vital part of the whole process. Among other areas, you will learn about:

  • the foods that keep suppressing your hormones, that you need to get rid off immediately
  • Foods that cause hormonal dysfunctions that nobody else will tell you about.
  • Importance of proteins in the body; a combination that will increase your protein intake
  • Vegetables easily cooked at home that eliminates estrogen in your body
  • Foods that are causing you constant heartburns ( there is a relationship between heartburns and suppressed hormones)
  • The real reason why your belly keeps bloating
  • The much-hyped health foods that are really not healthy
  • Recipes that will enhance your metabolism and aid the process of balancing your hormonal levels

 Are payment methods secured?

Your payment information is limited against third-party access. In fact, even Mark himself cannot access this information. You can pay for the plan using a variety of cards listed on the site. www.31daytestosteroneplan.com. Payment is facilitated by Clickbank, which is a trusted online payment system. It’s only after you receive your product, that they get to disburse the payments. If by any chance you are not happy with the program, you can always return it in 60 days, no questions asked. Isn’t that great?

My verdict:

Through my review, I have listed the pros and cons of getting this plan. However, it’s entirely up to you now, to make a decision. If you feel like you have really struggled, as Mark did, with your testosterone levels, then maybe this is the right product for you.

man gesturing OK

There has been intensive research done on the matter, so it’s not a case of someone just waking up one day and deciding to offer products he barely knows anything about. Apart from that, the reviews on the site by happy customers should tell you all you need to know. Are you ready for the change of a lifetime?

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