2×4 Strength Program Review: The Simplest Strength Program Out There?

Have you ever been thinking beefing it up like those of Hollywood actors and actresses for a movie role? Superheroes bodies and through the roof powers of the likes of Superman, Batman, Thor and Wonder Woman.

Tremendous and training and workouts for them to achieve those God-like bodies that all the women and men salivate to see on screen. The big aaahh and ohhh’s whenever they have the screen time to flaunt their amazing 6 or 8 well-toned abs, perfect pecs, bulging biceps, great butts, strong legs and know how they look good.

Are we not all envious and wish we could have those physiques and virility too?

Well damn yes we do! Who wouldn’t want to be perfectly toned and fit nowadays anyway? Everyone wants to be those guys but the question is always how to start. What’s the right routines and exercises needed and want it fast?

Some of us wished it would happen scientifically like Captain America, a scrawny and small boy that magically grew bigger with those unbelievable muscles everywhere.

Luckily we have people like Bret Contreras, who happens to have a program for us called 2×4 The Most Effective Training Program For Maximum Strength And Muscle that will help us bulk up properly and effectively.

This program of his was based on his experiences and struggles to achieve his physique right now and how it helps how it transformed not just his body but his confidence as well.

Things to do and avoid to achieve strength:

  1. Proper Nutrition

Well didn’t our parents forced us to eat and live healthy even we were still kids, so basically we have to start there too. A change of diet and lifestyle will be the first thing we have to do achieve our inner and deeper strengths.

  1. Proper Sleep

Eight to ten hours of sleep will be good for our mind and body. Let your body rest and rejuvenate.

  1. Avoid Stress

As much as possible avoid stressing out with your work, family, money or life in general. Don’t engage yourself in the things that will trigger your stress level.

  1. Motivate Yourself

Just think that you are doing this for yourself and yourself only. Think of how you want to be powerful and fit for your own health. Having confidence in yourself in the end.

The program also offers the mechanics of achieving this powerful strengths:

  1. Squat

Teach how to properly warm up and position and balance our crouching posture and back for weightlifting. This exercise will help our thighs, hips, and buttocks.

  1. Bench Press

Teach how to develop our upper body strength from a supine position. This exercise will help our pectorals, chest, arms and shoulder muscles.

  1. Deadlift

This is a weight training where you can lift a barbell or bar from the ground. This exercise will help our strength in grip, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

The Most Effective Training Program For Maximum Strength And Muscle

With these tips and guidelines for just one e-book, I’m sure we are still looking for more. And luckily again for us, Brent Contreras have more offerings and special packages for us to avail.

Silver Package:

2×4 Maximal Strength Training Program

This is an awesome option to take your training to the next level. This pushes you to your limits that requires you to train four days every week that can truly help you to peak your strength development.

Calculating Caloric and Macronutrient Intake

This basically gives you the knowledge about your diet plans. This book shows you guidelines how to take Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) that determines how much energy or calories per day that your body needed.

Full Exercise Quick Reference Guide to Video Library

A quick reference guide of exercises for you to follow. Complete with full descriptions, pictures, cues and video tutorials.

“Safer” Exercise Quick Reference Guide to Video Library

Consists of (36) thirty-six safest exercises for you to perform with complete descriptions, pictures, cues and video tutorials as well.

PR Tracker Sheet

With 2×4 Personal Records Tracker Sheet to jut down the number of big lifts, you have done.

Gold Package:

The Basics of Squatting and Deadlifting Biomechanics

This is the most concentrated by hand exercises to teach you how to form and anatomy affects the joint loading. This also teaches the different variations in joint loading.

Cues for the Big Lifts

Provides information for the best cues for the squat, bench press and deadlift exercises. Also, gives out video links to watch the tutorials.

5 Cutting Edge Glute Training Tips

Glimpses of screenshots of EMG footage and discoveries in glute vigorous tips for optimal glue training.

How to Warm Up

Guides, pictures and video links of exhibiting proper self-manual therapy, mobility drills,  and activation drills.

Get Stronger Than You’ve Ever Been Before With The 2×4 Strength Program That Will Add Tens Of Pounds To All Your Big Lifts In Weeks – Click To Get Started!

What else can you ask for? Start training today and avails these packages and be in the best shape of your life.

About The Author:

Ben Contreras designed this program to help people trying to develop their strengths and muscles. He came up with this idea based on this personal experience. He used to workout and train before but struggled to achieved his goals to shaped up to the level he wanted to be.

After working out the kinks, he discovers that not eating right, lack of sleep and high stress level played major roles in stagnating your progress and development. Onward, he shared to his friends and workout buddies that these things should be taken seriously for. He now knows the perfect formula of shaping up the right and eventually was able to share it with the world.

About The Book:

With these e-books you now you a better knowledge and understanding of world class of exercises programs there is for you to be able to develop your body and strength. With additional payments, you can also avail Silver Packages and Gold Packages of manuals consists of complete instructions, videos to watch and video tutorials to follow.

These e-books also offers variations for you to choose from, depending on your time availability and can fit your lifestyle. This also not focuses on just your strength and muscles, some of these e-books also help your health and diet plans.


√ easy to find website

√ instant access and easily downloaded to all with PC, mobile phones, laptop, and tablets

√ pay less for more especially for those who avails the special packages

√ variety of information for strength training and muscle development

√ have a 60-day money back guarantee

√ risk-free and safe exercises for all gender

√ proven to work programs so basically you have nothing to lose and gain something

√ time manageable results

√ affordable

√ high-quality videos and easy to perform and follow video tutorials

√ very good guidelines for dietary plans


√ does not available to someone who doesn’t have an internet

√ not available to someone who doesn’t own a PC, mobile phone, laptop, and tablet

√ takes a lot of patience, commitment and hard work to succeed but this is arguable–depends on one’s motivations and goals

√ it takes time also but never a problem if you really are committed enough for the results to show




I have this story to share with you guys. For anyone out there who knew Chris Pratt was then you might already have an idea where this story goes but for those who doesn’t let me enlighten you.

Chris Pratt once known as a character guy, you know the guy who plays an asshole in the movie who thinks he is funny enough but eventually the joke is in him because of his looks. He was an overweight slob back then playing minimal roles in B Hollywood movies. He is stereotyped as a comedian because of his weight and looks.

Luckily though he still got a hot wife and have a baby with her that’s not the point. Anyways he got this health scare because of his unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. So his doctor and family advised him to exercise and get rid of his excess fats and change his lifestyle.

Eventually, he did, for almost a year he tried to work out, eat healthy and live a clean lifestyle and it showed how he’s looks changed. Even movie moguls and producers noticed how good he looks right now compared to his old self.

They offered him a big blockbuster movie to start with and a big fat cheque. Now he’s one of the most recognizable leading men in Hollywood. All in all a success story.

So how’s that for motivation? Not convinced enough? Wait until you get your own success story by buying and downloading these books. There is nothing for you to lose because this program works. The benefits that you will get in this program is priceless so better hurry now and grab one or all of these copies.

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2×4 Strength Program Review: The Simplest Strength Program Out There?
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