Hockey Training Program Review: Best Online Hockey Training?

Hockey is a very popular sport worldwide. Hockey is one of the popular sports at both the college and professional level in the United States and Canada. And it’s a very fast and exciting sport.

In hockey players have to skate at very high speed, and they tend to run into each other with more force. But they have to skate and control the puck with great dexterity. And these combinations of skill, speed, toughness, and action have made hockey the popular sport it is now.

But if you don’t follow the exact training system it could lead to serious injurious. So, what can you do? Are there any good programs that will provide you with the best care? Well, there is. Hockey Training Program and today in this review I’ll be telling all about it.

The program is constructed solely for the sake of hockey players to help them take it to the next level. The training is based on different nutritional factors and constructed through different training experts. The Hockey Training Program is made up of two persons; Kevin and Dan. They are the face of this wonderful system.

Do you who is Dan? Dan is the head of strength and conditioning coach. He is also the nutritional specialist of As he holds twelve of the top certifications in training and nutrition, he is the perfect fit for making this program a huge success.

Dan also specializes in hockey performance. As he has worked with many athletes from the leagues that make him more capable of constructing this program.

Improve your training with Hockey Training Program

On the other hand, Kevin with a great passion for hockey is always helping fellow players in helping them take their game on to another level of ice training.  When he was younger, he played hockey, but now when he is older than before he has retired from all that buzz of the competition of leagues and really enjoys helping in men’s leagues. You can see him in many videos, and the weekly events of the program will be sent by him.

Well, you may think if it’s worth it or not? Well, if you come to think of it I’d say it seems pretty legit. So, it’ll be worth your money once you buy it.

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Why should you consider Hockey Training Program?

There are lots of reasons to consider buying the program. But some crucial facts that you will learn in the program are given below:

A structural Balance:

Structural balance is the main component for achieving many facts such as speed, higher strength, preventing injuries and higher power. But what is structural balance? What does it mean? It means you have to have a basic strength and balance in the 3 parts.

  • From your upper body to your lower body.
  • And from your left side to the right side.
  • Between smaller muscle making up larger muscle groups in a localized area.

All the strength points need to work in harmony together. If somehow a side performs better than the other side, you are at a risk of serious injury, and that increases when you’re putting your body in a difficult position.

Get rid of tightness:

The players tend to be naturally tight in the region of hips, calves and Achilles tendon. There are a very large amount of players that all suffer from this issue.

Any hockey player can face this and it is a very sneaky occurrence because it can very much hurt performance. And still, there are some people that overlook this simple fact because they are putting up extra weight in the gym that makes them look more macho.

It won’t matter even if you are strong as hell or coordinated, once you’re tight you just won’t have the proper mechanics to give your best.

So, once you’re in the program you will learn all sorts of methods and techniques to loosen uprightness those tight muscles that troubles you so much. And the reviews would amaze you.

The Energy System Training:

In simple words, the body mainly operates on energy systems that are based on anaerobic or aerobic.

Now, what does the anaerobic mainly consist of is that, high effort movements between zero to two minutes. This energy system is mainly crafted by creatine and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, the aerobic system is the most basic thing you can use through your whole day for very light movement or long cardio.

Hockey is an anaerobic sport. So, you obviously need to train that way if you want to conduct your energy level to your sport.

After you train anaerobically, your systems will emerge to being stronger than ever and will be conditioned. This will make you be strong and help you be conditioned. And the program tells you all about how you can train anaerobically to help you become stronger.

Know the Key supplements of hockey

Periodic training system

If you don’t use a periodic training system it can really break you. The only big issue here is that you want to sacrifice some of you may want to sacrifice your performance for gym lookouts. Look, the fact is hockey players who go to the gym don’t go there to weight lift better, they go there to become more athletic. And you should make it your main focus.

Exercise Selection and Order

All the other causes affect this one. But why do you need to select the exercises? Well, it’s very simple actually, you will find some exercises better for hockey training than other sports, and the reason for that is very much complex.

You have to what muscle groups to use more in the hockey exercise. And also why the exercises are really important. What can you really get by the exercise?

All the factors will be the primary factor when you’re training for the sport. You have to know which exercises to choose and obviously the order they should be in for you to perform them. As the order will ensure the programs successfulness and your awaiting results.

Here’s what you’ll get when you’ll join the program

  • Various training phases: the phases will be explained with a guide along with a full workout plan per segment.
  • Speed workouts: These are special kind of designed workouts to increase speed in skating.
  • Conditioning workouts: These are for to ensure that don’t get tired in the second and third period.
  • Resistance training workouts: They will help you to increase strength, power, and explosiveness and will turn you into a brand new player.
  • Printable workout sheets: You can also print the workout sheets and take them to the gym to know exactly what to follow.
  • Exercise demonstration videos: When you will be in the member’s area, you’ll have access to some demonstration videos.

It’s a give or take with all the exciting programs they have.

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Are there any bonuses?

Well what do you know; there is a lot of special bonus for you once you buy the membership.

Hockey Nutrition Program

The Hockey Nutrition Program allows you to get the exact diet chart that you so desire. The diet provides the exact Nutrition’s you need for a fit and healthy body.

The nutrition program includes:

  • Hockey Nutrition Guide: it’s a 24-page guide explaining nutrition and the role it has on hockey players.
  • Eating Out Guide: It’s a guide to help hockey players make good nutritional choices when eating on the go.
  • Designing Hockey Meal Plans: will tell you how to design meal plans based on your personal goals.
  • Hockey Player’s Grocery List: A preferred food list helping you make healthy choices at the grocery store.
  • Hockey Supplement Guide:  It’s a 35-page guide explaining nutritional supplements that can be beneficial to hockey players.
  • Done For You Hockey Meal Plans: There are some meal plans depending on your current size and goals. The meal plans are very simple to follow using the nutritional guidelines laid out in the program.

Accelerated Results Bonus Package

The bonus includes a package of training manuals that will help you get faster and better results from the program.

You will also have the luxury of having recovery strategies, and recovery explained guides along with warm up programs, supplement guide, meal recipes, smoothie recipes and goal setting notebook.

Know your diet chart for your hockey tournament

Hockey Conditioning Program

You’ll get their “Hockey Conditioning 101” Webinar that they ran for a limited number of players only. Though this bonus comes in only a few selected programs still it’s one of the best ones out there.

The hour long presentation will show you how you can be the highest level player in hockey.

Hockey Speed Development Webinar

The last bonus is the special one it’s their Hockey Speed Development Webinar that they also held live for a limited number of players. Though it’s available in Men’s League Hockey Training Program it’s still worth it.

This is 58-minute video presentation teaching you how hockey players can develop their speed to become faster and more explosive.

Do you know the difference between stride length and stride frequency? If you don’t, you’ll learn that here and the reason behind them to become faster players.

Final Verdict

Hockey Training Program is one of the best programs out there. If you are looking for a full package with all the exciting features than this program is the perfect combo for you. The program provides different hockey training and you can easily choose a specific program that suits you.

Don’t worry, countless of customer reviews have made their program bulletproof. So, if you think that this is the one, then don’t waste any more time and get the program now!

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Hockey Training Program Review: Best Online Hockey Training?
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