100 Day Marathon Plan Review: Get Ready For Marathon In 100 Days

Marathon,  a preposterous task for the weak, while a challenging and enthralling sport for the courageous.

We have heard a lot about this sport, and when the word ‘Marathon’ comes up, we picture the finish line and the crowd cheering behind. At least, a few of us have already imagined conquering this uphill task.

But the truth is, we all tend to skip the uphill battle in between.

Marathon is the ultimate challenge. It needs a strong level of ambition and desire to compete and conquer.

For some, it might be a sport, but for others, it’s a challenge they put against themselves. In order to achieve what they think is impossible for them. It’s a sport that challenges your body to the brink, thereby when conquered you could get a high adrenaline rush from tackling the distance.

Conquering the mother of all races gives you the contentment which is hard to duplicate. This might prove to be the best way.

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Why Should I Run A Marathon?

For everyone out there who’s looking to lift themselves up from the tiring busy way of life, this might prove to be the best way to elevate yourself.

Running a Marathon means:

  • Mile-by-mile you will bring yourself closer to satisfaction of being invincible.
  • The pain, sweat, and tears become memories, as mile after mile you move closer to being unshakable.

Once you achieve what you once believed to be unthinkable, daily tasks will seem simple by comparison. In short, if you could bottle up your self-confidence after you finish a marathon and sell it, you’d be a billionaire.

People Say That I’m Not Fit To Be A Part Of It!

Do it for you.

No one walks into the starting line after a day of deciding to do it. Marathon needs dedication and willingness, you should start the preparation ahead of the event.

As we all know, ‘There are no shortcuts to success’. You should start preparing months before, to be in shape for the race day. Weeks and weeks of training, after spending so much time and effort, it’s only natural you want to give your best.

The taste of success after going through all the sweat and pain, that’ll be enough for you to make that bittersweet moment, a part of your wonderful experience and memory.  So, don’t worry too much on your fitness it’s about how bad you want it.

Stop caring about the naysayers, those people will never be impressed no matter what you do.


How Do I Improve My Personal Best?

If you have taken part in a marathon, but somehow you weren’t able to deliver your best performance on that day. It may be for several reasons, but there are no shortcuts to improvement other than practice and preparation.

You might need proper tip, tactics, and techniques to get the edge which can slash minutes off your best race time. Your preparation starts the moment you decide to take part in. Your mind should be set to the challenge you’re about to take. Then begins the practice.

Sometimes, running a lot as part of the preparations might not be enough to give you the edge. Hiring a coach is out of the question, it is not affordable for a beginner.

This is why you worry about picking the right program. But the problem is, there are so many programs that seem incomplete. Or it is not a good fit for your skills and ability.

There are many factors which influence your performance on that day.

  • Worrying about accidents during the race
    Clumsily hitting the wall around the 20-mile mark.
  • Anxiety unnerves people
    Runners become anxious about their training prior to the race.
  • Diet plays a big role
    You should be vitally aware of the number of calories you consume.

We could prevent all these and be in our peak condition if we could find a well sorted out training program.

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Marius Bakken’s “100 Day Marathon Plan”

Imagine being able to get the tips and tricks from a marathon training coach.

And you are just in luck, Dr. Marius Bakken is here to teach you all the nooks and crannies about running a marathon. He is a two-time Olympic runner and the second fastest non-African 5k runner winner (in the world) for two consecutive times.

Though, he currently works as a physician. This did not stop him from bringing you the one hundred day training program after testing, refining, and proving it works.

100 Day Marathon Plan has got great reviews from marathon coaches, physicians, and marathon runners from around the world. In a review given by Duncan Larkin, running times magazine editor and 2.32 marathon runner. He said, “Most marathon schedules are rigid, the 100-day program deals with flexibility and gives runners options”.

Another review by Jack Waitz who is a 9 time NYC Marathon winner and a coach. He said “Marius  Bakken has used his unique experience as a world-class runner to put together one of the most comprehensive marathon products I  have seen. The 100-day marathon training program is covering all topics to help you improve in running”.

