3 Week Fat Blast Diet Review: How Much Fat Can 3 Weeks Burn Through?

Many of us have tried almost everything just to lose weight and look better. There are some methods which make you lose weight for some time but everything comes back to square one within a short span of time. You will hardly find any diet plan which tells us to follow a foolproof healthy path, instead sometimes after losing weight, you become weak.

There are a number of boring, ineffective and low-quality diets which are easily available in the market. To make things worse, there are super hyped and overmarketed supplements. These claim to remove excess body fat without you doing anything but just taking their stuff. It is true that for those who prefer physical activities over all the diet plans and supplements, the results come out to be amazing. But if exercising and taking care of diet strategically both done properly, it can do wonders to your body.

The latest research studies show that in the case of losing weight effectively, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Every person with certain uniqueness in health, body, and physique should have a particular dieting process.

Eating nothing

Gary Watson, the author of the 3 Week Fat Blast Diet is an expert in nutrition and body fitness. He has been practicing this as a profession for many years. With this book, he apparently discovered a quantum leap finally about losing fat and weight effectively. When you are very serious about losing weight in the right way, expert advice is a must. You need to make sure your strategy is safe for your health. With Gary’s expertise, you can take help from the best program which actually works.

The Book Overview

The Book cover

The 3 Week Fat Blast Diet program emerges out to be the best because of the fact that it personalizes a fitness routine for every person practicing it. This weight loss program acknowledges the fact that everyone has a different metabolism. It will take just 3 minutes to decide your metabolism and suggest you’re right nutrition path. The type of metabolic system decides how will you lose extra weight and determines the correct eating strategies which will work the best for your health.

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Why check Metabolism?

Gary describes three types of metabolic system: Fast Oxidative, Medium, and Slow Oxidative. The kind of metabolism you possess decides the food which would be healthy for your body. There are foods that do not make some people fat but they can surely make you gain weight because of your different metabolic system than others. All three metabolism types are completely different from each other. Hence it is very important for you to know your own metabolism.

Once you are in the 30s or 40s, it’s very much possible that you suffer from a health condition called metabolic malfunction. If you are suffering from it, all the rigorous exercises and calorie intake reduction won’t bring effective results.  This becomes worse when you are eating incorrectly not in accordance to your metabolic type.

What is the book?

The 3 Week Fat Blast Diet is a help program created to show results in the mentioned promised time. The expectation and promises do not sound practical and too good to be true but it asks the users to be honest with the program and follow the instructions religiously as mentioned. It will not bring the desired results on time if you deviate from the instructions.

It would feel like a big challenge to stick what’s been written. But in the end, after 21 days, you will be glad you did.  When you start following it you will find a diet program for yourself which will list down the recommended food. More you deviate, longer it will take to show results. Apart from determining metabolic system type, you will be introduced to the concept of knowing how important it is to know your own hormones and their role in changing your body weight.

Lose weight

According to this book, there are 3 essential hormones named Insulin, Leptin, and Cortisol. As you evolve with your routine through this diet program, you will get to know how these hormones are very crucial for the overall fat burning process. These three help you burn body fat provided you are having a recommended diet which suits your body. The right diet will be provided by the 3 Week Fat Blast Diet. The diet recommendations by this program are created to manage the natural metabolic body flow which that gives you the best results. The meal programs are not very difficult to follow and blend well in a normal routine.

What more…

The fitness program is made for users keeping in perspective their crazy lifestyle, stressful careers, and uncontrollable food cravings. The readers will get to know all secrets to delicious, healthy and fat burning meals. The Intellectual Eating Window in this book lets you know all the foods which you can have in your diet but eating them at the right time. But the timing again depends on your own metabolic system. You must be aware that almost all diet plans have many restrictions when it comes to eating food but in this program, it is guaranteed by the author that recommended food is as good as you normally have and the intake will be quite healthier.

Other Advantages

  • It is a comprehensive program which is way more than dieting. The whole book is divided into 4 different sections and each one explains a key principle about nutrition in detail. The program has full coverage of every aspect of losing weight.
  • Unlike other diet books, this book is very easy to read and the whole content is not difficult to understand. Each chapter is well divided into logical parts. The information is simple to digest and implement. With neat illustrations and pictures, reading is more fun.
  • Books like 3 weeks Fat Blast Diet encourages healthy eating habits. Healthy eating doesn’t mean eating salads all the time. It means having natural nutrition from good sources of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy good fats. Say No to starvation or overhyped slimming pills.

What’s in the Package

You will also get three bonus books when you buy 3 weeks Fat Blast Diet

  • Seven Super Harmony Hormones You Must Have In Harmony
  • The Bermuda Triangle Of Foods: Three Foods You Must Avoid.
  • Fat Burning Finger Print Fast Track Guide

Bonus books

These all will explain which food should be taken strategically at what right time.

This whole package is worth more than $200 but the author, Gary Watson is offering the same in a much lower price.

In case, within 60 days of purchase, you don’t find this course helping you out or seem difficult to actually follow, you can go ahead and claim for full money refund. That too with no questions asked policy! This 60-day money back guarantee is certainly a great way to exhibit the creator’s trust in the diet plan.  A big plus for great reviews.

My Review

You should never expect results overnight with any diet plan. You need to put in honest efforts and stick with the given plan. This program has actually got many positive reviews when compared to other fitness programs. This seems like one of the best diet help guides which understand your body, promotes good eating habits and then helps you losing weight. This never recommends any pill or health supplement which claims to work for all ages and body types.


All information about the hormonal study and metabolic systems has been researched well before sharing. Losing weight is not easy. It does take a good amount of hard work and discipline. Having a good, healthy and trustworthy diet plan can definitely help anyone to achieve health goals. But do not forget that only diet doesn’t work for you. Always keep your body active with a regular exercise regime.

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