30/30 Bubble Butt Review: Just 30 Minutes A Day For A Big Bubble Butt?


Imagine if your dapper boyfriend compliments you for your sexy butt saying that,

“Every time I see your cute butt, I just wanna squeeze it”….

Whoa, that’s a huge compliment!! Isn’t it something that makes you blush? Of course, it’s the best thing that you would love to listen again and again.

But unfortunately not many women (including me) get these types of compliments very often & the clear reason is:

Flabby untoned butt giving a roly-poly appearance to our body rears…

Now being a woman, you are happy with your overall pretty look. You look good & even guys check you out.

Everything would be great if the one problematic area gets toned down in shape & that is your butt.

Many times you wish your butt looked like one of those swimsuit model’s butts cladded in a tiny bikini. Who doesn’t want this, right?


You regularly hit a gym and do a lot of butt exercises to make it firmer and in shape but no luck & at last give up saying that,

“I can never get my butt to look firm and toned.”

You are exhausted now as

“You’ve tried almost everything to get that toned butt…”

Well, there’s still hope for you. Yes! You heard it right. I’m sure there’s one thing you’ve not tried that can help you in getting the butts you’ve always dreamt of.

So the time has come to make others envy of your sexy butt by doing something that will completely change the look of your rears.

Want to know what it is? Well, well….The answer to all your anxieties is,

“A 30/30 Bubble Butt exercise program” by Shawna Kaminski, a well known female fat loss expert….

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What is 30/30 Bubble Butt program?

If you always dreamed of having a bikini ready sexy curved figure, then this program is for you.

The 30-day butt transformation exercise program is the #1 secret to building a bigger and rounder butt.

The program clearly indicates what time is the right time for exercises which can give you the best body, resulting in a bikini-ready figure with firm butts.

Since these many years, you were doing squats and ended up getting bigger legs, not-much bigger booty.

You’ve tried all the stuff be it rubbing fish oil over your bum or chugged down tons of weight gainers only to gain weight on your entire body. But unfortunately, you have not seen the results you’ve always wanted.

With the 30/30 Bubble Butt program,

  • You DON’T need to spend hours at the gym
  • It’s NOT required to starve yourself
  • There is NO NEED to take supplements or weight gainers

Rather, just 30 minutes of exercise a day, regularly for 30 days & you’re ready to flaunt your firm, big and well-toned butt of your dreams.

This is a complete butt transformation program that will guide you in getting a bigger and round butt in just 30 days.

I’m sure; you are surprised with this & started wondering,

Are you kidding? Just 30 days of exercise to get the sexy round butt…..”

Well, you’ve heard it right. Just 30 days of regular exercise to get the butt you’ve always wanted.


30/30 Bubble Butt program overview:

This butt exercise program is for all no matter you are thin or fleshy; it is beneficial to everyone who is willing to lose weight.

Basically, the program gives pro tips on how to manage your eating plan, sleep, and exercises in order to get the best out of it.

Not only this, but it has also more than 100 recipes that you can use to get the toned shape butt, without leaving out your favorite snacks. You can still enjoy them while exercising and maintain a healthy weight.

The 30/30 butt program will not only boost your self-confidence and give a big, strong butt but it also comes with lots of benefits like:

  • A bigger butt results in a better posture
  • It boosts the athletic performance
  • Improves balance
  • Help fight stubborn belly fat
  • Helps you look amazing in yoga pants (rather in all outfits, which you always wanted)

The bubble butt building program is based on two simple principles which say that:

  • You need to work on your glutes from all directions and angles
  • Eat the right amount of the right foods

Simply following the above two techniques can give you a bubble butt that you can be proud of.

What will you get in 30/30 Bubble Butt program?

A simple and effective butt transformation program has so many things to offer. Here’s a detailed round-up of things you’ll get when you buy this program:

 Member’s Area Access:

Lifetime access to the program’s members area, who’ve purchased the program. With this access, you can instantly look at all the workout plans, varied exercise videos, nutritional guides, recipes, and bonuses, of course with an Internet connection.

Detailed Workout Plans:

A comprehensive easy-to-follow butt workout plans that work your glutes from all directions and angles every time.

The plans will guide you when you need to work out and when not, which exercises to do every day along with how many reps, sets, and breaks you need for the optimum results.

Each workout is for 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. There’s no guesswork at all; simple effective workout plans to shape up your booty.

Exercise Videos:

Instant access to videos showing you the best and most effective glute-focused exercises, intended to get the maximum butt growth with each exercise.

Nutritional Plans:

A complete list of customizable nutritional plans, to add more volume to your booty.

The plans clearly guide you on how much of what foods to eat, what to eat before and after your workouts – all hacks that can help you in getting that perfect butt.

BONUS – Tips on Growing Butts, without Growing Thighs:

And here comes the bonus of the program. If you have muscular legs, you clearly know that doing squats can only make them bigger, without growing your butt.

So in the program, the complete focus is on the glute exercises that can give you bigger butts.


  • A simple and easy-to-follow guide on growing a bigger butt, without growing thighs.
  • The effective workout plans for building bigger, rounder and firm butts.
  • A program is developed by an experienced researcher, fat loss expert who has done in-depth research work to create the program.
  • The bubble butt program, with a combination of booty and glute, targeted exercises that work perfectly for everybody.
  • A clear and straightforward user-friendly manual for toner and leaner butt.
  • The program can be accessed from anywhere, on any device (be it your smartphone, tablet or PC).
  • The program comes with a 60-days money back guarantee which adds more credibility to it.


  • The program requires bringing a lot of necessary changes in your daily routine which might not be easy or convenient for you.
  • If you are not serious in doing the workout exercises mentioned in the program and waiting for some magic to happen, then this is not for you.
  • If you don’t have an Internet connection, then you might not be able to get your hands on the butt transformation program.

30/30 Bubble Butt – Final Review:

Probably after reading so many positive things about this butt transformation program, you are eager to get the exact review of the program, whether it is for you or not?

Well, let me tell you that the program is for everyone.

I know you must have tried all the stuff in your gym in getting those toned buttocks but no luck in getting the desired results.

That’s the reason I strongly recommend you to try the 30/30 Bubble Butt program.

I can definitely vouch on the program (from my personal experience) that after I followed the workout exercises given in the plan, I can see the difference in my butts and this is really boosting my self-confidence, trust me..!

Will it work for me?

The program is a life-changing experience and will transform your body without doing hours of cardio & starving yourself.

You are only required to give 30 minutes of your time, regularly for 30 days and believe me, you’ll see the difference and will say with confidence that,

“Now I love my butts…”

The creator of the program, Shawna Kaminski, is a well-known fitness expert with mastery in fat loss exercises, especially for women.

After a lot of research work, she has come up with something great that’s bound to build confidence in you with a lean, sexy and firm butts.

Therefore I hope that my genuine review will surely boost more confidence and you’ll surely give a try to the program.

So, don’t look out for any more reviews and pledge today to get the firm and round butts, sexy enough to turn heads not on you; but on your lean figure and bigger butts.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to flaunt the butt of your dreams with this life-changing program & yes, do not forget to share your valuable reviews about the program.

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