There are thousands of more reviews, and they all agree that the 100-day plan could aid you in achieving a successful career.

Website of 100 Day Marathon PlanWhat Does The Program Offer?

The program offers one hundred days of training tips for runners. It shows how an experienced marathoner arrives on race day in peak condition, without spending too much time on high-intensity workouts.

Yet the program helps you improve to a shorter period of training time, which is 60 days and still use powerful training techniques. This is to make sure that you get the full benefits of the program even if you start late.

Learn More About The 100 Day Marathon Plan Today, And See How You Can Practice For Your Marathon In Just 100 Days!

Contents Of “100 Day Marathon Plan”

When you buy the program, you will learn the following:

1. Marathon Training Schedules
Contains eight types which are based on your finishing time goal. This will help a marathon rookie all the way to a sub 2:45 race time.

2. Workouts
Not just any kind of workout, this is based on your heart rate and specific running times. In order for you to train in the optimal zone without any health risks.

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3. Videos
Fifteen instructional videos to walk you through the step-by-step training schedules. This explains the different core principles which most Marathon training courses miss.

4. Additional Videos
Ten videos that cover important points. Such as, how to pick the right training shoes, improving your running form, how to use strength training to compliment your training and many more.

5. Book
120 content pack pages to walk you through the whole Marathon preparation process.

6. Automatic Calculators
Four calculators that will help you find out the right amount of food and drink you should consume before and during the marathons. This is based on your goal time, the race day, weather, and your body type.

This will also aid you in calculating the exact pace to run. In order to hit your targetted finish time without lagging down.

7. Old Fashioned Versus Modern Training

The program also explains why old fashioned marathon training is now obsolete. Besides this, you will be aware of the reasons behind why 67% of runners have injuries.

8. Choose a workout schedule
There are two ways to choose the workout schedule in the program. This allows you to control your training intensity and find your optimal training zone without using the lactate acid test.

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What Makes This Program Different?

As you have noticed, the program is entirely different. The 100-day marathon plan offers more than tutorial videos, it teaches you how to execute the training methods with perfection.

In order to make sure that the runner is absorbing every information, they need to prepare well. From daily exercises, food, rest and the right shoes, the program explains everything that you need to know.

The 100 Day Marathon Plan discusses the number one mistake you make during the easy training days and teaches you how to treat your minor injuries in three ways before it turns into major ones.

The author also explains the one training technique used by the Kenyans to improve and build incredible strength.


The program has been quite informative, it has taught me countless lessons during and after training for the upcoming marathons.

It has shed light on the root causes of injuries (which is not always caused by wearing the wrong shoes). In just a matter of months, I have learned the strategies which Marius Bakken uses in winning the race.

The program offers you the type of training methods that you could adapt easily,  and it helps you to follow a plan which is suitable for you.

It has guided me and continues to do so. From picking the most suitable training method to the techniques for 5k or 10k marathons. Whatever it may be, it has aid to make small changes in my training, avoiding any injuries in the process.

Marius Bakken has succeeded in creating the best program available for the marathon runners. Through the step by step approach towards the final day preparation. and once you start the race. You do not have to worry about not preparing well, you’ll be in the best shape of your life to finish the challenge. The 100-day program prepares you to find the personal best of your life.

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Most of the people back away from the marathons simply because they think they are overweight. but if you choose this program, you’re getting three easy ways to lose weight.

No matter how well you prepare, there always seems to be something lacking. It may be the speed or flexibility. you have done everything prepare for the marathon, and yet you couldn’t execute your best form on a special day.

Of course, you’ll be frustrated.

That is why the 100 Day Marathon Plan is all laid down for you.

Run Your First Marathon Without Overtraining Or Getting Injured In Only 100 Days From Now – Click Here To Get The 100 Day Marathon Plan Today!


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